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  1. VGC 2013 Regional Rules

    I don't really like this. The only regionals I can make it to is the fall, besides I was looking forward to the BW2 VGC. :/
  2. Kindergang's Nats VGC 2012 Movie

    Hey, That was pretty awesome. Good effort.
  3. VGC '12 World Championships - Kona, HI, USA - WON by BlueCookies & Dimsun!

    Ray's 3peat is amazing. Grats to all!!!
  4. 32nd...and he's safe! A pictureless VGC warstory. Super late.

    Nice warstory, pretty cool team by the way.
  5. VGC 2013 USA regionals revealed

    I hope that rumor is not true...
  6. Going back to Toronto - Smoganada part 2!

    nice story. I love it!!!
  7. Reach For the Stars - Seniors Nationals Warstory

    I love this the team cause I'm a huge sonic fan. Sonic is awesome!
  8. VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey

    State and city championships would be really nice because it would make the VGC more local to everyone.
  9. Critical hits can go die in a fire. 2012 Nats warstory

    The guy in the back of the 8th pic looks mad. Great story!
  10. VGC Warstories! VGC 2009 to 2012

    Wow, I wish I did this back when I started in 2009. This is truly amazing!