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  1. Misty

    nytimes's united states 'dialect map' quiz

    This thing pegged me as a St. Louisan (where I grew up), apparently because I pronounce "Cot" and "caught" differently. My second and third where Baton Rouge and New Orleans, mostly because I picked up "y'all" from living in the south for a while.
  2. Misty


    I set this to autoplay for about 24 hours, got a 2097152 tile with ~41 million points and called it quits
  3. Misty

    Post college grads come here

    Graduated with a Master's in Computer Science in 2010, got a job doing software in the local government sector. It's a shitty sector. x) Mostly I took the job because I was kind of worried about job prospects given the economy in 2010. That said, it's been a good job, the people I work with are...
  4. Misty


    Blame Vader. Fixed.
  5. Misty

    B&W Research Thread

    If you'd checked Serebii you would have seen that it lowers the target's speed.
  6. Misty


    This Pokemon has good attack/defense, good typing, and a reasonable movepool. I'd be surprised if this thing didn't have *some* sort of niche in OU. The major issues are A) Heatran is a pretty tough counter and B) Shandera is just going to straight-up kill you (doesn't hurt that it resists Bug...
  7. Misty


    Cursed Body is a separate issue. Discuss that in its own topic. Disable might be fun on Choice Pokemon, since it forces them to either switch or Struggle.
  8. Misty

    My First Team

    Please read the rules.
  9. Misty

    For what will this decade be most remembered?

    I think Fareed Zakaria had the right idea when he talked about the "rise of the rest". If the 90s were marked by American hegemony, the 00s were marked by the beginning of the end of said hegemony. The distance between the US and the rest of the world is drastically narrowing, and at some point...
  10. Misty

    How many countries can you name?

    Obligatory "He forgot Poland" joke.
  11. Misty

    How many countries can you name? I got 126/195.
  12. Misty

    Climatequiddick: The worst scientific scandal of our generation.

    this thread has ceased to have any value. and it had very little to begin with.
  13. Misty

    Get your name changed - new self-service system

    I went ahead and purged a bunch of old, useless accounts that weren't in use, so a lot of names that were taken should be available now. Have fun!
  14. Misty

    The Fairness Doctrine

    The problem is that many people don't *want* alternative viewpoints, and this is definitely a problem on both sides. While I consider myself very well-informed and make it a point to get different viewpoints on an issue (I'm probably one of the few people in the world that reads DailyKos and...
  15. Misty

    Windows 7

    Depends. If you just do a straight upgrade, you shouldn't lose anything. If you do a clean install, your old programs, user directories, and OS files will be moved to a folder called "Windows.old". If you're going this route (and you'll have to if your current OS isn't Vista, OR you're...
  16. Misty

    Windows 7

    Because certain programs that I happen to like don't exist on Linux and I have found Linux alternatives wanting?
  17. Misty

    Windows 7

    My school has MSDNAA but I don't see Win7 on it :/
  18. Misty


    incest is taboo because it often results in children with massive birth defects, fyi
  19. Misty

    Money from Nowhere

    This is NOT Firebot. Don't pull this kind of crap.
  20. Misty

    Money from Nowhere

    Let's be honest here - the kinds of savings we need to rebalance out budget will only come from major entitlement reform, the kind of thing that is so politically easy to kill (see: Democrats killing SS reform in 05, "Democrats want to pull the plug on grandma" in 09) that it will literally...