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  1. rozes

    Smogon Premier League 9: NU Discussion (Week 3)

    SM NU: Eternally 55-45 Zukushiku - eternally seems to be back from his emo phase and ready to pick up some more wins. zuku brought a nice team and played well last week so def not gonna count him out, but i think eternally just has more experience + wants this a bit more. i think this is the...
  2. rozes

    USUM NU Suspect Process, Round 1, Voting

    Sneasel: Ban
  3. rozes

    eternally is a freak lmfao

    eternally is a freak lmfao
  4. rozes

    Smogon Premier League 9: NU Discussion (Week 3)

    sad not as many ppl have done predictions for spl compared to snake, so hopefully a few more ppl get around to posting bc reading predictions w/ some explanations behind them is always interesting first off wanna drop some thoughts on the week one games bc while not all of them were that...
  5. rozes

    NU Stage 5: Pursuit Of Happiness

    ok might as well get my thoughts on sneasel out in this thread since nobody on council aside from finch has posted. at the start of this suspect i was leaning quite heavily towards no ban, because i saw sneasel as something that was @ the top of the meta but not broken enough to the point where...
  6. rozes

    NU Stage 5 Voter Identification Thread

    council reqs bop dash
  7. rozes

    Smogon Premier League 9: NU Discussion (Week 3)

    Eternally - Today at 11:29 PM joo post or get infracted i honestly am pretty happy w/ how this nu pool turned out, with just about every team having a solid starter w/ some good depth behind them in terms of support, which should hopefully lead to an interesting season. i think coming from...
  8. rozes

    glad we asked

    glad we asked
  9. rozes

    USUM NU Viability Rankings

    i havent really seen that much from oma since like the immediate barb ban and it was even underwhelming back then. speed tier lets scarf phox outspeed at +2, not strong once its used its z move, and being complete shit without z water / normal(?) doesnt really make me think its worth a rise...
  10. rozes

    NU Secret Santa

    eternallys a bully
  11. rozes

    NU Stage 4: My Type

    hello eternally bullied me into posting here so ill drop some quick thoughts on the meta since ive been playing a bit more recently ive recently been laddering a bit with more bulkier oriented teams as i feel they could be cool atm, and also bc i wanted an excuse to use block pyuku + silvally...
  12. rozes

    Rose Graphics

    since i logged on for smth else figured i might as well post here as well. i still enjoy spriting + with the badge shop open again more ppl need them so just post below if u want smth and ill talk 2 you on discord if i feel like making it. also update on the sprites ive made semi recently...
  13. rozes

    Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Player Signups

    Name: rosez Metagames Played: oras mono Timezone: gmt-8 Potential Activity Issues: yes talk2me on discord before buying pls
  14. rozes

    NeverUsed Premier League V - Final - [Won by Vibrant Vivillons]

    omg we actually won :D i know i may not be the manager officially anymore, but i still drafted these guys and love them so im gonna do shoutouts. i originally logged off discord and wasnt planning on doing anything, but i felt a little bad so i rejoined on a new discord account around mid week...
  15. rozes

    NeverUsed Premier League V - Week 4

    won vs ras, ggs
  16. rozes

    Smogon Grand Slam VI - Introduction

    Spreadsheet is up thanks to HSA n_n hsa - Today at 7:15 PM if u want to make a post and want to add a fun fact there are 1828 unique players :v4::v4::v4:
  17. rozes

    when do you want to play for ru open? im gmt -7 and should be free nights on weekdays / mornings...

    when do you want to play for ru open? im gmt -7 and should be free nights on weekdays / mornings on weekends