14th Place Worlds Warstory-An Indian's Journey from Nothing to Something

14th Place Worlds Warstory-UN GOLPE CRITICOOOOOOOOO!!!

So, it's Milan Patel(PokemanMaster) again. I believe that this has been THE BEST year of my entire Pokemon career. I've been able to get the Worlds experience for the past 3 years, Grinding in through TCG as 1st and 4th... but this year was AWESOME!!! It starts with getting 9th place at VGC Dallas Regionals, goes to getting Top 8 at Nationals/a free trip, and ends with this EPIC and INSANE warstory. And here we go!!!!!! ^__^

Thursday Night:

I fly in with my mom and my sister. My mom flies with me since I'm a minor and my free trip from T8ing at Nats lets her go for free. As for my sister... I have no idea why she came. lol xD Anyways, when I walk into the Hilton Waikoloa Village, I see BlueCookies, Alaka, Ninhaza, Deagle, Metabou, Huy, Duy, BadIntent, Kinneas, AlphaOmega, dtrain, and FMasamune. We talk all things Pokemon and I have a TCG match with BI, Thunder Falling 4 Crobat Gs and an Uxie for a surprise win. YAY!!! :D Afterwards, I take the tram at about midnight and head on over to the Palace Tower to get some sleep.

Friday(LCQ Day! :D):

I go down to the Convention Center via boat this time and meet up with FMasamune and Alaka. We just chat a little and meet up with skarm, Huy, Duy, Kinneas, dtrain, Ninahaza, etc... We talk while we wait in the LCQ line and watch as the LCQ Smogonites fill out their decklists. A little later, I go buy a Pokemon Worlds Playmat from the Retail Store. Right as I'm walking away, they sell out. I'm like, "Wow! Perfect timing, Milan!" lol
As I turn around, a Japanese guy walks up to me and asks if I'm selling the mat I just bought. I ask how much he'll give. He says, "I give you $58?" My legs are about to crack as I'm apalled with how much he's offering. I quickly say "yes", take the money, and run for my life, just in case he changes his mind. LOLOL xD So in like 10 minutes, I'm $58 richer. Anyways, back to VGC. We all walk in and all of us Smogonites watch our LCQ Smogonites go at it. Dtrain almost loses game 1 because his opponent was using a queer team with 1 UBER and some weird strategies. But nonetheless, it seemed to be pretty effective. I watch as Ninahaza battles it out with Alaka's dad. In the end, a couple of Smogonites make it through. Lemme think... Ninahaza and FMasamune??? My memory is completely faded lol Sorry guys! D: After the LCQ ends, I go watch my TCG friends in TCG LCQ and root for them. I go to the VGC Check-in line and get my Worlds Swag! :D I then go to League Play and use my LuxChomp deck w/ ERL and win 3 8-man Tournaments. 15 packs FTW! :D
Later, the Smogonite gang and I head out to eat at a nearby food court, and my mother calls me and forces me to buy her and my sister a pizza. ugh D: And this ends the LCQ day.


Here's the team I used at Worlds. Human came up with the basic idea, and I went for a little tweaking. :P It proved very effective against ALL teams. It combined my expertise with Trick Room along with absolute Speed and Bulkiness. We(Human and I) talked a lot on mIRC and realized that the only downfall of my team was hax.

Togekiss AKA Lady Gaga
Sassy Nature
EVs: 252 HP, 6 Def, 252 SpDef
Item: Yache Berry


Follow Me
Heat Wave
Air Slash

Palkia AKA HumanFTW!
Quiet Nature
EVs: 252 HP, 6 SpDef, 252 SpAk
Item: Haban Berry


Trick Room
Earth Power
Spacial Rend

Toxicroak AKA DJ Kermit
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk, around 190-200 HP, around 40-50 Spd I don't remember it
Item: Leftovers


