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  1. GoldenTorkoal liked ShuckleDeath's post in the thread Metagame SM PU Speculation Thread.

    I was teambuilding today with the old pen and paper when once again I got bored of writing out my threatlist, so once again I put down the...

    upload_2017-6-28_23-23-21.png upload_2017-6-28_23-32-25.png upload_2017-6-28_23-32-38.png upload_2017-6-28_23-33-1.png upload_2017-6-28_23-33-20.png upload_2017-6-28_23-33-34.png upload_2017-6-28_23-33-57.png upload_2017-6-28_23-34-11.png upload_2017-6-28_23-37-37.png upload_2017-6-28_23-37-50.png upload_2017-6-28_23-38-4.png upload_2017-6-28_23-38-13.png upload_2017-6-28_23-38-38.png upload_2017-6-28_23-38-53.png upload_2017-6-28_23-39-14.png upload_2017-6-28_23-39-27.png upload_2017-6-28_23-39-46.png upload_2017-6-28_23-40-0.png upload_2017-6-28_23-44-26.png upload_2017-6-28_23-44-40.png upload_2017-6-28_23-44-53.png upload_2017-6-28_23-45-3.png upload_2017-6-28_23-45-22.png upload_2017-6-28_23-45-30.png upload_2017-6-28_23-45-42.png upload_2017-6-28_23-45-52.png upload_2017-6-28_23-46-1.png upload_2017-6-28_23-46-31.png upload_2017-6-28_23-46-49.png upload_2017-6-28_23-47-2.png upload_2017-6-28_23-52-45.png upload_2017-6-28_23-53-1.png upload_2017-6-28_23-53-16.png upload_2017-6-28_23-53-48.png upload_2017-6-28_23-54-4.png upload_2017-6-28_23-54-42.png upload_2017-6-29_0-1-7.png upload_2017-6-29_0-1-15.png upload_2017-6-29_0-1-30.png upload_2017-6-29_0-1-43.png upload_2017-6-29_0-2-5.png upload_2017-6-29_0-2-18.png upload_2017-6-29_0-2-28.png upload_2017-6-29_0-6-44.png upload_2017-6-29_0-7-0.png upload_2017-6-29_0-7-11.png upload_2017-6-29_0-7-24.png upload_2017-6-29_0-7-35.png upload_2017-6-29_0-7-46.png upload_2017-6-29_0-7-56.png upload_2017-6-29_0-8-7.png upload_2017-6-29_0-8-33.png upload_2017-6-29_0-8-43.png upload_2017-6-29_0-12-21.png upload_2017-6-29_0-15-23.png upload_2017-6-29_0-15-34.png upload_2017-6-29_0-15-43.png upload_2017-6-29_0-16-0.png upload_2017-6-29_0-16-14.png upload_2017-6-29_0-16-33.png upload_2017-6-29_0-16-46.png upload_2017-6-29_0-17-10.png upload_2017-6-29_0-17-26.png upload_2017-6-29_0-19-35.png upload_2017-6-29_0-20-56.png upload_2017-6-29_0-21-11.png upload_2017-6-29_0-21-24.png upload_2017-6-29_0-21-39.png upload_2017-6-29_0-21-57.png upload_2017-6-29_0-29-57.png upload_2017-6-29_0-30-15.png upload_2017-6-29_0-30-30.png upload_2017-6-29_0-30-47.png upload_2017-6-29_0-30-59.png upload_2017-6-29_0-31-9.png upload_2017-6-29_0-31-23.png upload_2017-6-29_0-31-50.png upload_2017-6-29_0-32-4.png upload_2017-6-29_0-32-17.png upload_2017-6-29_0-37-7.png upload_2017-6-29_0-37-23.png upload_2017-6-29_0-37-44.png upload_2017-6-29_0-37-53.png upload_2017-6-29_0-38-2.png upload_2017-6-29_0-38-11.png upload_2017-6-29_0-38-25.png upload_2017-6-29_0-38-40.png upload_2017-6-29_0-39-6.png upload_2017-6-29_0-39-20.png upload_2017-6-29_0-39-34.png upload_2017-6-29_0-39-46.png upload_2017-6-29_0-39-58.png upload_2017-6-29_0-40-49.png upload_2017-6-29_0-43-28.png upload_2017-6-29_0-43-43.png upload_2017-6-29_0-43-53.png upload_2017-6-29_0-44-18.png upload_2017-6-29_0-44-41.png upload_2017-6-29_0-44-54.png upload_2017-6-29_0-45-11.png upload_2017-6-29_0-45-23.png upload_2017-6-29_0-45-36.png upload_2017-6-29_0-45-52.png upload_2017-6-29_0-48-22.png upload_2017-6-29_0-48-38.png upload_2017-6-29_0-48-46.png upload_2017-6-29_0-49-5.png upload_2017-6-29_0-49-20.png upload_2017-6-29_0-49-33.png upload_2017-6-29_0-49-45.png upload_2017-6-29_0-50-6.png upload_2017-6-29_0-50-19.png upload_2017-6-29_0-54-26.png upload_2017-6-29_0-54-42.png upload_2017-6-29_0-54-51.png upload_2017-6-29_0-54-59.png upload_2017-6-29_0-55-8.png upload_2017-6-29_0-55-37.png upload_2017-6-29_0-56-29.png upload_2017-6-29_0-56-53.png upload_2017-6-29_0-57-4.png upload_2017-6-29_0-57-16.png upload_2017-6-29_0-57-32.png upload_2017-6-29_0-57-44.png upload_2017-6-29_0-57-56.png upload_2017-6-29_0-58-8.png upload_2017-6-29_0-58-21.png upload_2017-6-29_0-58-38.png upload_2017-6-29_0-58-49.png upload_2017-6-29_0-59-4.png upload_2017-6-29_1-1-2.png upload_2017-6-29_1-1-14.png upload_2017-6-29_1-1-34.png upload_2017-6-29_1-1-45.png upload_2017-6-29_1-1-54.png upload_2017-6-29_1-2-2.png upload_2017-6-29_1-4-25.png upload_2017-6-29_1-4-35.png upload_2017-6-29_1-4-48.png upload_2017-6-29_1-5-16.png upload_2017-6-29_1-5-31.png upload_2017-6-29_1-5-42.png upload_2017-6-29_1-6-8.png upload_2017-6-29_1-9-37.png upload_2017-6-29_1-9-48.png upload_2017-6-29_1-10-5.png upload_2017-6-29_1-10-13.png upload_2017-6-29_1-10-24.png upload_2017-6-29_1-10-35.png upload_2017-6-29_1-10-45.png upload_2017-6-29_1-10-54.png upload_2017-6-29_1-11-12.png upload_2017-6-29_1-11-26.png upload_2017-6-29_1-11-40.png upload_2017-6-29_1-11-56.png upload_2017-6-29_1-12-9.png upload_2017-6-29_1-15-23.png upload_2017-6-29_1-15-32.png upload_2017-6-29_1-15-43.png upload_2017-6-29_1-15-57.png upload_2017-6-29_1-16-17.png upload_2017-6-29_1-16-34.png upload_2017-6-29_1-16-50.png upload_2017-6-29_1-17-9.png upload_2017-6-29_1-20-50.png upload_2017-6-29_1-21-10.png upload_2017-6-29_1-21-28.png upload_2017-6-29_1-21-48.png upload_2017-6-29_1-22-4.png upload_2017-6-29_1-22-27.png upload_2017-6-29_1-22-39.png upload_2017-6-29_1-22-51.png upload_2017-6-29_1-23-3.png upload_2017-6-29_1-23-19.png upload_2017-6-29_1-23-36.png upload_2017-6-29_1-23-58.png upload_2017-6-29_1-24-20.png upload_2017-6-29_1-24-37.png upload_2017-6-29_1-24-49.png upload_2017-6-29_1-25-4.png upload_2017-6-29_1-25-26.png Jun 29, 2017 at 10:41 AM
  2. LordHelix replied to the thread Metagame Godly Gift [OM of the Month!].

