2017 musics

Talib Kweli & Styles P. - The Seven
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
Your Old Droog - Packs
P.O.S - Chill, Dummy
Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounce Vol. 1
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana

Haven't listened to a whole lot of new stuff this year yet, but here's what I've liked so far. Still need to check out 4:44 and You Only Live 2wice by Freddie Gibbs
looking forward to hearing the new lil b record. i've only heard the track with makonnen but that shit is crazy.

fave album of the year is probably 4:44
the 2chainz album that came out earlier this year is hella flames throughout.
didnt fuck w/ the new lil b unfortunately, although Global goes crazy hard


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stuff i've liked from this year:
  • melodrama by lorde
  • big fish theory by vince staples
  • black origami by jlin
  • arca by arca
  • thot breaker by chief keef
  • everybody works by jay som
  • out in the storm by waxahatchee
  • dirty projectors by dirty projectors
  • kelly lee owens by kelly lee owens
  • process by sampha
  • black ken by lil b
  • playboi carti by playboi carti
  • i see you by the xx
stuff i'm excited for:
  • new st. vincent (new york was quality and i trust her completely)
  • new zola jesus (never listened to her before but the singles have been excellent)
  • new yaeji (fingers crossed, she's dropped some good stuff lately)
  • new liz phair (praying for a top tier comeback)
  • new kanye (heard he was out in wyoming working so maybe we'll be blessed this year but prob not)
  • new vampire weekend (?)
  • new sky ferreira (for the love of god)
still gotta hear the new ema record and haim and some other stuff though but this is where i'm at

edit: also new bjork in november :O
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Top 10 of the year so far:
1. Richard Dawson - Peasant
2. Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing - Songs of Sodomy and the Compost of Aethyr
3. Kubikmaggi - Things
4. Lingua Ignota - Let The Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him
5. Alameda Duo - The Luminous Guitar Craft of Alameda Duo
6. Flotation Toy Warning - The Machine That Made Us
7. Jun Konagaya - Memento Mori
8. Joshua Abrams - Simultonality
9. Pere Ubu- 20 Years in a Montana Missile Solo
10. Johan Berthling / Martin Küchen / Steve Noble - Threnody, at the Gates

Heard some hip hop from this year but nothing stood out. Overall a pretty mediocre year but some great experimental folk and modern classical albums really bump up the quality. I doubt a lot of this top 10 will change in the next 3 months

Edit: I guess I was wrong about the last sentence. A lot changed because of great reccs:

1. Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra - Vula
2. Richard Dawson - Peasant
3. Tim Buckley - Venice Mating Call
4. Lingua Ignota - All Bitches Die
5. Circuit des Yeux - Reaching for Indigo
6. Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing - Songs of Sodomy and the Compost of Aethyr
7. Kubikmaggi - Things
8. Lingua Ignota - Let the Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him
9. Alameda Duo - The Luminous Guitar Craft of Alameda Duo
10. Vein - Vein Plays Ravel
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i haven't listened to much releases from this year but my AOTYSF is the new flotation toy warning album. i highly recommend you give it a listen to it if you haven't already. i also enjoyed iii by foxtails, 3 by tricot and flower boy by tyler the creator.

im also looking forward to the new bjork record which should be coming out in november.


Don't let your memes be dreams
Bradley Hathaway - Flesh Eater : folk / spoken word record. It's about a Christian man and his struggle with lust. I'm not religious myself and found things to enjoy: the honesty (it's like an album of confessions), and the intensity with which the lyrics match up with the music.
Holy shit this album is insane. Thanks a lot for this recc
i'm going to challenge myself to listen to 5 new albums a week in 2018. i want to learn more about music other than hip-hop

also i am going to write a review or at least a small blurb for em all
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