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  1. Gorechomp

    Resource USUM PU Viability Rankings

    Crabominable C+ to B-: I've been doing some testing and Crabominable is a beast under trick room, capable of destroying balanced teams and turning the the tide in a instant. Ice/Fighting is a great STAB combination, and isn't resisted by anything in the tier save Quilfish who gets wrecked by EQ...
  2. Gorechomp

    Project RU Teambuilding Factory - The Return (Now on USM!)

    Requesting a team built around Necrozma. Necrozma is a very interesting pokemon which acquired some nifty new tricks thanks to USM. Necrozma can be a myriad of things, Calm Mind sweeper, Stealth Rocks setter, Special sweeper, you name it! Would be very interested in seeing a team built around...
  3. Gorechomp

    NU Bazaar: Post your teams here!

    The Curse Hitmonlee team and Dodrio team have the same link. Thought you should know :)
  4. Gorechomp

    Underused Teambuilding Competition Week 24: Building! (Stakataka)

    Accelgor and CriticalMeme
  5. Gorechomp

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon New Pokemon/Moves Info

    Anyone else disappointed that Ultra Necrozma only learns two Dragon type moves (Outrage, Dragon Pulse), despite being a dragon type? The Dragon typing just seems tacked on. Regardless, this thing is broken as fuck. Definitely a top threat in Ubers.
  6. Gorechomp

    Break This Team - (Hiatus)

  7. Gorechomp

    Resource PU Simple Question, Simple Answers Thread

    What is the prefered item tho?
  8. Gorechomp

    Resource PU Simple Question, Simple Answers Thread

    Whats a good set for Wishiwashi in trick room?
  9. Gorechomp

    Project PU Teambuilding Competition (Spiritomb noms)

    Specs Jigglypuff
  10. Gorechomp

    USUM NU Teambuilding Competition (Round 5: Zangoose - Voting Stage)

    Yeah, Psychic > HP Ground. Psychic hits those pesky poison types even harder, and Energy Ball does more damage to Steelix (which is the only relevant steel type in the tier), anyway.
  11. Gorechomp

    Project PU Teambuilding Competition (Spiritomb noms)

    Taskr, just because Pallosand.
  12. Gorechomp

    np: SM UU Stage 4 - Scary Monsters (Jirachi banned, see post #76)

    Thank you. The Hax King has finally been dethroned. Ib4 Mega Gardevoir gets suspected.