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    I've been gone for too long.

    I've been gone for too long.
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    Pokémon BW2 In-game Tier List Mark II [See Post #840]

    Magnezone has ridiculously high SpAtk, tons of useful resistances, is available almost at the start, solos a few of the gyms, and has Sturdy to always get at least one free hit in. It's easily a top-tier Pokemon. I also agree with Scrafty being top; by no means is it as good as Darm or Exca...
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    Dream World OU

    Rest in peace, DW Forum... Let us all shed a manly tear in remembrance.
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    Quality Control for On-Site Analyses

    I think Machoke's only niche was No Guard Dynamic Punch. So yeah, Golurk kinda shats all over that. He's completely outclassed by almost every other Fighting-type, especially Gurdurr.
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    Damn, didn't get to completely finish, but this is what I have so far. Remove Add (Comments) Metagross fares very well in OU with its excellent 135 base Attack and 130 base Defense. Being , being one of those the few pokemon Pokemon who can wall and break walls at the same time, . (period...
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    Quality Control for On-Site Analyses

    Again, I know my opinion has less weight than most of the other posters in this thread, but erisia's idea is excellent.
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    Quality Control for On-Site Analyses

    So you just want a somewhat different set that sets itself apart from Alomomola?
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    Quality Control for On-Site Analyses

    It's written well, it just seems like whoever wrote it was testing it against the bottom of the PS ladder. EDIT: I mean, I highly doubt Rest + Disable is going to let you beat an Eelektross.
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    Quality Control for On-Site Analyses

    Not really a QC member, but I think Seadra should stay (although the analysis could use a little reworking). Seadra has physical bulk comparable to Alomomola and functions as a more offensive version of said Pokemon. Base 85 Speed and 95 Special Attack aren't bad, and Disable also adds another...
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    I'd appreciate having a new paragraph posted here to further polish my GP skills. Thread seemed like a great idea, but nothing's really happened in it for a while.
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    Quality Control for On-Site Analyses

    As has been stated many times in other areas of NU, Toxic Spikes has been virtually eliminated from the metagame due to the constant presence of Amoonguss. As common as he is, there is literally no reason to run Toxic Spikes in the current metagame. Tentacool is even worse now than it used to be...
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    If You Actually Fell For This, I Have a Bridge to Sell You

    Thread of the year. Also: This guy.
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    Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    Yeah, I just looked on Google for something to paint, sorry for not mentioning that. I can't really come up with anything original, so I just try to copy things in a different style. :/ EDIT: I'd also like to ask if it's any good in the first place, I don't do computer art much and that was one...
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    Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    After reading this I was inspired to jump on MS PAINT and Camerupt some stuff: This is the fruit of my labor:
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    (RU) If Mons were real theme team

    I like this team actually. It gets ran through by lots of common RU stuff though. Cress needs to replace either TWave or Toxic with something else, I've not seen many successful dual-status pokemon sets. You could also switch Psychic for an attack that hits more things super effectively, like...
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    Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    Mantine can't wall as effectively as eviolite Mantyke (which isn't saying too much imo), it can't phaze, and it can't set up entry hazards. There's also a significant amount of other bulky water pokemon that just do more/better things. And thanks Oglemi for the time estimate. And toast. :toast:
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    Rarely Used (RU) Tier

    Do we know when suspect testing will begin? And if you're gonna say: "When OU and UU settle down," then when is that going to be?
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    What aren't we writing about? (Pokemon unfit for OU Analyses)

    Ok, it's kinda iffy, but I think a Blastoise set with Rain Dish, Aqua Ring, and Leftovers might be able to survive in OU (that is, if Drizzle Politoad is OU, haven't checked that yet) as a bulky water type. Then again, that's probably my inner-child wishing Blastoise was just better.
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    5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!

    Is Blastoise not going to be OU?