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Comments on Profile Post by FirstWorldProblems

  1. Annoyer
    im gmt -5 and friday afternoon would work best for me after 5:30 pm but considering your gmt, it may be unlikely
    im free most of the time on the weekend so i can do it around noon then like saturday 1-2 pm my time
    is that fine?
    Apr 14, 2014
  2. FirstWorldProblems
    Yeah, I can do it on Saturday 1-2pm your time. :D
    Apr 15, 2014
  3. FirstWorldProblems
    Ah damn, change of plan - I have to go to a funeral tomorrow (Saturday), so wanna play Sunday 1-2pm your time? Sorry about the inconveniences caused! D:
    Apr 18, 2014
  4. Annoyer
    owow sorry just noticed this vm
    yea i can do sunday 1-2 pm my time; no worries
    Apr 19, 2014
  5. FirstWorldProblems
    It's okay, and yeah I'll be on Smogon at that time! Good luck! :)
    Apr 20, 2014