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101.3 JellyOs FM

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Studio' started by JellyOs, May 8, 2012.

  1. JellyOs


    Aug 17, 2010
    Hello Studio folk! After looking at how the music thread here is pretty inactive, I decided to make my own to showcase my music because it's a great form of art too! I tend to focus on more of a classical take with my music, and it shows (Quite obviously in my first five songs). I do enjoy experimenting, so don't be surprised with some of the stuff I get into in the near future... I plan to update this thread on a weekly basis, hopefully at least one new song a week. If anyone wonders, I used Finale 2011 for my classical and I'm playing with NanoStudio and MiniSynth on my iPhone as well as Audacity on my PC, so expect a lot from those soon... I also use SoundCloud to host my music, but I'll get these on to YouTube soon so you don't have to leave Smogon. It's different, but let's hope to hell it works!

    P.S. I don't do vocals...
    P.P.S. Can you guys give me some feedback?
    P.P.P.S. Click on the notes to hear the music guys lol

    Pretzel M&M's (open)
    [​IMG] Small thing I did bored in AP Music Theory, it 's standard ABA form.

    Sam's Song (open)
    [​IMG] My final project from last year, Theory I.

    Divinities (open)
    [​IMG] Got Finale, got bored, made a song for a lot of instruments ;)

    Ode to Piggy (open)
    [​IMG] All simple inversions, although it was fun to write (Written in English, hence the name).

    The Death of Piggy (open)
    [​IMG] Oh the things I do in English...

    Firsties (open)
    [​IMG] First mix I've made, I tried to focus on the percussion more... It's not the best but I'm trying to get the hang of this dubstep thing. I don't own the music used in this, I simply edited tracks so they sounded (kinda) nice together.

    Duet (open)
    [​IMG] Wrote this because I was quite bored one day, so I decided to experiment with a leading instrument and backing.

    Finale (open)
    [​IMG] I really love this one, and I'm currently developing it into my final piece for AP Music Theory.

    Piano Tune (open)
    [​IMG] Quick thing, inspired by Journey.

    Three Demons (open)
    [​IMG] Named as so because I usewd the three demons of 18th century song writing in the first measure.
  2. JellyOs


    Aug 17, 2010
    Updated the OP with a few samples I found laying around and finally put on my computer. They're not much, about 45 seconds each, but they all have different tastes and I want to develop them into something more.

    For Reference (open)

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