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  1. Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    I've finally made it past the Chatelaines for Super Doubles ( 63 Wins ) and Super Triples ( 89 Wins ), with my Hail team. Not everyone has perfect 31 IVs, but most of them are in the "outstanding" category when IV checked. Abomasnow ( Snow Warning , Adamant, 172 HP / 252 Atk / 84 Speed, 31...
  2. Pokémon Aurorus

    Checked out serebii, and apparently Freeze Dry is not an exclusive move for Aurorus.
  3. Pokémon Aurorus

    It's been tested by breeding with Ampharos, and no Aurorus doesn't get Power Gem.
  4. A Guide to EV Training with Hordes

    Great job on this list ^_^ Which pokemon would you recommend for using sweet scent?
  5. Pokémon Aurorus

    Been testing out freeze dry in battle maison, and it really seems to hit 4X effective on the likes of Mantine, gyarados, ludicolo and Kingdra. OHKO on all of them
  6. Post Game Content Discussion

    I believe if he says something to the tune of " it can't be better" it is an IV of 31 He'll also indicate IV's which are downright terrible, which are probably 0 IVs
  7. Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

    Nothing much compared to everyone else's doubles record. I tried doubles with a hail team and managed to eek out a 74 win record. 1. Abomasnow ( Snow Warning ) Leftovers Nature: Adamant EV: 188 HP/ 252 Atk /70 Speed Ice Shard/ Wood Hammer/ Leech Seed/ Protect 2. Rotom F ( Levitate ) Choice...