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  1. TrueSoprano


    NO!!!!! I hate stories about sad cats!!!!! It sucks when places don't allow animals. My apartment technically doesn't allow pets but no one really cares that much. I see people walking their dogs around the complex all the time... Here's a happy picture:
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    Weird/Random Dreams you had

    Last night I had a dream about an old crush of mine. We hugged and held hands and cuddled and he went to my place and I showed him my cat. And now I'm sad because I thought I was over him, and I hardly see him anymore.
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    Serious Popularity in Schools: How It Affects People

    There weren't really cliques at my high school, but there were a few popular people. People knew the football stars, the dance team captains, etc. I feel like the popular people were the ones who were involved in a lot of stuff. I didn't consider myself popular, but I was pretty well-known...
  4. TrueSoprano

    Christmas 2013

    Yeah, they're pretty amazing.
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    Christmas 2013

    Long post coming up, I love talking about Christmas. I guess it started Christmas Eve night when I went to church with my mom's side of the family. I'm not religious but I actually really enjoyed the service. Awesome pastor, really friendly people, and singing Christmas music is always fun! It...
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    Other Stall

    Agree. Blissey has been amazing to me this gen. I'm still experimenting with defensive cores, but Blissey's staying.
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    Dungeons and Dragons a venial sin?

    Am I the only one that read "venereal sin"?
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    Does anybody else really want kids?

    I said no because at this point in my life, I don't want kids. I have younger siblings and younger cousins, so I've been around little kids my whole life and know how time consuming they are, and I'm really not fit to handle them. Things might change in 10 or 15 years, though. If I'm married...
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    How cute!
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    I find it quite tragic that we have a dog thread and no cat thread... so talk about cats here. Do you have any cats? Have you had any cats? Do you want a cat? Anyway, this is Tommy: He belongs to my roommate. He's about 6 and he's a domestic shorthair. He's the cutest! Here he is after...
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    Have you ever met a famous person?

    I hate you. I was at Distant Worlds but didn't wanna spend the money to meet him... I still saw him on stage, though!
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    The Official Name-Pronunciation Guide

    Might as well add my two cents. I've studied French diction, and I can tell that a lot of the new Pokemon should be pronounced keeping French pronunciation in mind. For example: Vivillon: ['vivijɔ̃] Floette: [flo'ɛt:tə] (the schwa at the end should be very lightly pronounced) Gourgeist: the...
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    "Worst Kalos Pokemon?" Thread

    That's what I don't like about them. It's like someone from GameFreak was like "hey, let's make Pikachu, only have it be the new type! It'll make so much money!" Same with Plusle and Minun.
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    "Worst Kalos Pokemon?" Thread

    Dedenne. I can't stand gimmicky Pokemon, and they've been doing gimmicky Pikachu knockoffs since gen III. (gen II if Pichu counts) They could easily solve this problem by making it a good Pokemon, or giving it an evolution, but they seriously didn't even try. I'm also disappointed that...
  15. TrueSoprano

    TrueSoprano's art thread!

    I draw a lot in my spare time, so I figured I should post some of it here. Pokemon Red, Blue and Misty Leaf and Venusaur Falkner White remembering N Sabrina Non-Pokemon Charles Ofdensen (Metalocalypse) Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) One of my original characters...
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    Liepard IS a pussy. Because it's a cat. Ha ha.
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    Undergraduate thread

    This is why I'm a music major. The jobs are terrible but they're fun.
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    Bad Omens

    I don't really believe in anything supernatural, but I notice that whenever I see certain numbers, bad things happen to me. I'm not gonna type those numbers because bad things will happen to me.
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    A mild Smogon sociopolitical experiment (ignore the op do the compass instead)

    Solid liberal. I don't like to get too involved with politics, but I do care a lot about social issues. I don't really have a solid stance on economic issues.
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    Have you ever met a famous person?

    holy balls that story is amazing, I'm so jealous