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  1. monomite

     Smeargle's Studio's Eighth Annual Secret Santa!

    Nerina THANK YOU so much!! I love it Ç_Ç the colors are so good and I love the soft look Max. Optimizer I'm very happy you like it! I did my best to make it a cool background.
  2. monomite

    monomite's art thread

    this is a gift for Auresi , who drew me a very sweet drawing of zangoose!! thank you!
  3. monomite

    Auresi's Art

    I'm in love with your art, it's so cute and clean!!! These goomys are adorable, too ;_;
  4. monomite

    monomite's art thread

    Uploading w/ my entries to Inktober 2017 so far :)
  5. monomite

    Art Stuffs from a Sunfish

    Wow, I'm impressed. I've never liked fakemon from anyone this much until now, you do a really good job designing and drawing those! You improved a lot in short time too Keep it up!
  6. monomite

    monomite's art thread

    Some more potw, logo and article drawings!
  7. monomite

     The Workshop

  8. monomite

     Art for Social Media (Spotlights, Giveaways, and Profile Pics!)

    i'll grab mega pidgeot, abra and manaphy!
  9. monomite

     The Workshop

    (made a small edit)
  10. monomite

     The Workshop

    I'll take this one as well
  11. monomite

     The Workshop

    I'll do this!
  12. monomite

     Picture Telephone Megathread [Round 10: Done!]

    in! this last round was just gold