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  1. EonX

    Resource SM RU Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    While everything iRKD is pretty accurate, there is one extra reason Blastoise is viewed as sub-par; Mantine. While both Blastoise and Mantine remove entry hazards, Mantine has reliable recovery, neutrality to Grass, extra resistances to Fighting and Bug (huge with Heracross in the tier) and a...
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    Resource RU Viability Rankings

    Exploud: Ok, I don't feel Exploud should be ranked, but there's a couple of aspects I haven't seen brought up. The primary one being that it's a slow wallbreaker that offers NO DEFENSIVE SYNERGY whatsoever to the team its on. This was its biggest issue in ORAS and while nothing has changed in...
  3. EonX

    Hey, we're matched up for rupl this week (oras) I'm gmt-5 and will be free all day tomorrow and...

    Hey, we're matched up for rupl this week (oras) I'm gmt-5 and will be free all day tomorrow and Friday while also being free in the morning / afternoon Thursday and Saturday.
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    Tournament RUPL WEEK 2

    ZAMROCKIN 2.0!
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    Tournament RUPL WEEK 1

    Don't worry, I'm used to it lol. Not like we can control it.
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    Project USM RU Cores

    Gonna add a couple of neat offensive cores: + Dragalge @ Dragonium Z Ability: Adaptability Shiny: Yes EVs: 204 HP / 252 SpA / 52 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Draco Meteor - Sludge Wave - Toxic Spikes - Hidden Power [Fire] / Focus Blast + Sharpedo @ Life Orb Ability...
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    RU Feraligatr

    Add Choice Scarf Gardevoir as a faster Pokemon that can revenge Feraligatr if it runs Thunderbolt, an underrated option for teams that struggle against Gatr if it gets a chance to set up. Note Moonblast will also usually KO if Feraligatr takes any remotely decent hit during setup. (it does 73...
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    RU Araquanid

    Yep good stuff. QC Approved 2/3
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    Resource RU Viability Rankings

    Time to go through some of these: Charizard: I feel Zard is fine in C+. It's the premier wallbreaker on Sun teams and although it requires hazard removal and is only useful on Sun, it's the best at what it does on such teams, which is why it fits fine in C+. Very notable niche on one specific...
  11. EonX

    S/M UU Reservation Index (see final post)

    Just going to hasten this process, but I'm going to choose not to write-up Tentacruel as I haven't played much UU as of late dodmen
  12. EonX

    Metagame NP: SM RU Stage 2 - The Cure (Bewear FREED)

    In all my time of playing RU (keep in mind that I've played since BW2, so this won't count BW1 tier changes) it's hard for me to think of how much impact one Pokemon (I'm not counting Smeargle because it was so uncommon lol) moving up from RU potentially has for the tier. Nidoqueen was quite...
  13. EonX

    RU Slowbro

    Note Z-move users, particularly Moltres and Reuniclus under super effective moves since Slowbro can pivot into and out of their other moves without a ton of hassle. Otherwise, looks good to me. QC Approved 2/3
  14. EonX

    Just a friendly reminder to change the tag on Kingdra to copyediting. It's still quality control

    Just a friendly reminder to change the tag on Kingdra to copyediting. It's still quality control
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    RU Kingdra

    Final touch up: Timid on the rain set is for specs gardevoir, not scarf. Scarf still beats you. Looks good now. QC Approved 3/3
  16. EonX

    RU Kingdra

    Showtime! [Rain Sweeper] - Make a small mention of Timid nature in Set Details. It should not be slashed, but it is notable for outspeeding Timid non-Scarf Gardevoir (basically Specs variants) and allows you to stay in and beat it when rain is up. Should only be used if your team is ass weak...
  17. EonX

    RU Ferroseed

    Just a couple of things: [Spikes] - Maybe a couple of bulkier partners in Team Options as it's mentioned in both the Overview and Other Options that Ferroseed can also be used on bulkier teams. Florges checks Heracross and provides Wish and Cleric support for Ferroseed. Sableye can spinblock...
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    In this EonX sm, bw2, oras will be inactive july 7-9. otherwise, i'll be here... somewhere easy to find he he
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    RU Tyrantrum

    [Choice Band] - Dragon Dance Flygon for fun Double Dragon times Good otherwise, so QC Approved 2/3
  20. EonX

    RU Slowbro

    [Overview] - Random Hawlucha mention that should be removed. It was banned last time I checked [Defensive Calm Mind] - More of a question, but shouldn't this set just be called Calm Mind? EV spread already suggests its defensive nature so I don't see a need to name the set Defensive Calm...