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Comments on Profile Post by Tokyo Tom

  1. Tokyo Tom
    Tokyo Tom
    Oh yeah, my timezone's -5 and my main alt's Tokyo Tom, it'll have to be on Showdown (bleh haha) 'cuz I can't get the PO XY update :[
    Jan 27, 2014
  2. Demist
    Well I'm PS! guy so no worries *cough*PO sucks*cough*
    I'm GMT+2 and will be available mostly in the evenings 5PM-2AM my time, so anytime between would work for you? ^^
    Jan 31, 2014
  3. Tokyo Tom
    Tokyo Tom
    Eh, if you're on this weekend we can try, I should be online a fair amount. Is your name on PS just Demist/what channel can I find you in?
    Feb 1, 2014
  4. Demist
    well, I'd probably be online at 6-9PM my time. I'm mostly on lobby, neverused, ubers, on Demist
    Feb 1, 2014