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  1. G-Luke

    Pet Mods General Discussion Thread

    Have to go through subs
  2. G-Luke

    Type Optimisation (Slate 18 Voting - Rock/Fighting, Rock/Grass, Rock/Psychic)

    Rock/Fighting: Gojiratar's Scrafty Rock/Grass: Stitch98's Torterra Rock/Psychic: Samtendo09's Lunatone
  3. G-Luke

    Fusion Evolution V4 (Submission Phase)

    do you have evidence to show that this 10% damage increase nets important 2hkos and OHKOs that klinkle cannot? Because outside of this boost in power, Klinkle is undoubatbly superio. better bulk, a Potent Steel/Electric typing which gives it resistance to most forms of -ate speed (important)...
  4. G-Luke

    Fusion Evolution V4 (Submission Phase)

    I'm gonna nom all those type clusters. (The several Normal Ghosts, Fire Dragons, Grass Steels, Water Steels and the like) To address some thoughts Then it would revive. Exactly what you described. Destiny Bond, dies, takes down opponent and then get revived at the end of the turn. Basically...
  5. G-Luke

    OptiMons [Slate #6: Ambipom, Cinccino] {Submissions}

    To help get this thing along, I'll post an interesting set of mons I've been looking forward to use for the next slate. Stale #6: Ambipom and Cinccino and
  6. G-Luke

    Battle Ready!

    James-Chimecho Typing: Psychic Base Stats: 125 HP / 50 Atk / 90 Def / 95 SpA / 140 SpD / 65 Spe (+50 HP +10 Def +50 SpD) Battle Bond Activation: Successfully execute a sound based move. Buffed Move: Heal Bell Move Changes: Switches out user into replacement of choice, ala U-Turn. Rationale...
  7. G-Luke

    Battle Ready!

    If you need help coding, I am sure Spandan, Ludicrousity or even charizard8888 can help your cause, and placed your meta on the Dragon Server for even more exposure
  8. G-Luke

    Fusion Evolution V4 (Submission Phase)

    Sharpedo / Rayquaza Blaziken / Naganadel Slurpuff / Aromatisse Donphan / Hippowdon Crobat / Latios Kartana / Mimikyu Garchomp / Turtunator Furret / Dunsparse Komala / Silvally Miltank / Marshadow
  9. G-Luke

    Fusion Prevolutions [Fusion Evolution Companion Project]

    I guess its safe to open voting
  10. G-Luke

    Usage-Based Tier Update for January 2018

    Reminds me of the legendary UU (No Scald) ladder in ORAS.
  11. G-Luke

    Tournament Tier Shift Hit It and Quit It Tour [Round 2! Subs Welcome! (Check Post #75)]

    Round 3 Quantum Tesseract vs. Mark_K Squawkerz vs. Rawbi Willdbeast vs. wishes Sam I Yam battles the winner of Willdbeast v wishes next round. Player-Pokemon banlist Purugly, Scizor, Leafeon, Conkeldurr, Ludicolo, Meowstic, Cressilia, Talonflame, Greninja (Protean), Shuckle, Swoobat...
  12. G-Luke

    Tournament Tier Shift Hit It and Quit It Tour [Round 2! Subs Welcome! (Check Post #75)]

    Sorry, School just started and I am PILED HIGH in work. I'll sort the list ASAP.
  13. G-Luke

    Fusion Prevolutions [Fusion Evolution Companion Project]

    Origin0 or Ludicrousity any of u up for it?
  14. G-Luke

    Crossover Chaos: Slate #4 - Nailed It! (King Dedede, Amy Rose, Hammer Bro)

    Pokémon: Shantae Type: Stats: 100 / 120 / 70 / 110 / 90 / 100 | BST: 590 Signature Move: Hair Whip - | | 120 BP | 10 PP | 90% Acc | High critical hit ratio. | Z-move: 185 BP Shattered Psyche OU Moveset: Shantae @ Life Orb Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Hair...
  15. G-Luke

    Metagame Inheritance [OM of the Month!] Blacephalon Banned!!! (Check Post #597)

    So any chance Mega Gyarados will be getting unbanned know that Shell Smash (the main reason it was sacked) finally got the boot?
  16. G-Luke

    CaP 23 - Prevo Poll

    One ISimilarly to Quanyails, I see a prevo for Pajantom to be similar to Type Null -> Silvally, in that its basically a version of the Dreaming dragon that has yet to harness sleeping powers.
  17. G-Luke

    CAP 3D Modeling Project

    Now that Pajantom is out of the way, what is the 3D Project's next avenue?
  18. G-Luke

    CaP Prevos - Rebble Sprite Poll

    Wyverii To me its the overall better designed sprite