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    Smogon Premier League 9 - Week 3

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    Gen 3 Roselia (NU Revamp)

    I think it really depends what team you're using Roselia on. If it's the sole thing you're relying on to check Bellossom, then of course Rest is worse than Synthesis, since synthesis is practically a sleepless Rest in sun. If however you're using Roselia on a full stall team, you probably have...
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    Gen 3 Roselia (NU Revamp)

    The super standard Roselia listed above tbh is out of date, predictable, and too easily beaten. I don't think I'd ever run Giga Drain anymore in particular. HP Grass 100% or I'd even consider Magical Leaf if running another HP (Psychic is best!) for the PP. Giga Drain just doesn't recover much...
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    Surveys of smogonites have been done in the past (by Chou I think?) and diversity vs centralization has never been the most important thing to people in tiering. The theory goes: the more centralized a metagame is (think RBY), the more likely a better player is to beat a worse player, since...
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    Famous people you have met 2.0

    Speaking of survivor, I know Spencer from Cagayan/Cambodia irl I’ve met Garry Kasparov, Ben Bernanke, Tom Price, Jon Huntsman, Adam Grant, Arthur Blank, and shockingly no famous women I can think of... I guess I met most of the us women’s soccer team when I was a kid like Brandi Chastain and...
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    CaP 23 - Prevo Poll

    None From day one this design has come across to me similarly to many standalone mons that have a clear, thought out design and no need for any additional flavor or lore to enhance their status. The one design alone is enough to excite or delight. Examples that come to my mind include Delibird...
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    ADV Switch Priority

    I think "Switch Priority Mod" is the cleanest name. Also
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    GSC Freeze Clause

    Can Old Gen councils please post the actual votes of individual members? Most other tier councils do this (though not always...) such as:
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    Quality Control Ferrothorn [1/2] Written

    Remove Chople/Marshadow stuff or at least sub in the next most relevant attack (though imo it’s a huge enough drop off to just totally remove)
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    Quality Control Stakataka [QC 0/2]

    With Marshadow banned, the main set probably shouldn’t be Chople anymore
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    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!) Turn 14 of this battle I try to Pursuit a Volt Switch user after it KOed me, while my mon was asleep (if that matters), and it resulted in fun error messages.
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    Gen 4 DPP NU General Discussion

    Chatted about this with ThriceElite briefly beforehand and thought this could be an interesting idea. My opinion is that it would be better than Zard and Zard is already an incredibly good Fire, so I'm very hesitant. I could see Flare Blitz-less Entei being really interesting because that...
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    I have been unbanned from Smogon. Ask me anything.

    Since you weren’t on smogon when these users became important... even though they’re all so old... Thoughts on users: Oglemi, tennisace, Birkal, RODAN, v, shade, Toast++, Aldaron, and/or Stellar. What about really old fogies like Hipmonlee and Steelicks? Or DM, husk, gene, obi, jumpman...
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    Doubles OU Player of the Week - week #11 - Level 51

    Have you met any other singaporean smogon users? Especially curious about Yilx but also others. Singapore is so tiny!
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    Serious LGBTQ

    more importantly mean girls the musical is a tragesty
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    SPL 9: Doubles Discussion Thread (Week 2)

    This is even worse news. Thumbs down.
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    SPL 9: Doubles Discussion Thread (Week 2)

    I don't see Level 51 or qsns. Thumbs down.
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    Other Branching Out to Different Metas for Future CAP Projects

    This topic comes up every few years... Stratos and I tried to do a CAP in the doubles forum a while ago. It was interesting at first and then fizzed out even as we tried to carry it. there really just isn't enthusiasm to do CAPs outside of the CAP forum. If people wanted to do it, they'd come...