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  1. Move Stealth Rock

    Magic bounce is a punish, that's true, hence why i brought it up as such. But there are only 3, all of which are frail as hell. They're also fairly difficult to utilize properly, and once rocks are out, there is no punishment for it. They're pretty negligible in the battle against hazards...
  2. Move Stealth Rock

    It'd be nice if there was a more consistent way to punish hazard setting. I don't think defog/rapid spin is actually a counter, just like how no-miss moves, no-guard and the like aren't really counters to evasion. They're just checks, they don't punish, or counter it, they're just able to...
  3. Pokémon Klefki

    I'd imagine magic coat on anything that can't bluff consistent 25%+ damage would lose to klefki simply because they'd need to predict correctly 5+ times whereas the klefki would only need to do it once. Once they get that sub up, magic coat is completely unthreatening.
  4. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    It's still completely walled by any grass type, and 1-1 breloom and saur will probably just go for the kill.
  5. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    I sincerely doubt Rock Head Tyrantrum exists on battlespot, and no one has tried to cash in on hacking 3ds pokemon yet.
  6. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    I feel like sash breloom is better, very few mons can beat him 1v1 as a lead. Also gives a lot of free kills to stuff like talonflame or other high speed OHKOers (which are everywhere for him)
  7. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    Sabeleye is nice for dealing with khan though. Make it physically defensive and it can deal with talonflame too with foul play.
  8. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    The problem with machamp is that ghosts are everywhere too due to khan and he just has a lot of answers in 3v3. Also, eject button politoed + swift swim omastar seems to be fairly interesting. Due to his typing, unlike cloyster, he resists priority brave bird so his sweeping isn't so easily...
  9. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    Now this is still just theory, but is Zoroark more valid here in 3v3? Battlespot meta is essentially sweepers/counters and it seems like Zoroark masquerading as kanga, talonflame, or other demanding threats, then eliminating their counters (or weakening them) would be fairly optimal. Although...
  10. Pokémon Clefable

    Being able to pivot without worrying about hazards is definitely a positive trait that the other fairy clerics don't have, but she doesn't have the pure walling ability out of the gate like them. Her sp.def is okay, but not unbreakable beyond boosts or SE damage(generally) Of course, magic...
  11. [COMPLETED] Mandibuzz

    I've seen some rocky helmet mandibuzzes switching in on pre-set up khan to great success, essentially they switch in on the pu punch, brave the return next turn and kill with foul play.
  12. Pokémon Kangaskhan

    Notice to Smeargle Users: Stop investing into HP on your sash leads, invest into defense instead. This prevents Khan from being able to set-up on you as it can't kill you with PU then. lucario: a +2 pu punch kills lucario anyway so EQ isn't needed really unless for some reason they switched...
  13. Moody

    I wish stuff like speed boost and moody only happened every other turn, they stack way too much and quickly otherwise.
  14. Pokémon Machamp

    This is just theorymon, but wouldn't Machamp be a good lead for a Mega Khan based team? He'd lure out all those pesky ghost types to play around his DP and hopefully eliminate them from the threat pool, or at least begin to. Rock tomb is also decent for predicting a switch-in talonflame, while...
  15. Pokémon Trevenant

    It sounds really inconsistent and dependent on the opponent's original amount of damage. Trevenant demands checks so he'll force a lot of switches and a lot of your trick room turns will be used up subbing down. Also claw/eq isn't that great coverage.
  16. Pokémon Trevenant

    Can i just take a moment to tell people that if you're not using any offense (like on the lumcurse variant), you should definitely use a negative atk nature and 0iv. It turns foul play from a 2hko into a 3hko(not including leech) and lets you actually beat klefki and actually check it as...
  17. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    Dual screens eject button klefki seems like a great lead for mega khan sweeps.
  18. Move Infestation (and trapping moves in general)

    Does yawn work through subs?
  19. Pokémon Kangaskhan

    There's double edge
  20. Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    why bother putting any attack into truAnt over hp to help make sure it can survive to do another entrainment run if you need it later?