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Jun 28, 2017 at 8:12 AM
Mar 7, 2012
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Malaysia, GMT +8


Nargacuga, from Malaysia, GMT +8

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Mega Luke, Ebelt Gallade, Light Clay Gardevoir, Claw Fossil Armaldo Mar 10, 2015

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Jun 28, 2017 at 8:12 AM
    1. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo

      Can you fix yudrig and tell me how you'd ref wolfe's RP?
    2. Houndoomsday
      Yeah, it was my bad, I didn't see the edit, and didn't check it or anything. My bad!
    3. akela
      My orders remain unchanged for the battle.
    4. Houndoomsday
      Hey, if you wouldn't mind, would you look at my Battle Hall challenge when you have a chance. I posted a while ago
    5. IssacCross
      Oh thanks good sir
    6. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo

    7. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo

      Chandelier Pyroak infernape Mollux mr. Mime gengar
    8. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Yes I think that's what I said. Multiple times.
    9. TheWolfe
      Hey there. How much longer before you get the thread up for Orcinus' and I's match? :]
    10. Complications
      Hey would you mind doing me a huge favor and link me to your hall so I can ref it?
    11. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      Because I plan ahead and my orders for r1 would've been completely different

      For starters I wouldn't have sacrificed hp to get Gerard's Pokemon taunted if I knew he could switch out of shadow tag which i still hold to be bullshit

      Please can I reorder r1 it'll be wuick
    12. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      R1 reorder out of the question?
    13. Complications
      If you didn't get the message on IRC, it would be wiser to call a subref for your hall. I do not have enough time to ref it unfortunately. Sorry for telling you so late.
    14. TheWolfe
      Hey there. I don't know if you saw, but Anorith is paralyzed with a 20% chance for full paralysis. I don't know if this will change your orders, but I decided to give you a heads up since I didn't put it on Anorith's status until just now. :]
    15. SimonSays
      Reordered. Sorry. =___=
    16. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      fuck council.

      you can quote me on that.
    17. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      okay but in his defense, I caught faylion on irc. He thought that he had to clarify his sub, like how people who have illegal actions are asked to reorder. He thought it was a harmless thing.

      I mean, sure I wanted to DQ him outright but honestly he understands the situation now and I don't think unnecessary hostility should be exhibited to someone who isn't fully in the community yet. It turns out that it may have been an honest mistake (I still sort of doubt it--i mean, he must have seen that simon's action set was based on exploiting the sub), but the important point is that the point's been made clear to him.

      So yeah, I definitely support the intentions behind the post, but I reckon you should tone it down a bit. Faylion is a cool guy, and maybe you're being a bit rough on him. He wasn't consciously violating the mutual trust thingy, and I trust him not to.

      (Not in his defense: he's had 3 months exp on the site. I have no idea how he hasn't grasped the "don't fucking edit after your opponent orders" rule)
    18. Orcinus Duo
      Orcinus Duo
      I got shivers reading this.
    19. deadfox081
      Did Yarnus not send you his team for our match?
    20. Ragnarokalex
      unless they changed it, you can still you use the same move in the same round so long as its not consecutive, but im too tired to go check. It should only stop me from using moves from the previous round, and from using moves consecutively. Torment is confusing as shit i know
    21. LockDown
      For the US, my Crobat has Infiltrator unlocked, so my attacks a1 and a2 should not have been weakened by Light Screen (you got a3 correct for some reason)
    22. Objection
      Just wondering, why is it that, during the entire showdown, Medicham's Size Class and Weight Class were listed as 2 and 5? They're both supposed to be 3.
    23. Complications
      Nevermind, I see my miscalculation, sorry.
    24. Complications
      For Optimus Bisharp in the US (unless I missed something of course), O believe he should have 60 Energy remaining rather than 58, given that he ran for 4 energy twice, transfered the curse for 10 energy, and then was "scared" by the shadows for 2 energy. Just a tiny nitpick.
    25. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Updated the arena

      Almost forgot it was the ref's mind haha
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