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  1. quziel

    Quality Control Audino-Mega [QC: 1 / 3]

    Implemented this, sorry for wait. Added mentions of Venusaur everywhere, increased mentions of Silvally Steel. Removed Pdef Calm Mind, as that's a ORAS relic, keeping Offensive CM as I like it, but will probably be removed in next check. Added more attack options, emphasized Flamethrower as...
  2. quziel

    Quality Control Jynx [QC 1/3]

    Ok, sorry about the wait: Sash 2/3 Attacks should be a set; the meta is somewhat to Z-Lovely kiss, what with Delphox being Scarf user numero uno, and being common enough anyways to annoy the everliving fuck out of you. -Ice Beam -Psyshock -Nasty Plot -Focus Blast / Nasty Plot / Shadow Ball (in...
  3. quziel

    Copyediting Rotom GP 0/2

    Choice Scarf: "Avoid locking Rotom into Shadow Ball if there are Pursuit users such as Sneasel on the opposing team and the switch is really obvious." Just mention that it is occasionally better to use Volt-Switch than to KO a specific mon if you need rotom later (either defog or walling a...
  4. quziel

    Copyediting Alolan Exeggutor WRITTEN (QC 3/3) (GP 0/2)

    Looks good, only a few nitpicks: -When talking about competition add in other trick room sweepers, and emphasize its differences (it has by far the best coverage). -In the Garbodor thingey add that it sets up spikes, this is important.
  5. quziel

    Copyediting Alolan Exeggutor WRITTEN (QC 3/3) (GP 0/2)

    Intro: "Unfortunately it suffers a lot from metagame defining threats . Mainly Fairy-types like Whimsicott and Mega Audino but also Fire-types like Emboar and Delphox, with the presence of these threats hindering Alolan Exeggutor's ability to setup and sweep, affecting its viability." Awkward...
  6. quziel

    Midday (12) or so works for me

    Midday (12) or so works for me
  7. quziel

    We are playing for NUL round two, would prefer to fight next saturday, EST (GMT-5)

    We are playing for NUL round two, would prefer to fight next saturday, EST (GMT-5)
  8. quziel

    Quality Control Type: Null [2/3] [Writing]

    Sorry this has been neglected: Imo set should be: -Frustration -Rest -Sleep Talk or Iron Defense -U-turn or Swords Dance U-turn pivot has shown itself to be very potent on a lot of recent balance and stall squads in SPL, and definitely deserves a mention, perhaps as main set. Iron Defense...
  9. quziel

    Quality Control Togedemaru (QC 1/3)

    I am reviving this: Needs a tad bit of a revamp for current meta, as I'm sorry that the QC team forgot about it. Main set: Last slot should be Super Fang / Iron Head / Zing Zap/ Toxic or some permutation thereof. Run 8 speed so you beat emboar. Mention Fighting type Wallbreakers in team...
  10. quziel

    Skuntank [QC 0/3]

    Mon has been really hurt by new defoggers, main niche imo is either a Pursuit users that eats Haunter, Rotom, and Mismag fairly easily, and as a Memento user (also pursuit) which supports normal type Wallbreakers by removing ghosts that could otherwise make their Sweep awkward. Main set IMO...
  11. quziel

    Quality Control Hitmonlee [QC 0/3] (Curse+Unburden WIP)

    Sorry this took a while, but imo we need the following: 1) Unburden Curse deserves a set, which is curse/cc/knock/Stone edge or Mach. 2) Mention Sucker on the wallbreaker set; not getting eaten by delphox and rotom remains useful. 3) Mention Mach on Scarf: beating Zangoose and checking...
  12. quziel

    Copyediting Ditto (QC 3/3) [GP 0/2]

    "When facing stall teams, try to get Ditto's Choice Scarf removed by switching into a Knock Off. This allows Ditto to have more usable PP and have move options including recovery." Make sure to mention that Ditto can trivially PP stall enemy stall teams if it gets its scarf knocked, which is...
  13. quziel

    ULTRA SM NU Sample Teams

    Venusaur @ Life Orb Ability: Chlorophyll EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 1 Atk - Growth - Sludge Bomb - Hidden Power [Fire] - Solar Beam Uxie @ Heat Rock Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Sunny Day - U-turn - Stealth Rock - Magic Coat Liepard @...
  14. quziel

    NU Stage 5: Pursuit Of Happiness

    Thoughts on drops, rises, and their effect on the meta: Sun and Venusaur _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sun is back in a big way, with the addition of venusaur which hits approximately as hard as 10...
  15. quziel

    USUM NU Viability Rankings

    Talked with eternally a bit yesterday, and wanted to make some noms, note that some of these noms are dependent on Sneasel's presence, and it leaving could affect their validity. Xatu: A+ => A/A- Lets be honest, this mon's heyday was in SM, and while it still is good, its rather easy to trap...
  16. quziel

    Sorry, week was too busy and didn't have time to prep, win's your's

    Sorry, week was too busy and didn't have time to prep, win's your's
  17. quziel

    Est (GMT -5), free after 6 on Thurs/fri, and have fairly open availability on weekends

    Est (GMT -5), free after 6 on Thurs/fri, and have fairly open availability on weekends
  18. quziel

    NU Secret Santa

  19. quziel

    NU Scrafty

    QC 3/3 After this is implemented Red = Remove, Blue = Add, Green = Comments About main set, I def feel the order of Drain Punch / Iron tail should be swapped, as the main targets for Iron Tail are sorta gone (read, Aromatisse, whims is eaten by hjk), or worn down easily enough that you can...