    Well to be fair, hypnosis trapping is not a problem i was worried about because theres a sleep-trap clause for it in ubers, so if illama...

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:40 AM
  3. Quotenasiate liked Fairy MMM's post in the thread PSPL V Group Stages: Week 3.

    This can easily be fixed [media]

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:40 AM
  4. BKC liked Void's post in the thread WCoP XII General Talk Thread.

    [IMG] when your likes get deleted because 48 of those posts were posho and legend slayer [IMG]

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:40 AM
  5. Shaneghoul liked pinktidal's post in the thread Tournaments NeverUsed Premier League V - Player Signups.

    Pinktidal EDT SM ORAS ADV free anytime

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:39 AM
  6. OrangeGuru liked BPGXMG's post in the thread Resource SM OU Sets Viability Rankings.

    I think Scarf Garchomp ought to be raised above the other two. Chomp is pretty much the premier scarfer in this meta. It reliably revenges...

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM
  7. PursuitOfHappiny liked Teddeh's post in the thread Metagame NP: SM NU Stage 0 (Beta): Bring The Noize [Post 38 & 67 for Bans].

    I agree that tyrantrum is a borked dino: Without adding too much to what has been said, as a player who builds from a bulkier standpoint,...

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM
  8. Eden. liked The Goomy's post in the thread Metagame NP: SM NU Stage 0 (Beta): Bring The Noize [Post 38 & 67 for Bans].

    [IMG] Uxie @ Choice Scarf Ability: Levitate EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Thunder Wave - Trick -...

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM
  9. SableyeMyBae liked Natalie.'s post in the thread Tournaments RUPL WEEK 3.

    Won vs TSR gg! http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ru-597236327 :toast:

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM
  10. Eden. liked idiotfrommars's post in the thread The World Cup of Pokémon XII - Round 1.

    If you can roll exactly 46367 on this then you could win that game as well! http://numbergenerator.org/randomnumberbetween1and1000000

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM
  11. Eden. liked idiotfrommars's post in the thread The World Cup of Pokémon XII - Round 1.


    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:38 AM
  12. dogknees liked Skelos's post in the thread BLT IV: Group Stage Week 2.

    Won ggs s/o Microwavable for the all out support and the teamtests Hi I'm Skelos I love NU Pokemon so I bring them in higher tiers then...

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:37 AM
  13. Aurora liked chop's post in the thread Smogon Tour 23 Play-offs - FINALS [Won by Posho].


    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:37 AM
  14. das_eisenherz replied to the thread Eisen's VGC Factory.

    Sent to: baron_bad, eyeTry, AndrewCH, Ancestralheart, gvmgvm40 and BielR3

    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:37 AM
  15. yondie liked idiotfrommars's post in the thread The World Cup of Pokémon XII - Round 1.


    Jun 29, 2017 at 10:36 AM