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  1. TUO
  2. TUO
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    made a typo sorry

    made a typo sorry
    Profile post by TUO for Jellicent, Feb 22, 2015
  3. TUO
  4. TUO
  5. TUO
  6. TUO
    given win
    Post by: TUO, Feb 20, 2015 in forum: Tournaments
  7. TUO
    when no excuses once again gmt+8
    Profile post by TUO for PDC, Feb 20, 2015
  8. TUO
  9. TUO
    Profile Post


    Profile post by TUO for ZANBAKUResh, Feb 18, 2015
  10. TUO
    rainbow league Yellow when fite
    Profile post by TUO for fatty, Feb 18, 2015
  11. TUO
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    splc GMT+8 when fite

    splc GMT+8 when fite
    Profile post by TUO for KratosMana, Feb 18, 2015
  12. TUO
    RIP litch no respond
    Post by: TUO, Feb 17, 2015 in forum: Little Cup
  13. TUO
    Post by: TUO, Feb 16, 2015 in forum: Tournaments
  14. TUO
    lost 2-1 gg
    Post by: TUO, Feb 15, 2015 in forum: Tournaments
  15. TUO
  16. TUO
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    I pick AS

    I pick AS
    Profile post by TUO for Vinc2612, Feb 14, 2015
  17. TUO
  18. TUO
  19. TUO
  20. TUO