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  1. Punchshroom

    GSC In-Game Tier List

    - I know Furret gets Swift as well; I already took that into account, and my point still stands that Furret only outshines Spearow's damage (in terms of Normal STAB) for a mere 5 levels before Fearow takes over. Oh, and during that period, Spearow still keeps up thanks to super effective Peck in...
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    Best Luck in Pokémon

    I was in the Platinum Battle Factory, two of my pokemon down and only a Gliscor vs a Hydro Pump + Blizzard Vaporeon and an unknown pokemon. Fortunately I landed a Guillotine immediately. Then the opponent sends out a Milotic. Which I then proceeded to land yet another Guillotine on it.
  3. Punchshroom

    But he had the 'sense' to acknowledge Crobat's ridiculous investment so... I'm not so sure...

    But he had the 'sense' to acknowledge Crobat's ridiculous investment so... I'm not so sure...
  4. Punchshroom

    GSC In-Game Tier List

    Before I begin my point, Colonel M Spearow is still in A Rank as well as S Rank. First off, the need for powerful coverage is vastly different between GSC and DPP, namely how you can just power through the majority of the game with STAB Return; even stuff like Girafarig and Stantler sit in B...
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    GSC In-Game Tier List

    The only Steel-types you'd encounter at this point are Magnemites, which are owned by 2 important trainers in Silver and Jasmine. While Fearow has no business facing Jasmine's Magnemites unless it is feeling incredibly ballsy, Silver's Magnemite (or even Magneton later) can be solo'ed with...
  6. Punchshroom

    NU Stage 5: Pursuit Of Happiness

    Heliolisk is obviously going to be a very potent Volt Switcher, thanks to its Speed tier, great coverage, and unlike Rotom-Mow it has no need to rely on Choice items to maintain the most momentum. The ease of which it can spam Volt Switch largely eliminates its issue of not being unable to OHKO...
  7. Punchshroom

    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    RU Mega Banette ready
  8. Punchshroom

    Copyediting Mega Banette (QC: 3/3) (GP: 0/2)

    Added new C&C section called "Slower Tanks". Ready for GP.
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    Pokémon Go | Kyogre is out!

    Meh, Kyogre is still king of the Waters so this shouldn't be a huge factor. Unless you wished to use 'Dragon Slayer Kyogre' against the inevitable Rayquaza raid, but stuff like Gardevoir, Articuno, Dragonite, Dragon Slayer Gyarados, Cloyster, Golem, Granbull, and especially the (hopefully...
  10. Punchshroom

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon In-Game Tier List

    Stellar Btw, Bounsweet should be replaced with Steenee, since Bounsweet isn't catchable in-game much like Snubbull isn't, and the SM in-game tier list ranked just Granbull. Hada Yaba I believe that Steenee's access to Flyinium Z + Bounce from Heahea Beach's move tutor and later Ula'ula's Zen...
  11. Punchshroom

    Quality Control Passimian [QC 1/3]

    You misspelled Receiver, btw. - Since you've mentioned how Close Combat pressures Mega Audino, replace it for Granbull as a Gunk Shot target. - Considering Rock Slide's targets are more relevant/numerous/harder to break than Gunk Shot's targets, I'd rather see Rock Slide slashed on the set...
  12. Punchshroom

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon In-Game Tier List

    This is something I thought about in Sun & Moon as well, but I'm not sure why people don't try to take advantage of a certain exploit that can be used to encounter female Salandit easier. You're gifted an Eevee egg in Paniola Ranch, which you can spend ~3-4 minutes running around in circles with...
  13. Punchshroom

    Metagame USUM PU Discussion Thread

    If I'm not mistaken, Midnight Lycanroc gets Thunder Punch and Fire Punch as well. Meanwhile, it doesn't seem like Passimian is going to get access to Defiant soon, so Primeape would likely remain uncontested for a while longer.
  14. Punchshroom

    Resource RU Viability Rankings

    I've said it before and I've said it again: outside of spinning Donphan half-asses everything one would want out of a Ground-type. Even with "surprise factor" on its side, Donphan still is a rather mediocre choice to have as a Ground-type attacker. You claim that 'Choice Band Donphan hits just...
  15. Punchshroom

    I like how the arguments against Lycanroc are going to be meaningless since it's gonna get...

    I like how the arguments against Lycanroc are going to be meaningless since it's gonna get Endeavor as well. Now it'd actually be better than Cheops
  16. Punchshroom

    Metagame USM RU - Speculation & Discussion

    avocado Decidueye also gets Leaf Storm, if that means anything.
  17. Punchshroom

    USUM NU Speculation Thread

    Also how did we not bring this up yet: Defog is now legal on Magic Bounce Xatu.
  18. Punchshroom

    Metagame USM RU - Speculation & Discussion

    Just want to point out that this is not how you think it works; using Tantrum to OHKO on the turn after Mega Banette uses Destiny Bond will STILL KO Linoone, as Destiny Bond stays active until Mega Banette uses its next move. This is no different from simply using Shadow Claw to KO afterwards...
  19. Punchshroom

    USUM NU Speculation Thread

    Well this thing gets Thunder Punch now, aka perfect neutral coverage in just 3 moveslots. Even gets Drain Punch as its new filler. Strength Sap Plume is going to be more annoying to fight than ever before: gone are the days where you could potentially gimp Plume's recovery by switching in...