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Aug 18, 2010
Jul 19, 2010
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Aug 18, 2010
    1. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      RNG is possssible in SS.
    2. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Timing...you need to time yourself when you enter the game.
      Check out the RNG guide for more information.
    3. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      SID is placed in the SID box of the RNG Reporter.
      Also, THEY ARE ONLY FOR SHINY breeding or catching.
    4. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Alright, let's do this then.
      I'll send over a very Real Flawless Ditto that you can keep.
    5. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Yea, thought I was ready, but turns out I wasn't ready, so I'm getting ready and when I'm ready I'll let you know. :)
      So, which FC did you want me to use?
    6. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Yep...just keep waiting.....
    7. Klutch
      Not that I know of right now, but I'll check my boxes when I get back.
    8. Klutch
      That's up to you.
    9. Klutch
      Yeah, but I'd prefer if AR wasn't used for tutoring even for legit purposes. Now if you would use AR for BPs and then tutor with those BPs, that would be fine.
    10. Klutch
      This one is also EV trained properly; good job once again! I would be glad to give you more jobs, but it would be nice if you could tutor moves. I'll let you know when I get PKMN who don't need tutoring. Enjoy the Shroomish!
    11. Shwheelz
      Okay, I'm just loading up my game now. I will clone and be right online. Thanks for training :)
    12. Shwheelz
      Sure dude. Let me know when you're ready. You can have both if you'd like, it's no big deal.
    13. Klutch
      Okay cool, I'll be on WiFi.
    14. Shwheelz
      I can trade now if you are available.
    15. Klutch
      Dang that sucks, unless you can get him to level 40 with ease, then that TM won't help. You can have it for free if you'd like.
    16. Klutch
      Great job on the Cresselia; it's been EVed properly. If you can't finish Drapion in time don't worry about it, I can always pick it up later. No rush at all, but it all depends on how soon you want to pick up that Shroomish.
    17. Klutch
      On my way; I'll give you a TM for Skorupi so it'll be easier to EV train it.
    18. Klutch
      Utility Special Defender
      252 HP / 12 Atk / 244 SpD
      ~ Crunch
      ~ Earthquake / Toxic Spikes / Whirlwind
      ~ Rest
      ~ Sleep Talk

      Once again, don't worry about TM moves.
    19. Klutch
      I have the next set ready.
    20. Klutch
      I'm trying to find one for you to EV train lol.
    21. Klutch
      Yeah, no need to rush. As long as you can train Cresselia and the other PKMN in 3 hours it's fine.
    22. Klutch
      Because I have 2 EV trained versions of it already. You can just EV train Cresselia. I'll send you another PKMN to EV train when you're done with Cresselia so you can earn the second credit.
    23. Klutch
      What have you started on first?

      Just curious because I hope it's not Weavile lol.
    24. Klutch
      Yeah that's what I'm doing.
    25. Klutch
      Nevermind Entei, he requires move tutoring as well. We'll just use the same set for Weavile without Ice Punch (just remember to keep Night Slash).
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