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    Tournament USUM Doubles OU Kickoff Tour (Won by SMB)

    don't think i didnt see that odd HP snorlax.
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    *blows kiss*

    *blows kiss*
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    Gen 1 15/15/15/15 DVs are impossible (in most cases)

    nah, what you want is the chance that an encounter will be generated at all while taking a step in the area where a certain pokemon can be found (note that the rng that decides which actual pokemon it will be is unrelated) Shown here as density/256 in the second column...
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    Doubles OU Suspect Test 4 - Voter Identification Thread

    i was 27 points off pls let me in it ended 2 early and laddering was cancerous level edit: 23*
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    DPP Doubles Tour (Won by Matame!)

    Congrats to Matame for winning! Congrats to Mint16 for getting second! Congrats to Checkmater for getting third!
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    DPP Doubles Tour (Won by Matame!)

    Round 1 has been posted in the op
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    Metagame DPP Doubles Signups are uppppppppp
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    DPP Doubles Tour (Won by Matame!)

    Post "in" or "Sand Veil is Perfectly Balanced" to participate -The Winner of this tournament will recieve $20 and 100 Hashtag Points. -Second place will recieve $10 and 45 Hashtag Points. -Third place will recieve 10 Hashtag Points and a firm handshake. - This tournament will be held on the...
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    Gen 1 15/15/15/15 DVs are impossible (in most cases)

    you're right, 15/15/15/7 gengar is unobtainable the highest 3x 15 spreads for gengar are 15/15/14/15, 15/15/15/5, and 8/15/15/15 source: widget and/or pastebins widget: pastebins:
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    Metagame DPP Doubles

    EST, sorry
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    Metagame DPP Doubles

    Tour is Tonight! Registrations will be up from 7:45 to 8:10 and Round 1 will be posted shortly afterwards The banlist will be the same as in the OP. First Place will receive $20 and 100 Hashtag Points. Second Place will receive $10 and 45 Hashtag Points. Third Place will receive 10 Hashtag...
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    hey megacyber, i'm trying to put together a couple of teams to post in the DPP thread for people...

    hey megacyber, i'm trying to put together a couple of teams to post in the DPP thread for people to use in the tour if they don't have any, do you have any to spare? if so you can PM a bin of it to me here or on PS (i might be afk but ill get it later) anyways, see you tonight!
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    Resource SM Doubles OU Viability Rankings

    alternatively S A B C D which is much more aesthetic
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    Metagame np: DOU Stage 4 - Galaxies

    why are we suspecting this pokemon at all its absolutely not busted. its barely even usable. it only fits one team, and that team requires you to use the 2nd worst tapu psychic is garbage its easy to get chip damage on it via spread moves, sand, u-turn, prio (if you have your own tapu out) you...
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    Metagame DPP Doubles

    I will be hosting a live DPP Doubles tournament Thursday Oct 26th at 8:00 PM EST. There will be a cash prize so prepare your teams on the ladder or test with your friends! More information will be posted near the time of the event!
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    Metagame DPP Doubles

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    Metagame DPP Doubles

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    Metagame DPP Doubles

    This thread is dedicated to information and discussion about the Generation 4 Doubles Metagame, DPP Doubles Some topics for discussion: Sample teams; Viability of Leads/mons/archetypes; No Team Preview: love it or hate it?; Is Explosion Broken?; Can we free Wobbgod? PLAY RESTRICTIONS Sleep...
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    Project Doubles Teambuilding Competition - ON HIATUS

    the king himself makes a showing Defanged (Heatran) @ Firium Z Ability: Flash Fire EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Sunny Day - Heat Wave - Earth Power - Protect Declawed (Landorus-Therian) @ Mago Berry Ability: Intimidate EVs: 252 HP / 76 SpA / 180 Spe Modest...