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  1. theDSC

    Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018

    I'm glad the Hazard Removal got a lot better in RU with both Mega-toise and Mandibuzz down there, was getting tired of having to continuously use Gligar due to practically none of the other spinners/defoggers could add anything beneficial to the teams I made. Meanwhile, my boi Dugtrio continues...
  2. theDSC

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon In-Game Tier List

    The team I used overall, as you'll see, has 3 dark types in it. Bug and fairies were a pain in the ass, but overall we pulled through fine. Popplio (Primarina) No more Scald early means I had to surf around a bit to get enough BP for Water Pulse, but once it did get that and Bubblebeam it...
  3. theDSC

    SPOILERS! Stakataka

    Ok, I didn't see it's TM listing and that it learns TR. That changes a lot of things then, because if I remember correctly, in terms of base speed only ferroseed and Shuckle has less than it does, and considering neither are used offensively anyway Trump Wall would be hitting anything not...
  4. theDSC

    SPOILERS! Stakataka

    The way I see it it's basically a worse Mega Steelix, more 4X resistances but having 2 4X weaknesses with little to redeem it, it'll probably fulfill the need to play Mega Steelix below RU
  5. theDSC

    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for September 2017 (Nov quick-changes @129)

    *Sees that Dugtrio moved from OU to UU *Pause, skip frame. Yep, that's me. Now you're probably all wondering how I ended up here? Well it all started when the only ability I had that made me relevant got the boot and since then...
  6. theDSC

    np: SUMO UU Stage 2 - Countdown

    These changes make Latias cry in a corner. It's going to a lot harder to use her now. So many mons dropping that dead on either wall it completely, kill it, or both, it just gained a ton of checks, though with things like Bisharp and Gengar leaving it's probably needed. Meanwhile, my beloved...
  7. theDSC

    Metagame SM NU Alpha Discussion (read post #153)

    Once again, NU is packed full of fighting types. We do have some checks here but some of them could muscle past even those. Looking at the current list of alpha and I can see Slurpuff, Golbat, Sableye and maybe Whimsicott as possible answers to all the backbreaking here. Pangoro alone is able to...
  8. theDSC

    Metagame NP: SM RU Stage 0 (Beta): Green Light (Talonflame Banned)

    Venomoth is starting to become the mascot of BL2 just like how Staraptor is the mascot of BL... It just so happens that these recent bans came into the limelight as soon as Suicune got the boot. Looking at it again, I noticed that Suicune acted as a good blanket check to a lot of them; it...
  9. theDSC

    Usage-based Tier Updates for March (Hello, RU!)

    Haxorus moved from RU to UU Good to have Komoo-o back. It's more or less the same thing but it's something. With the usage now posted does this also means RU is in beta now i suppose?
  10. theDSC

    Metagame Metagame Discussion Thread v2

    Can confirm that the newly 70 BP Sucker Punch on a 252 atk adamant Mega Mawile is able to do a clean 90% to Mega Metagross. No one is safe. I guess it's safe to say that Heatran and Toxapex will be seeing a surge in usage soon.
  11. theDSC

    Metagame SM RU - RU Alpha Discussion - Month 2

    Moltres @ Life Orb Ability: Pressure EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Fire Blast - Hurricane - Roost - Hidden Power [Grass] I don't think I've had a game yet where this thing doesn't body at least one member of the other team. Even though RU is only alpha right now, IMO...
  12. theDSC

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    With Clefable no longer being cancer anymore, it still going to be a very solid mon on most balanced and defensive teams. Twave might not be as useful anymore, so something else could be put in its place. Also with Beedrillite about to be released soon, I think Mega Beedrill will actually have...
  13. theDSC

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    I'm sure at this point BL can just have a tier of it's own with so many mons within it, this might be the largest amount of BL pokemon i've seen. But Victini and Staraptor needed to go the most. Straight up even Hippowdon cannot avoid a 2hko from either one of them on certain sets. Although...
  14. theDSC

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    Did the prankster nerf affect Thundurus I so much that it's actually more bearable than Thundurus T now? How times has changed... To address something above, I'd say Dhelmise checks Breloom more than Thundurus-T. Breloom doesn't really have much that it can hit the anchor with; I don't think...
  15. theDSC

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    With some of the recent bans I have to say I've been expecting a few of them; Volcarona being able to completely sweep after just one QD brings to mind. But I'm quite surprised that Diggersby got the boot to BL, while fellow Huge Power user Azumarill with a better typing did not? What's the...
  16. theDSC

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    Seriously, all three of them lasted way longer than they should have. After Mamoswine moved to OU Dragonite and Salamence were having it way too good down there. Multiscale makes Dragonite a complete bitch to revenge kill if it hasn't taken any damage. While Salamence is weaker to Ice Shard...
  17. theDSC

    Metagame SM RU - RU Alpha Discussion - Month 2

    With the burn nerf I've been using Guts Heracross w/Flame Orb to a certain degree of success. Quite a lot of Fighting types fell during this initial bit, and Heracross arguably has the biggest wallbreaking potential, with the possible exception of Mienshao. Speed is still quite an issue here but...
  18. theDSC

    SM UU Beta (Mewnium Z, Staraptor, Victini banned)

    When you started playing UU to escape Porygon Z but the duck is like a crazy ex and follows you down here anyway... Did new toy syndrome wear off this fast? Though I could probably imagine why, considering setting it up in the first place takes some preparation. I'd rather not comment about...
  19. theDSC

    Dewpider, Araquanid Discussion

    Ah... that would make sense. Still doesn't explain how a water strider is able to learn it though... You seem to be quite an expert on arachnids haha. But after looking at what Lunge does, considering it's the same base power, I would have to agree with it being potentially better than Leech...