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  1. esdeflex

    Metagame NP RU Stage 5: Look What You Made Me Do (Zygarde-10% Unbanned, Aurora Veil Banned)

    Removing Aurora Veil from all the lower tiers is for the best. I don't play RU, but considering people were running brick break/psychic fangs on their own Aurora Veil Teams just to beat the same play style definitely shows it's unhealthy for the metagame. I started running snatch to snatch...
  2. esdeflex

    np: SM OU Suspect Process, Round 5 - I Can't Escape Myself (ARENA TRAP BANNED)

    I don't play OU very often, but I can definitely see why people think Arena Trap should be banned, especially with the introduction of z-moves, and dugtrio's much welcomed buff into it's attack stat. It isn't as bad as ST Gothitelle, but the auto-trapping mechanic is super busted. Forcing...
  3. esdeflex

    Metagame NP: RU Stage 17: Try Again / Do It Again (Shaymin and Slurpuff banned, Tangrowth up to OU)

    I think Tyrantrum provides so much pressure and versatility with movesets like, CB/CS, Rock Polish, DD, or even weakness policy I've seen, I think the suspect (again) is definitely deserved. Mega Steelix is like Lando-t in OU, where it softchecks/counters most of the RU meta and is a glue in...
  4. esdeflex

    Smogon University PO Statistics — June 2012

    I didn't see Kyurem in Ubers because I don't play them, Well that's a relief.
  5. esdeflex

    Smogon University PO Statistics — June 2012

    Golurk in NU? Well... I figured out what just broke the NU metagame and was BL3 seriously necessary? I do like some of the tier changes like, Nidoqueen in RU and Escavelier. Well hopefully with this new BL3, Golurk will go in there. Are the new forms for Kyurem seriously going to stay OU I...
  6. esdeflex

    (RU) Semi-Stall

    Pretty solid team except that fact that you have a huge bug weakness, After entei dies you got nothing. So, You might want to replace tangela with something different Amoongus, But if you really need a defense wall use tangela, It is really good. Yanmega should be UU anyways. Good luck!
  7. esdeflex

    RU team

    So, I have been trying RU a while for this team and it works most of the time and it sometimes fails. If you guys could maybe point out some flaws that would be nice, anyways here we go! Rotom-Cut Nature: Timid Ability: Leviate EV: 252 special attack, 252 speed and 6 hp Moves: Leaf storm...
  8. esdeflex

    Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    I think people forgot about amomola and it's walling capabilities. I pare it up with Amoongus and it does well. The only problem I have with that are specs fire users. and yanmega...
  9. esdeflex

    Hardest video game level/boss you've ever faced

    Culex from Super Mario RPG without the lazy shell(s). Dark star, and those 4 gems...
  10. esdeflex

    Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    I am very surprised to see no Carracosta or relicanth. They handle CB entei, Plus relicanth can lay up rocks and hit hard with head smash, With the right support, They're both hard to take down with a poke that can take a grass/electric move (cough amoongus) and can take take fighting and earth...
  11. esdeflex

    Ash in the Smogon League (a themed warstory)

    (2nd warstory I've read. Nice team, Nice predictions and nice commentary. 10/10 I really did love your sarcasm (fake or not) and the seriousness at the same time.
  12. esdeflex

    Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    I know this may sound stupid, But without much weather. I've used Banded Shedninja and it is amazing with handling cress. Since, It stops some sweepers in it's tracks, With trick to cripple incoming switches. I find it very useful. Cress kisses shedninja's ass.
  13. esdeflex

    RU team (my first built team)

    Well, instead of custap berry what else should I put on aggron, Plain old leftovers? Or replace it with a different SR'er and sorry if my pokemon descriptions lack... (I just tried some type synergy and went for it)
  14. esdeflex

    RU team (my first built team)

    Forgive me if it's bad, That's why I'm here XD, Anyways, If any of you more experienced battlers want to help me with this team that would be great (also 1st thread) 1. Aggron-Sturdy @Custap Berry (It allowed me to use it on PO so I figure it's legal) Brave nature 252 HP 252 Attack Metal...