Fake Out
Low Kick
Sucker Punch

Machamp AKA MattjFTW
Brave Nature
EVs: 252 HP, 6 SpDef, 252 Atk
Item: Life Orb


Ice Punch
Bullet Punch
Rock Slide

Modest Nature
EVs: 252 SpAk, 92 Spd, 164 HP
-Human and I gave Kyogre these EVs so that it can be effectively Iron Balled in Trick Roomf for 61 Speed and successfully Scarfed for 183 Speed outside of Trick Room. Basically, it's Speed is flexible. :D
Item: Choice Scarf


Water Spout
Icy Wind

Giratina AKA DJdarkness
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk, 44 Speed, 212 HP
Item: Iron Ball(switched around with Kyogre)


Shadow Sneak
Shadow Force
Dragon Claw

The Smogon gang meets up in the Kona Ballroom and watches the Opening Ceremony along with the TCG guys. It was AWESOME!!! After, we go to the VGC room for the Players' Meeting and soon start. I had NO IDEA how EPIC this day was gonna be. Let's get started:

Round 1 vs. Japanese National Champion

Game 1:

I saw this guy's Nats video with the Sheer Cold Suicune/Scarf Smeargle lead. I knew what to do against it and I was completely ready. But... hax was not with me AT ALL. So, it's his Suicune/Scarf Smeargle lead against my Croak/special ScarfOgre lead. I go for a Fake Out on Smeargle and Thunder Suicune, but he switches out Smeargle for Giratina. Thunder does maybe 60% to Suicune? Suicune uses Sheer Cold and it hits Kyogre for the OHKO. Okay, 1 KO is fine at this point. I send in MattjFTW. Croak Sucker Punches Giratina for about 30% damage and Giratina vanishes. Suicune Sheer Colds Machamp for the OHKO. Now I'm getting pissed off. -__- I send in Giratina. I Low Kick Suicune and it is at 10-15% left. My Giratina vanishes and dodges his Shadow Force. Suicune uses Sheer Cold and OHKOs Toxicroak. WTFFFFFF?! >__< My Giratina KOs his Giratina and Suicune uses Sheer Cold for the OHKO. OMFGSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is SO MESSED UP! :O But whatever...

Game 2:

It's my Togekiss/Palkia leads against his Smeargle/Suicune leads. I use Follow Me and Trick Room as Smeargle Dark Voids Togekiss, which misses Palkia. Suicune Sheer Colds Togekiss for the OHKO. 5 FOR 5?! Are you kidding me?! This game is so effed up! :O I send in Machamp. Machamp DynamicPunches Suicune and puts it to about 25% and Palkia Spacial Rends Smeargle for the OHKO. Suicune gets hurt by confusion and goes down to 15%. He sends in Giratina. Suicune ExtremeSpeeds Machamp for like 30%, and then Machamp Ice Punches Giratina for about 50%. Palkia Spacial Rends Giratina, but it has Haban Berry. Giratina goes to 15% and vanishes. Suicune ExtremeSpeeds Machamp and gets a crit for the KO. Efffffffffffffff Palkia Spacial Rends Suicune for the KO and Giratina Shadow Forces Palkia for the KO. It's 1 to 1 now. Trick Room ends and I send out my Iron Ball Ogre against his Ogre. He uses Thunder and crits it. Game over. These were BY FAR the ABSOLUTE WORST games I have EVER PLAYED. I was SO upset with what happened here. Suicune only had a 1/32 chance to hit 5/5 and it happened. ugh Whatever, you can't do anything about it.


