3D Pokemon Art - Taking Requests.

Hello all, first time on the forum. I'm trying to take a break from my usual work so in pokemon online I started taking requests for 3d speed modeling. I'll be doing it at least through the week, depends on requests how long I'll go. This is only for fun, thought it'd be nice to share on the smogon community as well.

Let me explain!

Post a pokemon you'd like to see in 3d, and you can suggest a style as well (I use multiple references but I often will look at great fan art, battleroyale, and original art of the pokemon. If you have a particular style in mind, please post a reference!)

For example first request I got was for Koffing. I made kind of my own version, again pulled from a bunch of resources.

The one thing I need to clarify is while I am doing this for fun and to take a break from serious projects, I'm only doing speed modeling. For those unfamiliar, I'm not doing a full, ready to go in game model, it's just a quick model i build and sculpt. I can just have fun this way, I don't have to worry about anything being all proper. So that koffing is a good example, sculpting in Zbrush, did a quick polypaint, not a full texturing, and was on to the next pokemon.

Times vary, but for now I'll only be doing one pokemon a day.

I accept requests based on popularity of the idea, and my personal interest. Some pokemon require alpha maps, or fur modifiers to make it look great, and again, I'm not doing that, I'm only doing the a sculpting pass. So try to keep that in mind when you request!

I'll be posting some updates as I go, I just finished up the second request, Froslass a couple hours ago.

A bit more shiney version:

Basic material only:

And just the flat colours.

Note: I'll come back and edit this post later to turn them into links instead of image displays to clean up the thread. I just didn't know which one i felt like posting, so put them all up for now.

I think that covers it, first post so hopefully I got the right place to post this.

Oh and one last disclaimer. These are for entertainment purposes only, this is not a service or advertisement, just a fun forum community event.

Sorry for the lengthy read!
Hope you enjoy this project
Could you please do an Absol. Could you make it Proud, like a lion? Or if not. Then really gruesome and intimidating :) Thanks. Love that Koffing btw. It's boss


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Wow! A 3-D art thread isn't something you see every day! Major props! Care to try your hand at Spiritomb? That should be interesting.
Cool! Good to see that this forum is fairly active :) Good to see interest, appreciate it!

Update time! Request: Cyndaquil

I actually got the base mesh done in 20 minutes, was going to post but....even though I wasn't going to use particles or do any unwrapping...I did exactly that :P

He was basic enough that I wanted to atleast test it out, if I could make decent fire work with it in a short amount of time I could justify doing pokemon like Moltres, or any other pokemon that would require particle emitters.

**Note: I'm still unsure what I want to do for his texture. I already unwrapped him so I might as well texture him, and it'd look way better to get at texture to go with that kind of style of flame.
I'll update when I figure out exactly where I want to go with it.

So setting up this type of scene is a bit different.

I definetly won't be doing this for every pokemon @_@ I was just curious, and since I finished cyndaquil so fast I felt I had time to mess around.

Here's fire free cyndaquil, just chilling in zbrush, basic shader then just flat colours.

Alright, first three requests we're from Pokemon online serve so let's do one from Smogon.

@Rodan: Cobalian could be fun...he's always looked a little weird to me though, I think its just the way they do his front legs. I'd be more likely to do Hariyama, he'd be pretty fun to model.

@King Serperior: I agree! He was one of my designs in B&W, And he wouldn't take long at all. Highly likely I'll be doing him soon.

@Naix: I'm not really interested in Slowbro, he's always been a bit too doofy for me.
But I do love Absol. He'd be a bit more work with all that fur...but I'm actually still really interested in him, kinda curious how he'd turn out.

@GlassAbsol: First pokemon with two requests, I probably should do Absol next :) He's definitly on my list now though.

@Focus: Thank you kindly :) Spirit tomb...as cool as he is, I don't think I'll be doing him. Honestly he's better off 2d, while I could do fan art of em, a 3d model would require all particle emitters and alpha maps, stuff that is basically a lot of 2d work, which I don't want to get into heavily as this event of mine is a way for me just to practice my speed modeling. Sorry, but thanks for the suggestion :)


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What about Porygon?

Come on, I know you want. It doesn't need a fancy model or flashy textures. If it looks extremely blocky and computer-generated, you've done it just right.
@Lordkira - Garchomp, I looked at some reference to get some ideas for deviation of the art style, Garchomp would be awesome to do. He's definitely on the list, but I model in a random order, basically whatever I feel like at the time, but eventually I'll do Garchomp.

@Thelaytonmobile - Absol will be next. Espeon would be easy enough so it's likely I'll do one at some point.

@RitterCat - Thank you sir! This is just for fun, I'd love to show you guys my other work at some point to see the high quality stuff :)

@Cobraroll - You have any choice of a pokemon, any of em, and you want porygon? It made me laugh, and as a reward, here.

@Doran Dragon - Whimsur would be easy, I'll definitely get to it, right now Absol is the next in line but I'll get to it soon.

I be posting another update here shortly, I found a style i like for cyndaquil so i'll be finishing his look here shortly.

Thanks for the interest and compliments everyone :)

Edit: Cyndaquil, no fire (will add later!), with my own take on it. Gave him short fur for the blue sections, and gave him a really dry skin for the rest. I figure the guys putting out so much heat, no way his skin isnt dry to the bone ;-)

Let me know what you think!

i would also like to see something complex - perhaps a tyranitar stomping on a volcarona? if this is possible i would love you very much.
Oh Volcarona...would be interesting. I've also had a request for Rayquaza, i'll pick one of em to do.

But first up is Absol, I just woke up so time to get to work @_@


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This is by far the coolest thread on Smogon atm. Please keep it up Frostic, can't wait to see what you bring for us in the future!
Thanks so much guys!
I actually didn't sleep well so it took me awhile to get to work on Absol, but it is started! I'll be posting later progress, I hope to get the first pass done tonight, and any additional texturing done tomorrow. Doing a pokemon a day is a crazy pace but I'll try to keep it up anyway @_@