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4 gen. Shedinja team

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by cakeman, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. cakeman


    Jun 27, 2012

    This is a team i'd worked on recently. I think it's good, but maybe it can become even better. This team focus on shedinja:

    Mewtwo@choice scarf
    ~grass knot
    ~ice beam
    ~taunt/trick (need some help to choose)

    I found out that an anti-lead could be perfect for this team, because it can stop oppenents entry hazzard leads from setting entry hazzards, which kills shedinja upon entry. The ev's lets it outspeed almost everything - even some scarfed ones!
    I dont like the coverage this moveset gives me. A little help here please?

    Shedinja@focus sash
    Wonder guard
    252spe/252atk/4(random stat)
    ~swords dance
    ~shadow sneak

    Shedinja is the focus of this team. When all its counters are elliminated, it's an untouchable Combination of a wall and a sweeper. The ev's are just max in the only stats which matters. Because the hp ev's doesn't change anything, the defensive ev's are meaningless, and it doesn't use special attacks.

    ~rapid spin
    ~stealth rock
    ~toxic spikes

    Forretress is probably the most important pokemon on the team because entry hazzards, like mentioned before, kill shedinja upon entry. It can even set hazzards up itself. The ev's let it take more of the common special attacks in the uber tier which make it easier for it to spin.*

    Kyogre@choice scarf
    ~water spout
    ~ice beam

    Kyogre is there for many reasons: it eliminates hail and sandstorm, which would otherwise kill shedinja, it sets up rain which helps *my other pokemon to take fire type moves more easily and it also functions as a revenge killer.

    ~stone edge
    ~sleep talk

    While it may look wierd to have both groudon and kyogre on the same team, groudon actually helps a lot. Stopping rain teams (it's always stupid to help an opponent) and hail/sandstorm teams and he is also my status absorber which is super-helpful.

    Ho-oh@life orb
    ~sacred fire
    ~brave bird

    When looking after a sixt member on the team i noticed that i needed some fire type moves to stop scissor and forretress. Ho-oh was the choice i liked best. It also benefit from groudons sun. Nothing else to say about it.

    Closing words:

    Well this was my team. I hope you enjoyed it. Please rate. Oh and if you have any questions, then just ask and i'll try to answer it.

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