Round 2 vs. another Japanese Player

Game 1:

He has Aboma/Mewtwo lead against my Croak/Abomasnow. I got ALL THE HAX IN THE WORLD this round. I Sucker Punch Mewtwo and get a crit for a OHKO. Then, I Blizzard Abomasnow and crit for a OHKO. He sends out Palkia and Hitmontop. He Fakes Out Kyogre and Spacial Rends it, leaving 10%. Croak Low Kicks Palkia for a crit and the OHKO. Then, Top KOs Kyogre with Mach Punch/Life Orb. Croak Low Kicks it for a crit KO. HOW BOUT' DEM APPLES?! ^__^

Game 2:

He leads Palkia/Croak against my Togekiss/Palkia. I Follow Me/Trick Room while he Fakes Out and Spacial Rends Togekiss. I Air Slash Toxicroak and bring it to about 20% and Spacial Rend/crit Palkia for a OHKO. Croak flinches. He sends out Kyogre. I Air Slash Kyogre and Earth Power Toxicroak for the KO. Kyogre flinches. He sends out Abomasnow. I Heat Wave and OHKO Abomasnow and do 5% to Ogre. I Spacial Rend 2 straight turns and win the match with ease.


Round 3 vs. froggy25

Game 1:

I don't remember much in this game. Maybe froggy25 can help??? All I remember is that I used Blizzard with Kyogre in the rain and froze his Kyogre. Croak Low Kicked it and KOed it for the game.

Game 2:

He starts with Rain Dance leads and I start with Togekiss/Palkia. I Follow Me and Trick Room while he double Blizzards. Neither of my Pokemon freeze, thankfully. I Air Slash Ludicolo and Spacial Rend Kyogre. Ludicolo flinches and Kyogre KOs Togekiss. I send out Machamp and Rock Slide/Spacial Rend for the KOs. He pulls out Abomasnow and Palkia? After a couple of DynamicPunches and Spacial Rends, I won the game.


Round 4 vs. BadIntent(a good friend of mine)

Game 1:

He leads with T-tar/Yanmega and I lead with Croak/special ScarfOgre. I Water Spout/Fake Out and he Detects/Protects, getting Yanmega's ability Speed Boost. He Bug Buzzes Ogre for 30% and I Water Spout while he switches T-tar into Giratina. Croak's Low Kick does nothing against Giratina. Croak Sucker Punches Yanmega for the KO and Kyogre Water Spouts. Giratina is at 70%. Giratina uses Calm Mind and he sends out T-tar. He Protects with T-tar as Ogre Water Spouts and Croak Low Kicks into a Protect. Giratina Draco Meteors Croak for the KO. I send out Machamp and Water Spout one more time, as well as DynamicPunch T-tar for the OHKO. Giratina is at like 10% left. He ends his turn with another Calm Mind. I attempt to Rock Slide with Machamp to take out his Giratina and final Palkia, but he Draco Meteors Machamp for the KO and Spacial Rends Ogre for the crit KO. I'm left with Giratina. I vanish and he uses... REST/CHESTO ON GIRATINA?! :O NICE MOVE!!! That was a great move, and his Giratina goes back to full health. I Shadow Force and Palkia goes to 30%. Giratina Draco Meteors and Spacial Rends for the KO.

Game 2:

I don't really remember what happened in this match. Maybe BI can help??? It was actually a blowout on his side as I didn't predict that well, running into 2-3 Protects. He played the match perfectly. Well Turn 1, I Trick Roomed and he switched into Brave T-tar, so it hurt me a lot. I should've seen it coming. lol xD


Round 5 vs. Wesley Morioka(US Nationals Champion)

Game 1:

He starts out with his Top 2 National Leads, Rayquaza and Kangaskhan. He double Protects as I Blizzard and Fake Out. He ExtremeSpeeds Ogre to 75% and I use Low Kick on Khan and his Chople Berry brings it to 25%. Kyogre Blizzards and Rayquaza goes to Sash, while Khan is KOed. Croak Low Kicks Rayquaza for the KO. He sends out Hitmontop/Palkia. I Low Kick Palkia and crit it for a KO while he Spacial Rends Croak to 15% and Fakes Out Ogre. I Low Kick Hitmontop for the KO since it's Life Orbed.

