Gen 2 2003? (RMT)


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with all these gay teams that have been showing up recently, I just uploaded my old stall team that's been so far pretty awesome like. I did change one pokemon (and swapped moves on a couple), so it's not EXACTLY the same, but the idea is still there.

I originally made this team to kind of...mock stall teams since I was never really good at making them...the first draft of this team had such facemelters as Toxic Heracross, Omastar, and a Skarmory with the best moveset ever (which I won't disclose). and it actually was damn awesome and won despite its intentionally bizarre setup, but I figured I could refine it into something better, which leads to this team.

what I love about this team is the fact that it's never gotten "old." it's always seemed to work no matter what's "trending" in the metagame, which I guess reinforces my feelings that a really, really good team is timeless.

this may sound dumb, but I think this was the team that established me as one of the "premier" GSC people...for whatever that's worth. which I don't really understand, since I didn't really think this team was much different than other stall teams...

Raikou (Jimera)
@ Leftovers
~Reflect (originally Crunch)
>>>back in those days Roar Raikou was pretty much unheard of and Rest without Heal Bell was tut-tutted. not so much anymore. I liked Crunch back in the day to hit stuff like Rhydon and maybe get a -SpDef on Snorlax/Blissey, but Reflect has been working well so far.

Starmie (Water)
@ Leftovers
~Rapid Spin
~Psychic (originally Reflect)
>>>unless it's Spinning away Spikes it doesn't do much, though I guess the added insurance against something like Charizard is handy. I originally just changed the two moves on Starmie and Raikou before I made the other major change; now that I have more effective Ghost coverage, should I opt for another 4th move? Light Screen, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam all sound very appealing in their own ways.

Tyranitar (originally Rhydon) (T. Rex)
@ Leftovers
~Rock Slide
>>>the Rhydon set was Curse/EQ/RS/Rest, so not too much difference here. I love Rhydon but unfortunately until everyone stops shittin' themselves about Exeggutor this will have to do. gives me awesome Ghost coverage, but I miss that sexy sexy STAB Earthquake from Rhydon. helps against nerdy BD + Curse/Fire Blast Relaxos, Exeggutors, Gengars, what-have-yous...I'd like to put maybe Screech over Rest, but Rest helps it outlast all the things I just mentioned.

Snorlax (Giant)
@ Leftovers
>>>8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

Heracross (Pede)
@ Leftovers
~Sleep Talk
~Seismic Toss
>>>8D 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

Skarmory (Coctrice)
@ Leftovers
~Drill Peck
>>>what's Sand-Attack for again?

so I guess this gives away my cover but, you know, whatever.
Calling bullshit on Heracross set being 2003. For obvious (I hope) reasons.

But yeah, you're not looking for a rate here anyway, but Sand Attack sucks. Raikou works, for now. You'll want a second attack sooner or later. The newer exeggutors all pack Giga Drain.


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"Timeless" is a good word for old-gen teams. The viable pool of pokémon (or moves) isn't large enough for any sweeping changes in the metagame to occur like there are in Advance and DPP, despite some of the odd posts around here lately trying to make it seem otherwise...

lol what a weird Snorlax

The newer exeggutors all pack Giga Drain.
Weren't you the one telling me how terrible Giga Drain Eggy is?
Yo, stop taking cheap shots. I thought you submitted to being a crappy player already, and having no say in a gen you don't understand. But yeah, there are large sweeping changes that have occurred, some are just totally ignorant to it.

But will there be large sweeping changes from here on out? I doubt it, unless the rules start changing. Some stupid shit can still be abused though, that people really haven't caught on yet.

Toxiclax (boblax) was a common addition to teams 2004 and on. And that's not even new shit.

Giga drain egg is for two things: pursuittar and vaporeon. I didn't realize how popular my vaporeon had gotten (pretty sure I acknowledge two things since two years ago: giga drain is viable on egg again, and 3 attack cursechamp is one of the greatest things ever). Weren't you the one telling me how terrible pursuittar/vaporeon were?