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  1. tennisace

    Hootie is the new C&C Co-Leader!

    Hootie has been doing a great job leading OU C&C through this transitional period, so it's a good time to promote him so he can help oversee the start of other tiers down the road. Congrats!
  2. tennisace

    bludz and celticpride are the new OU Forum Leaders

    ginganinja has decided to step down as leader of the OU Forum. His departure obviously leaves a void in leadership of this forum, so bludz and celticpride are being promoted to co-leaders in his place. Obviously, both users need no introduction as they are two very active moderators in this...
  3. tennisace

    Sam has been promoted to Administrator

    Sam is one of the most hard-working senior staff members we have, doing an excellent job both leading UU and leading forum policy. We (the admins) have decided to promote Sam due to his exemplary character and work ethic. Congratulations and welcome to the team!
  4. tennisace

    Hugendugen is a Supermod (again)

    He's returning to activity but might as well post a congrats thread for him!
  5. tennisace

    oglemi is literally the worst [new: jolly yveltal]

    Status: Open i'm making a new thread for a couple reasons. first, I don't really feel like keeping track of breedable mons anymore. i'll still accept them in trades, and if you desperately want one from my old thread then i might trade one to you, but they aren't exactly anything rare. second...
  6. tennisace

    VGC 2015 World Championship

    Location: Boston, Massachusetts Venue: Hynes Convention Center Dates: August 21-23 While the World Championship is invite only (and invites are already handed out), it's still free to come and watch the festivities. Last year there was an absolutely massive turnout, and it was really great...
  7. tennisace

    Rocket League

    Rocket League (on PC/PS4) is like fifa, but instead of whiny soccer players and corruption you play as a car with rocket boosters. Simple concept, very difficult to master (esp aerial maneuvers). It really reminds me of haxball sometimes, if haxball was an actual game with 3d graphics and...
  8. tennisace

    Banning Leppa Berry

    Another endless battle loop was already found, even after Heal Pulse was banned. This one takes advantage of the fact that if you fling a berry, it activates the effect. It's essentially the same as the Trick + Leppa + harvest shenanigans. This brings up my point: why are we bothering with this...
  9. tennisace

    galbia is now PU Co-Leader

    The PU Co-leaders are now WhiteDMist and galbia. Congratulations!
  10. tennisace

    Tournament NU3PL - Player Signups

    ~The Neverused Premier League III~ (art coming eventually) If you want to play in this prestigious tournament and have the amazing chance at winning [prize to be determined], sign up in this thread! Please make sure you can play all 6 weeks, or at least if you can't, say you can't in your...
  11. tennisace

    Tournament The Neverused Premier League III - Manager Signups

    ~The Neverused Premier League III~ (art coming eventually) It's back! Allegedly. In this thread, sign up if you want to be a manager. There will be 6 teams, and returning managers will get some sort of priority over non-returning managers. I'll be selecting the managers based on prior NU...
  12. tennisace

    tigres n ducks (and other stuff) [new: hex flawless adamant totodile]

    Status: closed :( i'm making this trade thread because i'm tired of listing stuff i have to offer to ppl in other threads so i might as well centralize this as much as possible. everything in here was bred by me or SR'd by me, i'm not going to put other peoples stuff up because you should just...
  13. tennisace

    Other Features barely not broken mega pokemon

    me n Molk were chatting on irc about how to make a hypothetical parasect mega good with such a shit base and we actually came up with a pretty cool one so we want to do a smog article of about 5-6 of them. here's the first: mega parasect bug/fairy pixilate 60/130/120/45/120/30 movepool...
  14. tennisace

    Resource NU Cuteability Rankings (RIP)

    approved by me because raseri wasnt on irc. stolen mostly shamelessly from lc. We're gonna be ranking the cuteness of all the Pokemon in the NU metagame itc. As of right now I started with the Pokemon that are currently NU by usage. If you want to add a PU Pokemon that's listed on the NU...
  15. tennisace

    Old Name and Profile Change Requests

    Name Changes -You only get 1 name change a) You must provide a reason for the change (If you have a badge and want a name change, you need to show proof that you have used your new username on Pokémon Showdown or IRC for at least a month (30+ days).) b) You may revert back to your old name...
  16. tennisace

    VGC 2014 Viability Rankings v2

    VGC Viability Ranking Thread Welcome to the official VGC Viability Rankings topic. In this thread, we as a community will rank every single usable Pokemon into "tiers." In this thread, you're encouraged to post your thoughts and opinions on the various Pokemon that are usable in VGC and what...
  17. tennisace

    tennisace's ~*magical mystery tournament*~ - Won by Tachycardia

    Hi there. First: here are the standard rules and regulations. I'm not going to assign a standard round time, but please don't john. I'll be sad. The format will be a seeded, best of 3 standard NU series. I will post a bracket on for round 1 and all subsequent rounds. Battles are...
  18. tennisace

    Viability Stats - Combining Usage + Viability Rankings

    Hi there. After the last usage stats for July came out, I was kind of fed up with how some Pokemon were vastly overrated, and how others were vastly underrated. However, there was no real quantitative way to tell just exactly how over/underrated a Pokemon is in the metagame. So, I came up with...
  19. tennisace

    CAP 14 CAP 3 - Policy Review Committee

    Hi there. This thread is for people who are applying to the Policy Review Committee. To quickly recap, the PRC is in charge of discussing policy changes to the CAP Process in general, all of which will be contained in the new CAP Policy Review forum (which everyone can see but only CAP...
  20. tennisace

    Changes in the CAP Project (Read Carefully)

    Hi there. The CAP moderating staff has decided it is time for change to come to our fair forum. In this thread, I will detail everything we have agreed upon. For the most part, these changes are non-negotiable. Please understand that these changes are extremely large and touch upon every aspect...