Game 2:

He starts Top/Palkia against my Togekiss/Palkia. He Mach Punches Kiss and Spacial Rends it. I setup Trick Room. Next turn, he double Protects. The turn after, I Air Slash Top after it Mach Punches Palkia to 75%. Top goes to 10% after Life Orb. Palkia crits his Palkia with Spacial Rend. I don't think it mattered as his didn't have Haban Berry. He sends in Abomasnow. I Heat Wave and KO both Top and Aboma after he Blizzards. Both Pokemon live and he is left with his own Croak, I believe. I Earth Power it for game. GG


Round 6 vs. Albert

Game 1:

He leads with Giratina/Mewtwo and me with Croak/special ScarfOgre. He Protects with Mewtwo. I read his team and Sucker Punch Giratina for 30%. I Blizzard, which Giratina avoids. He vanishes, I believe. I Sucker Punch Mewtwo and bring it to 30% and Blizzard, which Giratina avoids and Mewtwo gets KOed from, RIGHT AFTER it uses Psychic on my Croak. Kyogre gets hit by Shadow Force. I send out Machamp. So, it's my Ogre/Champ vs. his Giratina/Weavile? It's hailing and the battle goes down to his Giratina vs. my Giratina. I have 8% HP left vs. his 78%. I Protect and hail brings me to 1% and him to 70%. I use Shadow Sneak... IT'S GOING, GOING, GOING, GOING, GOING........ CRITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! KO with a crit Shadow Sneak!!!! :DDDDDDDD

Game 2:

He starts with Weavile/Mewtwo. I start with Kiss/Palkia, set up Trick Room and sweep 3-0. He gets a parahax on Machamp, but it helps me since it slows down Machamp even more. :P


I go to check my standings and I am 14th, since the Japanese Nats Champ went 1-4 and BadIntent lost his last 2, going 3-3. My resistance put me outta Top 8. :( Oh well... I congratulate Deagle, Metabou, Huy, and BlueCookies on making it to Top 8. :D TEAM USAAAAA!!!!! ^___^ I then leave and go to league play area. :P


I just relax and go to League Play all day, sell some stuff, and go to the Luau at night. It was quite SPECTACULAR!!! They made my family a special dish since we were Vegetarians. :D lol

Monday morning:

We wake up at 6:30 AM and head for Ziplining on a 45 minute drive to the Ziplining HQ. We zipline through 8 lines, the last one which was 1000 ft and had a great view of Maui. :D We get back to the Hilton, check out, and leave for home. The cool part about going home was that I had the same plane as Alaka. :D

And this ends my VGC 2010 Season. I've had a lot of fun, but have been haxed out a LOT. lolol xD But that's just the game. It happens and we can't do anything about it. I think my first year of VGC has been pretty successful. 14th has been my BEST finish in Worlds in the 3 years that I have been competitively playing. I think I will keep playing VGC over TCG or maybe do both. The good thing is, I'll still be on Smogon and be representing the US and Smogon at EVERY tournament I go to as I'm now a part of the Smogon family. I'd like to thank everyone of Smogon for inviting me into the VGC World of Pokemon and I'm very thankful for it. :) I'd also like to thank all the Smogonite friends I got to make and thank all of them for making my first VGC year so memorable. :)


-Worlds Staff
-HUMANNNNNNNNN! He RNGed me half of my team and helped me playtest/make strategies/helped with team decisions(THANKS A TON!!!!!)
-Aqueos for helping practice and coining the theory of "hax karma" lol
-Mattj for helping SO much and being a badass player :P
-Riski for RNGing me Pkmn for my team
-7014gree for giving me a copy of a super badass shiny Giratina(YOU WON ME ROUND 6 MATCH 1!!!!!!!
-Alaka for starting my VGC career
-ALL of the Smogonites at Worlds


-5/5 on Sheer Cold Round 1 >_< Efffffffffffff lol
-losing Round 1 game
-Sheer Cold
-Sheer Cold
-Sheer Cold
Great warstory, hard to believe that Sheer Cold hax can be that powerful. I would have thought he would have like been some kind of person who knows how the battle RNG works after I heard he beat you with Sheer Cold only like that. The crits like that were terrible though. Did you record any battles?
Haha yea, Sheer Cold is brutal if it hits. >_< lol

Umm, I don't think so. The Shadow Sneak crit is on livestream and the JPN guy has the first 4/4 Sheer Cold battle recorded. He said he's on PO sometimes, I think. I'll ask him for it.


