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    Serious [Access to this thread is restricted to SMOGON GOLD subscribers only] (aka Net neutrality thread)

    truthfully, the way companies try and get around net neutrality right now is what they'd unveil first. for example, verizon has go90, their (mediocre) streaming service that you can use anywhere without using your data if you're a verizon customer. this technically skirts around net neutrality...
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    the dlc/microtransaction/lootbox fuckfest is the greatest thing to happen to gaming

    i'm not a console gamer, i just have my 3ds and play games on my iphone. so my rule for mobile games i genuinely enjoy are that i'd only pay the value of what i think the game is worth (so generally $10-$20). i don't mind paying for extras especially in mobile games where it's free to start, but...
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    Elaborate Hypotheticals

    body: pearl mind: chrysocolla social: painite companion: pyrite curse: aquamarine first of all i think one of these needs to be "gives better eye sight so you can actually read the jpg" but i chose pearl for body because you can just kinda chill and be alive and that's p nice. chrysocolla for...
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    Smogon Premier League 8 - Finals [NO WINNER]

    my former tigre heart is v happy at this... grats to tennisace and everyone on the team! <3
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    healthy lifestyle thread (OR: oglemi masturbation cave)

    i'm looking for a little advice on how to get started on Living The Healthy Life™. i'm trying to lose like ~20 lbs but also get a little muscle definition (which may come from just working out and losing weight probs). i've done stuff in the past where i worked with a trainer and had visible...
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    how are u

    how are u
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    Where is your nick from?

    the Sole Ace (actually i picked it because it was a nice sounding word and i just liked it a lot)
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    Free Speech: Let's do this properly

    because, in my opinion, capitalism serves as another enforcer for free speech. if a private company --that ultimately seeks to make a profit -- says that they don't want the speech of x group of people, they can choose to do so. and then people who support that group can boycott that company...
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    Free Speech: Let's do this properly

    see, here's the thing. i don't like the idea that unilaterally people can be denied a platform. i definitely think the best way to drown out stupid speech is to let people talk about it and eventually they will be proven wrong. i think other people's opinions are worth listening to. but... 1)...
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    Twitter is censoring Trump supporters

    did anyone continue to take this thread seriously after the op said actual neo nazi richard spencer just wants white people to stop getting bullied?
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    hey so we gotta play for that doubles tournament - i'm available in the afternoon generally, lmk...

    hey so we gotta play for that doubles tournament - i'm available in the afternoon generally, lmk what times make sense for you
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    Serious Political Correctness and Race

    you can't take that without nuance though, there are plenty of things people do in the name of their religious beliefs that actively harm so many people. by this logic, religious beliefs put you above the law and allow your religious beliefs to infringe on others' rights. practicing your...
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    Serious Political Correctness and Race

    i mean, the thing with ignoring micro-aggressions is that they can often become, well, regular aggressions. they normalize actions that disrespect groups of people and ultimately turn into more dangerous cases of racism.
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    Serious Political Correctness and Race

    because this is a us-centric website and the majority of posters are from the united states. there are a lot of global complexities with race and race relations but "the white man's burden" is a global issue, as so many countries are still facing the negative lasting effects that colonialism had...
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    Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    how is that not literally coded anti-semitic language? let me put a picture of a jewish person and show that they have The Money And The Power. i assume you're not jewish, but i am, and it's easy to be sensitive to these kinds of things when that's literally a dog whistle for anti-semitism...
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    Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    it matters because the president elect is a man that mocks disabled reporters, said the innocent central park five are still guilty, calls latinos rapists and criminals, encourages violence, has people in his camp suggesting reinstating interment camps, had anti-semitic campaign ads, and that's...
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    Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    just a quick thing to the people saying trump doesn't really believe in the things he said, he was just saying them to get elected: people quite literally said that about hitler it's nbd though, he didn't really mean it. just killed millions of people though, and those same mechanisms still...