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  1. [GP Ready 1/1] Snorlax

    I know people don't care much about Snorlax anymore, but has anyone considered a Belly Drum set? There is almost ZERO discussion in this thread. Pretty sure I'm not doing this right, but that's why you guys are here, right? Name: none Item: Chesto Berry Move 1: Body Slam / Return Move 2...
  2. [COMPLETED] Greninja

    I may not be an "expert" on Pokemon theorycrafting, but I know a similar / identical set when I see one.
  3. [COMPLETED] Greninja

    Still waiting on a response to this.
  4. [QC Ready 0/3] Excadrill

    Why are we still using level 100 numbers when everything in the game is scaled to 50 in every situation possible (except no rules battling)?
  5. [COMPLETED] Greninja

    I don't normally post in these threads, but here goes: If Endeavor is obtainable, via Archeops > Corphish Grenjnja, would a Focus Sash + Endeavor + W Shuriken be a good Revenge set? To compare, it would be similar to Mamoswibe's OU set in Gen 5. I haven't tried the breed yet because I don't...
  6. Some sort of Egg 'RNG' Abuse (Read the first post!)

    I have an important question. Can you do multiple eggs at once and then check? Doing eggs 1 at a time is extremely tedious. Basically, I'm asking if the second egg you hatch will be the next RNG spread? If it is, doing 5 hatches rather than 1 at a time can prove to be a huge time saver.
  7. Some sort of Egg 'RNG' Abuse (Read the first post!)

    Yes, this makes a lot more sense now. It involves "locking" the IV's the game will pass down from either parent and whatnot. Worst way for me to rephrase that, ever. Thank you for clearing it up. :)
  8. Some sort of Egg 'RNG' Abuse (Read the first post!)

    I've recently discovered IV breeding (XY) and I've made a few 5/6 31 IV Pokemon already. I would say I have a very knowledgeable grasp of how to do it. Now, I've just read this thread, and all of you guys are AWFUL at explaining this RNG exploit. I am NOT an idiot, so I can assure you: the...