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  1. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Part 13 - Pokedex Submissions

    WIP Pajantom, the Apparition Pokemon Sun: As the eater of dreams, they live near humans. Sadly, they don't seem to get as much sustenance as they did in the past. Moon: They slowly become influenced by the dreams they eat if they eat too much. Those owned by trainers are sometimes known to be...
  2. Sunfished

    Art Stuffs from a Sunfish

    My cap23 entry lost, so stuffing it in my dex! Based on lazy queens and an assortment of sea slugs Poison fat frogs
  3. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Part 9 - Name Submissions

    WIP Slumbral From Slumber and Umbral, a somewhat archaic Latin word for ghost, shadows, and apparations. Napathy From Nap and Apathy, related to the way the sleeping kid doesn't seem to care that it's in battle, but rather the ghosty guy is.
  4. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 4

    Reigaheres ;w;b
  5. Sunfished

    CAP23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 3

    Reigaheres Quanyails Dougjustdoug
  6. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

    Golurkyourself Mova Quanyails Falchion Sgt.Moose SilvanRaptor Sunfished Yilx Durengardnit Reigaheres Magistrum Pipotchi HeaLnDeaL Blue Frog FellFromtheSky Zephias ShunosaurusLii Birkal Garbagery DougJustDoug voted for those that did a good job displaying a majority of the criteria, while still...
  7. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Poll

    Early Bird No Competitive Ability Mold Breaker Strong Jaw
  8. Sunfished

    Art Stuffs from a Sunfish

    Regional Birds! Based on chickens and chicken-fighting. It evolves from prey, to a bird of prey! A UB I did for a contest over at Pokecommunity! It's based on the Khakkara and Gohei, which are two religiously important staves in asian cultures. Water Starter! Based on literal catfish, and...
  9. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    FINAL SUBMISSION Goth Slug! Supporting Art: 1. How it attacks 2. How it attacks, but when it's sleeping 3. "oops" - Tomo 4. How it attacks, animated a little bit to show how it looks 5. Alt-pose <-- This shows extra pieces of the design not visible in the main image! Design Justification...
  10. Sunfished

    CaP Prevos - Rebble & Boulderdash - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Rebble Bolderdash Have fun guys! EDIT: Thanks to snake_rattler 's suggestion, I moved Rebble's eye a teensy bit to the left
  11. Sunfished

    Art Stuffs from a Sunfish

    My starters! Water is going to take a while to design, but here's Grass and Fire!
  12. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    Made a few color palettes that I liked. Would love choices! 1. Uses colors from the Blue Glaucus, which is what this was based on 2. Dark colors. Might look too Dark type but I liked the colors 3. Favorite palette. Purples and blacks are what most ghost types seem to utilize in their design 4. A...
  13. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    I didn't feel like the blanket demon was something I'd enjoy, so I'm scrapping it in favor for a different pose of the goth sea slug. The way I see it, it's sort of like a lazy queen, one that sleeps all day. Anyway, a slightly different change to this was the tail, in which I made it resemble...
  14. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 2

    Shield Dust Tough Claws Comatose
  15. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 1

    Shield Dust Tough Claws Strong Jaw Defiant Comatose
  16. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    Decided to go for a second wip design, in case nomatose. Based on a blanket, but also things like "the monster under kids' beds". I see it using its long, creepy arms to grab and "lock" foes from fleeing
  17. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    update! Biggest change was the arms. I got a lot of feedback stating it was a bit too much like mienshao's weird arm things, so changed it. Other than that it's pretty much the same, just a bit sassier and made the tendrils have a bit more movement to give it a ghosty look Hopefully it'll be...
  18. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    Here's an update! Just wanted to know how you all feel on the design now, and then I'll work on a palette! The design is based on the dragon sea slug, and goth queens. also, Omega Comment post! If I didn't comment on your design, that means I probably already did to you personally or on...
  19. Sunfished

    CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    After mulling it over, decided that drakula wasn't as fun as a concept as I thought. So, shifted the concept of a cloaked entity to the dragon sea slug animal, which did a pretty good job at keeping the idea I wanted! Feedback appreciated!