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  1. Weavile (BW2 Revamp)

    Dark gem pursuit KOs stuff like gengar, latis after rocks, zam, weakened celebi, etc. with zero need to guess between night slash and pursuit. Also lets you bluff choice when you revenge something with ice shard.
  2. Mamoswine (Analysis)

    Shedinja doesn't really hard counter anything, especially with team preview screaming "get rocks up for a free kill," and any decently played spinblock is keeping them there for a while.
  3. Shaymin-S (Analysis) (QC 2/2)

    Just posting to say I completely forgot about this, and I will start writing it asap. Should be done in a few days.
  4. Torrential Downpour

    You are going to need to expand your descriptions in order for raters to give you any really useful information. As it stands, you are also missing crucial requirements of an uber team, such as a Dragon resist, Extremekiller arceus check, and lack of a starmie. Take a look at a few well known...
  5. Screw "___" All (Hella!)

    Yeah, Lugia is a prick, and I have considered sticking a random toxic somewhere pretty much for lugia alone. Stall (without lug) isn't too hard to deal with, but adding him to the mix is pretty annoying, and I have to bait it into a stone edge with rocks up to have a shot at getting past it...
  6. Screw "___" All (Hella!)

    Groudon checks pretty much everything physical (A ton of arceus formes, Offensive Groudon, lucario, terrakion, etc.), and gives me an actual switch in to physical set up sweepers instead of just having to sac something and revenge it. Switching him out for Kyogre would mean than EK arceus would...
  7. Reshiram

    Consistency + Accuracy, that's pretty much it. Fire Blast and Overheat are redundant with Blue Flare, and Flamethrower never misses and has a solid punch in the sun after STAB and whatnot. EDIT: Ninja'd by zero
  8. Screw "___" All (Hella!)

    Reserving for threat list Nevermind, I am too lazy/busy
  9. Screw "___" All (Hella!)

    Screw "___" All (Hella!) I built the team a while back when I was testing Palkia, and it has been pretty clutch. The metagame has evolved quite a bit since the early days of Gen 5, not that anyone is surprised, really, and many threats have risen and fallen from favor. The new...
  10. Latios (Pre-Soul Dew Analysis) (QC 0 / 2)

    Normal-type is not immune, as it has to hold a type plate. @Fireburn: I will take the scarf mentions off when I get home, and yeah... arceus is a boss and can set up on a lot of nonsense. It HAS to recover to survive the 2HKO, so its pretty easy to just switch on the Recover to something more...
  11. Latios (Pre-Soul Dew Analysis) (QC 0 / 2)

    Ok, just to address a few things: A pursuit weakness isn't nearly as bad on Latios in Ubers as it is in OU. Actual Pursuit-users are pretty rare. Speed is HUGE. Latios has the ability to revenge revenge killers, that's pretty notable. Also, depending on the team, trick might be more important...
  12. Latios (Pre-Soul Dew Analysis) (QC 0 / 2)

    Skeleton is up. The Specs and Scarf were merged, because they are pretty much the same thing, and mentions of item differences were worked in. I think Specs should be the primary slash, but I don't really care either way. The Scarf set is definitely vible, as revenging even Choice Scarf users...
  13. Latios (Pre-Soul Dew Analysis) (QC 0 / 2)

    Latios (Ubers Analysis) [SET] name: Choice Specs move 1: Draco Meteor move 2: Thunder / Grass Knot move 3: Surf / Hidden Power Fire / Dragon Pulse move 4: Psyshock / Trick item: Choice Specs nature: Timid evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe [Set Comments] Has fairly good coverage, but requires...
  14. Normal Arceus

    Arceus of all things has better things to do then perish trap, which is really unreliably, anyway, especially considering normal-type arceus has no resistances to play off of.
  15. Forretress (Analysis)

    I disagree. Forre's niche is being able to do both at the same time, and you don't really have to go for max layers of everything. If you don't need t-spikes, don't lay them, if you don't need spikes, don't lay them; forre is cool because he gives you the option to lay whatever is necessary at...
  16. 5th Gen Uber Analysis Index (Reservations go here as well) Read Post#257

    Reserving Latios. A scarf set might work, we'll see EDIT: Skeleton up
  17. Bronzong (GP 1/2)

    That is a waste of an item slot; it's kind of akin to Balloon Lugia or something haha. It would be better to just run balloon + heatproof, but even then, a perminant Ground-type immunity is much more useful than a single turn immunity and a perminent neutrality to Fire. Without Leftovers or...
  18. The Smogon Frontier [Won by Bloo]

    Pokemon Online Username: giggity69 Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Cali Timezone: PST Favorite Pokemon: Gengar
  19. Uber Offense Guide

    I can write a few of the threa list-ish pokes if you need. Palk and forre?
  20. Giratina-O (Analysis)