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  1. Raidx

    How did you meet your Showdown friends?

    The majority of the friends i've made on PS are from the Sun & Moon room. For a while that was p much the only room I ever talked in so naturally i got to know the users and the staff and voila, ended up making multiple friends as well as getting promoted to roommod. I've been active in other...
  2. Raidx

    Favourite foods?

    Hands down lasagna. Ever since my brother-in-law's mom made some a few thanksgivings ago, I've been in love with it. Ofc i liked lasagna before then, but after trying hers i that's when i realized lasagna is my favorite dish. It's amaaazzzing
  3. Raidx

    dem badges doe :thinking: give em to me imo

    dem badges doe :thinking: give em to me imo
  4. Raidx

    Cars / Automotive Thread

    Back when I was younger I liked the Mk4 Golfs but as I got old I sorta lost interest in them tbh. Don't really appeal to me anymore, but E46s man, those as well as the E36 and E30 are some sick cars.
  5. Raidx

    Cars / Automotive Thread

    yea, the 60's impalas are some nice classics
  6. Raidx

    who dat b in dat avatar my guy kie

    who dat b in dat avatar my guy kie
  7. Raidx

    Cars / Automotive Thread

    Unless I'm blind, I surprisingly haven't seen any car threads in this forum seeing how popular cars are today, so I made this thread just for that. Everything car related whether it's favorite car, car news, etc feel free to post :) To start, my favorite car is and will always be the Mitsubishi...
  8. Raidx

    Anime Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Just finished HS DXD a few days ago, pretty content with it (waiting for season 4). Was recommended by a friend to watch Eromanga Sensei (turns out she thought it was bad but told me it was good anyways to troll me .-.); honestly despite the weird plot, I kinda enjoy it. About 5 episodes into it...
  9. Raidx

    Pokemon Reaper Sun And Nightmare Moon

    Pretty sure ROM hack discussion is banned on smogon so yeah.
  10. Raidx

    nice nick 10/10 would nick again

    nice nick 10/10 would nick again
  11. Raidx

    Hi UberSkitty

    Hi UberSkitty
  12. Raidx

    Smogon's Flying Press Subscription Service: Subscribe Here!

    Neat service! SM UU Simulator In-game Interviews
  13. Raidx

    Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer - PS! Edition (please read before posting a thread)

    Does rfaq support html? I wanna hyper link a google doc but it seems I have to use the url link which is pretty messy.
  14. Raidx

    Anime Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Atm I'm watching 3 anime (Magical Lyrical Nanoha A's, Highschool DXD and Initial D), but so far I've been focusing on DXD because I just love this anime. It's funny, interesting plot, and I'm sure I don't need to explain the last reason LOL. I've also started Keijo after being recommended to by...
  15. Raidx

    PokéTunes: A Definitive Ranking of Pokémon Music Throughout the Ages

    Great article! I own a private room on PS dedicated to video game music, and I must say, I completely agree with that ranking (not a huge Rustboro City fan though)! From the 8-bit sounds of RBY all the way to the orchestrated sounds of ORAS and beyond, the music of Pokemon is just incredible. So...
  16. Raidx

    Pokémon Crystal Confirmed!

    I heard Celebi will be available post-game and not via event. If that's true then neat :)
  17. Raidx

    What's the most weeb-like thing you've done?

    I once watched 20 episodes of fairy tail in one day, beat that bitches #weebgame2strong
  18. Raidx

    Resource Forum Rules and Reservation Index

    Does Pokemon Refresh fall under Pokemon Amie? Since it's essentially Amie's successor. If it does then I'll gladly write an article on it (I have a decent amount of Refresh experience if that's impressive at all :p)
  19. Raidx

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon In-Game Tier List

    Extending on my Zorua nom, I think Zorua / Zoroark should be atleast B rank due to Illusion, it's high speed and attacking stats, but mostly Illusion. With Illusion you can easily trick the AI into thinking you're a different Pokemon and take huge advantage of that. For example, against Dexio on...
  20. Raidx

    Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer - PS! Edition (please read before posting a thread)

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this so if it isn't sorry, but does anyone know the recommended background size for a background in the roomintro? Assuming background size is universal of course. I just recently had my private room created and when I attempt to add a background...