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Great warstory, hard to believe that Sheer Cold hax can be that powerful. I would have thought he would have like been some kind of person who knows how the battle RNG works after I heard he beat you with Sheer Cold only like that. The crits like that were terrible though. Did you record any battles?
Congrats on going 4-2 and making it to worlds in 2008, 2009, and 2010. I was wondering what the pizza was for lol. Also, being nitpicky, it was 4/4, as one of those sheer colds was on your machamp.
Thanks man! Haha, parents always get me to get food -___-

Haha forgot all about that. Still, 4/4 is pretty bad. D:

And CONGRATZ to you for your outstanding success in showing the world that the Japanese CAN get raped in a children's videogame.
Maybe the movie Suicune has the No Guard ability :P ? Oh, and I assume your Machamp ("also") had No Guard, so Sheer Cold would always hit it.

EDIT: Took too long to respond :P ...
grats on getting to worlds, and lol at the japanese kid who bought ur playmat fro $58(guess he really wanted one). too bad about that crazy hax in r1, but how did he become the japanese nat champ with a team like that
Jmon-haha, yea! That guy was weird buying a playmat for that much. Lol xD And thanks! :D

xerograde-haha, yeah man. Nice talkin' to ya too. :) Im still deciding if I'll do VGC next year, but if I do, then I'll see you next year fo sho!
"and I have a TCG match with BI, Thunder Falling 4 Crobat Gs and an Uxie for a surprise win."


great season milan, and a very good end to the season! congrats :)
Cybertron-haha ERL is a BEAST! I pulled both halves and 2 primes in 8 random packs. xD

Thanks man! Still debating whether it's gonna be VGC or TCG near year for me.
Hax karma helped BC get quite a few crits(: Yeah talk about nothing to something, I still remember when you posted on my trade thread :D Though I loled when I saw you included that. Japanese and haxors go together perfectly, god trying to play PBR is impossible with all of them on. Good job (:


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oh man i played against huy with sheer cold suicune and he did the EXACT SAME THING.
4/4 sheer colds would have gotten every single kill with it if not for sash banette. Something else had to finish that one off. so frustrating!

congratulations on your 14th place win. you really came out of nowhere but it is so great to see new faces becoming a part of the community and doing well. let's see if you can repeat next year!

ps. everyone adored your pokeseals.


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Maybe the movie Suicune has the No Guard ability :P ?
You know... actually... after #3... I'd be raising my hand asking for a hack check. That's insane!

Milan, you did so very well this year. Amazing job. That last battle on the live stream was so good. Hax aside, you played wonderfully. Great job man!
matti-Well, after our match, he did a hack-check on both our games and they were both legal. haha thanks man! :D You saw the livestream video too?! I still need to see it because I kinda looked away once I used Shadow Sneak cuz I believe my mom was calling me. Then, I started screaming with joy once it critted. haha xD
Everyone saw the video. "UN GOLPE CRITICOOOOOOO" was like the catchphrase of the weekend lol.

'Grats on your performance.
2nd best moment of Worlds if you ask me. Only shadowed by BlueCookies winning Worlds (and showing that New Jersey actually produces things! It isn't just known for places like Atlantic City and umm, the Jersey Shore now! In New Jersey there are champions!).
SixFortyFive-haha really?! xD I guess my praying paid off. lol

Human-yeah, Ray winning was SO much better than my crit, though ppl seemed to really like it. :P
EPIC warstory, congratulations on coming 14th :)

And thank you for using my giratina - most of my pokemon see little use and with the next VGC probably having different rules it might not be used again :(