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  1. holy crap man, what's up! (it's DragonFE from way the fuck back)

    holy crap man, what's up! (it's DragonFE from way the fuck back)
  2. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 29 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests, etc GO HERE)

    Anybody got a Toxic Spikes Froakie they can give me? Would prefer if it's female as I'm using a male flawless Froakie. PM me if so, thanks.
  3. Voile, the Magic Library (Touhou Discussion Thread)

    confirming the above statements that this game completely shits on UFO and SA lunatic, it is that hard. 1cc'd normal with a few characters, and am extremely pleased with it so far! this might be useful for some users currently wondering what lunatic is like...
  4. Voile, the Magic Library (Touhou Discussion Thread)

    Really hyped for Touhou 14, and judging from the demo, this game is a huge step-up from Ten Desires. Those that frequent MoTK may already know this but for those that don't apparently a new stage screenshot from an interview with ZUN showing what appears to be a midboss (possibly stage 4?)...
  5. a very (pan)poor nats photodump

    this is fucking amazing
  6. VGC '12 United Kingdom National - Birmingham - March 3 - WON BY KobraTail

    Ruben foto a little sexy... ;3 congrats!
  7. Papa Zheng Retiring from Pokemon

    man, everyone's quitting now. you're a great friend simon, and i wish you all the best in your future endeavors! also nob i quit mons months ago so no VGCs for me
  8. VGC 2012 rules up!

    Whoa, this looks awesome! Hopefully i get to compete again..
  9. vgc 2011 worlds warstory

    hi mitch lets chode out
  10. TORNADO NEGRO - A worldstory

    GEC THE BEST Best warstory ever lol
  11. Pokémon Worlds 2011 - Cybertron's Pictures!

    Man, these pictures are awesome. ilu cybertron, hopefully we get to hang with dtrain soon or next year in VGC!
  12. Worlds 2011 Warstory

    Good stuff TTS, really love that team! You'll wreck shit next year like always :) fake dan so strong
  13. VGC '11 World Championships - San Diego, US - August 14th - WON BY BlueCookies & kamz

    Incredible job on making it to the finals again Ray! Good luck to both finalists, can't wait to see how things turn out this year. Edit: Thanks for the stream, Terraquaza.
  14. Top 4 Nats ChaudStory

    "DragonFE told me to maintain my boner. This advice along with PBB’s motivation would lead to my success on the second day." see, i told you congrats on top 4! i'm sure you'll do great at worlds bro!