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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone] First 12. Not pictured, Nightblade, Hogger, Onyxia... though neither legendaries did any of the work. I think what made this deck work was the insane amount of removal in it with the ability to keep board presence at the same time.
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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    I made 8 new classes based on the original gym leaders plus some normal neutrals if anyone is interested.
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    XY Pokémon Models

    Have you seen Z's fainting animation? LMAO, only one of the few faint animations I like, because most of them are sad :( Azurill's is another one that is really funny.
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    Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    I was doing the Durant thing, and there is a Dragonite with only one move, Superpower. In retrospect, it was probably banded, that is some real persistent AI right there. Truant, locked into Superpower, after 5 PPs, still insists on staying in, struggling, as oppose to switching.
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    Other I've Got the Priority!

    I assume people aren't using them because they are not legal yet? At least until December.
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    Other Inverse Battles

    Thunder wave is the only status move that takes type immunities into consideration.
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    Updated Cries

    Kinda like how they give Mewtwo two mega evolutions and stuff like Dunsparce got none.
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    Favorite Attack Animation

    I saw a Clefairy use it via metronome and it was not as excited, very awkward.
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    Some sort of Egg 'RNG' Abuse (Read the first post!)

    Can someone explain why a first egg must be rejected before saving? Can't you just save, then generate an egg, hatch it, look at its iv's then reset/keep accordingly? Notice in my example, no initial egg had to be discarded.
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    Other All Gen Battles

    Gyarados Skarmory Breloom M-Lucario Reuniclus Talonflame Just threw some overpowered favorites together, hopefully no glaring weaknesses.
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    Other Inverse Battles

    I love this mode, the only grip I have is that immunities are gone, as there are no super duper effectiveness to convert to immunities when inversed.
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    Bad Luck You've Had So Far

    Finally bred a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Marill, though it turned out to be fat. Praise the ability capsule, I guess.
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    Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    So I'm doing normal singles because I accidentally selected it and just went with it, as I would be getting 20 points at the end, so not a huge loss not going for Super. On the 16ish round, trainer sends out a stunfisk. I am reluctant to switch out my Mawile because my team was terribadly...
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    A Guide to EV Training with Hordes

    Which is still a lot. Now EV training without rus is still doable, unlike previous gens.
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    Data Updated Base Stats

    Onix looks like it could crush a town but apparently it changes to Styrofoam whenever it tries to hit something.
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    Pokemon-Amie Thread

    Does poking on the screen do anything, it produces a distinct effect but no pokemon has reacted to it as far as I'm concerned.
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    Favorite Attack Animation

    Thanks mate, I was going to metronome farm but always got distracted, you took it a step further. Probably dabble these after work :P
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    Favorite Attack Animation

    All multi-hit moves bar Water Shuriken are underwhelming. The pokemon don't do their attack animation and just kinda hop and a single spike/thing/etc. comes out at a time and hit the opposing pokemon. The whole point of those moves is that they are overwhelming the opponent with a fury of...
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    Favorite Attack Animation

    I am overall impressed with the work GF put into the animations. This is the first generation in which I did not turn them off (well, also gen I, hyper beam was a beast). We've seen 3D done before, i.e. the stadium games, but I noticed X and Y's were way superior and much more interesting...