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  1. Medicham, how to sweep

    If you really want to win, get rid of life orb for this set as the opponent won't be sitting around and wait for you to stat up. Because life recoil can kill you along with other passive damages.
  2. DP IV calculator in TI 83+?

    Great idea, I would like to help you in programming but I am not an expert. I think we can also use TI for more purposes like damage calculator or just upload directly dragontamer's cents to it.
  3. Smogon Tournament #4 Sign-ups

    I would like to join
  4. What to do if...

    Well I generally send out weavile in hopes of trap killing a dragon or even a wall just to see a bullet punch in face by a metagross.
  5. Warstory: Shiny Oddish vs Quetz

    I loved everypart of it. I like the way you turn a pokemon into champion which I would never ever put on my team. I mean ariados turning into a powerhouse. It was hilarious. Keep up the good work!
  6. Weathering the Storm (Warstory with kris_kun910)

    Oh my god, very nice team, seems like charizard does it again:P. Damn 4x rock weakness. Very great warstory
  7. Gyarados is a Douche [[Porygon 2 Discussion]] P-Z sucks

    Wow I am very impressed and now you made me realize one thing. Don't laugh and use dragon dance when you see a porygon2. Well after this pokemon an old friend of us can return to competetive play. Seems like electivire can take this guy down. Since it is late night I won't do calcualtions of...
  8. Smeargle Moveset Game!

    Smeargle Modest 252satk/252speed/4hp choice specs -Hyper beam -Blast burn -Hydro cannon -Frenzy Plant Well the opponent won't know what hit him, I mean what can happen to this smeagle before it gets to attack:P
  9. While chatting to a friend, and interesting point was raised.

    Well, believe it or not walls are important as sweeper as it can prevent a full sweep. Think you have set bellyzard(without sub) and its going rampart with fire punches unless you switch in to blastoise. With blastoise running max def it can take a hit and your other pokes are protected before...
  10. Is there such thing as a good hail team?

    Well of course they work, but not without outside help like heatran surprising enemy when he just tries to flamethrow you away.
  11. gyara-vire

    Well don't expect to sweep teams with one little combo, however it is pretty great if you want to play mind games. I mean how many times you were angry because you couldn't let your gengar thunderbolt gyarados because of fear of electivire. I mean can be used as a good stall tactic and with...
  12. The outpredicted team

    Simple a little bit of luck couldn't hurt THUS I would go with hax items and abuse sandstorms sand veil.
  13. Moves Pokémon Should/n't have.

    Why does people forget our good old pal steelix. It deserves head smeash and iron head. I mean look at that head. Scizor even gets iron head. Mach punch on hariyama would be good. It learns bullet punch
  14. Shaymin the ignored grass-hedgehog:

    Respect to work, what I mean is that eventhough we didn't need those damage calculations that much it is still pretty useful. It is a great source for shaymin users. I was thinking the same question as shaymin's overall strenght was great. However with that low fire power I bet doesnt even pass...
  15. Do we underestimate Nintendo?

    If we assume that pokemon is their creation and everymove for each pokemon has been given uniqely of course I think they are well aware of the advanced competetive side. The cons are that nintendo uses small kids as consumers. That's why don't expect them to mention about novelty sets that much...
  16. Worst Type Combination

    Lol I totally agree. When you think about it most powerful ous has 4x weaknesses. Weavile dark,ice dragons are 4x to ice. Tyranitar has 4x fighting weakness because of dark,rock. I didn't forget gyarados being 4x to electric. Should I go on. Breloom has 4x to flying. Every power comes with a...
  17. Hearthome Gym (Gym w/ all the math problems)

    Well I don't think there is a problem if infernape is the only one you have been training. Well the only bad thing about training about one pokemon is low level of pps in later game. Ok I think you shouldn't spend time just increasing the level of your floatzel. If you have time increase...
  18. Opinions about Hyper Beam moves?

    Dude the idea is alright but I definetely think roar ot time would do more damage than a dragon claw on a dialga. Physical special split. But the idea is totally correct. I mean hyper attacks are last ditch attacks and when you think about it you see it is just a waste of space as no you wont...
  19. Need help with a Counter Ampharos set

    why fear tyranitar that much. What I mean is try something with mach punch or a scarfed heracross as a lead if you really want to counter tyranitar.
  20. Type Combos You Wish Existed (Hope Exist Later)

    I wished that charizard would be dragon/fire I mean flyind doesn't help him after all moreover it looks more like a dragon. I also want ou drought users. psychic/fire, drizzle water/bug and for some reason I want to see dark/steel. I mean something very strong as like tyranitar it would be an...