32nd...and he's safe! A pictureless VGC warstory. Super late.

Hello guys! This is my warstory, finally after a week after nats! Props to kamz for the title.

Let me introduce myself, and let me recap to my past years.

Hello there! I'm LPFan, and my real name is Aaron. Many of you probably don't know me because I used to never lurk around these forums, I lurked around skarmbliss forums until it died. I've had some experience with the VGCs, this year being my 4th year. However, I'm still young and still learning the game from Bulbasaur to Genesect. In my first year, I got disqualified at Dallas regionals but I knew I would not fare well in the top 16 since I was pretty much still getting into the game, even as a junior. Giving another shot at it in 2010, I did fare well as I grinded through regionals at 3rd place, nationals at 4th place, and worlds at 7th place! Although it was juniors, I felt I had some real competition on my hands at worlds when tough Japanese players such as Shota Yamamoto and Santo Ito were in my division at that time. In 2011, I didn't feel too confident about that year, I felt muc more less prepared than I was this year and I only got as far as 2nd round loss at regionals to one of my toughests rivals, Lucien Lachance. He beat me by 6 hit points, one of the closest and humiliating losses of my VGC career. Seeking revenge, I felt that I could restore that humiliation...and so I did. I attended the LCQ. However, that did not matter, I ended up losing in the 3rd round against a skarmblisser of that time... After nationals that year, I took at long hiatus from the game and didn't even bother to do summer preparation for VGC '12...

This year, from good preparation and the power to send pokemon to your cart through pokegts.us from pokecheck, I had a good feeling about this year...

...and it happened at first, winning Houston regionals with my easily hand crafted standard team.

The team, it's an unoriginal swagger team.

NN "Sgt.Pepper"
EVs: 252 HP / 180 SpD / 76 Spe
Hydro Pump / Thunderbolt / Will-O-Wisp / Protect

NN "Estropecks"
Persim Berry
EVs: 116 HP / 120 Atk / 56 Def / 216 SpD
Drain Punch / Mach Punch / Rock Slide / Protect

Dragon Gem
EVs: 10 HP / 248 SpA / 252 Speed
Draco Meteor / Fire Blast / Hidden Power Flying / Protect

NN "Chikane"
Sitrus Berry
EVs: 92 HP / 116 Def / 140 SpA / 4 SpD / 158 Speed
Safeguard / Swagger / Thunder Wave / Icy Wind

NN "MarioWL"
Clear Body
Lum Berry
EVs: 228 HP / 92 SpD / 190 Speed
Meteor Mash / Zen Headbutt / Earthquake / Protect

NN "Spikette"
Sand Stream
Dark Gem
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 6 SpD
Crunch / Rock Slide / Low Kick / Protect
Day 1: Friday

On Friday morning we arrived at the Crowne plaza. There was some inconvenience when we were checking in, but it all was fixed. We all
Round 1: Bye


Round 2: Bye


Round 3: LPFan vs JRank

I was already happy to play someone challenging, making nationals fun. First turn he taunts my metagross ruining my chance to swagger as my metagross zen headbutts his crobat for the OHKO. I was glad he did not tailwind otherwise I would have been screwed. He then Icy Winds with his Metagross, leaving my Metagross and Cress speed weak. He then replaces his Crobat with Chandelure. Fearing a fire move, I switch out my Metagross into Rotom-W...turns out my prediction was bad. He subs with his Chandelure...
On that same turn, my Cresselia gets hit and my Cress fires off an Icy wind. Next turn he shadow balls my Rotom-W, leaving it in the yellow. My Rotom-W moves first getting off a burn with my Will-o-wisp. He Zen Headbutts, doing nothing to my Rotom, leaving it in the red. On the next turn I Thunderbolt his Chandelure, breaking his sub. Then, he Iron Heads my Rotom as it does nothing, and my Cress dies to a Shadow ball. Why did he leave my Rotom-W alive? I thought. I replace my fainted Cress with my Metagross. He switches his Chandelure into Swampert, my Rotom-W Hydro Pumps Swampert, my Metagross EQs revealing the opposing Metagross's Shuca Berry and opposing Swamperts Sitrus Berry. He finally takes out my Rotom-W. Despite being down 3-2, I felt that I had some advantage. My Tyranitar and Metagross just clean up the rest of his team as they tank the hits and I end up winning 1-0. GG JRank, it was an honor to play you.


Round 4 vs ??? (I forgot his name)

This was one of the rounds where the hax gods just hate and hate. He leads off with Tyranitar/Garchomp lead. He avoids everything I throw at him, and I lose 3-0.


Round 5 vs Ben Hickey

I looked around for PM649 and he tells me that he's 4-0. I said good job, went to my table, and it turns out I ended up playing against a familiar face who attend worlds in 2010 from his 2010 worlds shirt. From the team preview he had things that really scared me such as Infernape and Latios as they were great counters to my team. I felt that luck and prediction really helped me 4-0 him, but overall it was a great game.


Round 6 vs David Arnold
Metagross/Cresselia/Salamence/Conkeldurr vs Cresselia/Ferrothorn/Garchomp/???

I had a shock of panic when I looked at the pairings, but I knew I was ready for this. The majority of the game was all about prediction and switching. Hax I felt kind of was a bad timing of the game because my Metagross had a MM miss 2 times in a row! After 15 minutes of prediction, I ended up losing by timeout 4-4, him having the greater percentage of HP.


Round 7 vs Trick Room kid

I end up losing due to misleading with mons and 2 crits on the same turn.


Round 8 vs Noob/kid still getting into the game

I ask PM67 how he was doing and he ended up going 5-2 so far! I really was rooting for him. Although I was 4-3, I felt like I still had a shot for top cut. After all I had byes and played others with byes. I was hoping to get paired up against someone that would have a decent resistance, but that would be a no. When we both sat at our table, the kid started asking me a lot of questions about his chances of making top cut. I asked him a few questions about his past wins, etc. and I said "sorry, very likely no". When the round started, I end up winning the game 3-0 easy. His Porygon-Z gave me some problems, but in the end it all worked out.


After pictures and whatnot, my family and I headed out to town to get late dinner and went to bed, resting for top cut tomorrow.

Top Cut

LPFan vs. lolfailsnail

I led off with my Cress/Meta lead, whilst he leads with Rotom-W/Garchomp lead. After prediction and whatnot, I ended up losing 2-2 to timeout. The next game I haxed out...

Well, that was my nats warstory!
Lol i just decided to look at this but overall good warstory and the team was very interesting especially bold rotom-W!,also sorry that you got hax'd out :( goodluck next year!
I went to the worlds ,with maybe the most weird team in history,
stealth rock
just used exp. my salamence with focous sash with two dds setup sweeps with one hp :P
I kept using that style,also had a skarmoy with spikes,and a dragonite(rain specAIL)

END UP DOING GREAT,beating ray rizzo in a fun practice battle even though hes a master and im not :P