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4th gen Rhyperior based sandstorm team

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by mastascizor, May 30, 2012.

  1. mastascizor


    May 23, 2012

    DPP's almost dead :'( sad times Sooo i decided to make one more team in memory of the forgotten Metagame. Okay I wanted to make a team based around one of my favorite fourth gen pokemon rhyperior. his brutal attacking power can actually KO the majority of the popular pokemon in the OU metagame if given the proper support and thats what i aim to do with this team. It also has a bit of a sandstorm team but i prefer to call it a rhyperior team becuz thats how much i love this guy I'll be willing to change anyone on this team except obviously rhyperior. lol I apologize for my terrible RMT making skills im still somewhat new to this whole thing but hopefully you guys get my point here


    trait: levitate
    EV's 4Hp/252SPA/252SPE
    Timid Nature
    -stealth rocks​

    I chose Azelf as my lead mainly because hes the lead that I've found most effective he can outspeed most leads bar aerodactyl and taunt them hopefully keeping them from setting their rocks up because they will turn out to be a big problem to ninjask and he can also set up his own rocks and when hes done his job either explode or psychic to deal some damage


    Tentacruel @leftovers
    Trait:liquid ooze
    EV's 252HP/120Def/136Spd
    Calm Nature
    -Rapid Spin
    -sludge bomb
    -toxic spikes​

    Tentacruel is an excellent special wall and can sponge special moves like a boss he also serves as my rapid spinner to clear off stealth rocks if the opponent happens to get them out because i dont want them sticking around i also put toxic spikes on him i know they arent the best with all the scizor metagross gengar and various flyers and levitators running around in fourth gen but i thought they might be useful if in certain situations and they have been and the defense cut is always something that a team as physically based as this one could use. surf and sludge bomb give tentacruel a way to do SOME damage a STAB surf or sludge bomb will put a dent in more than u would expect coming out of this guy. he also makes a decent counter to other bulky water types who otherwise rip this team to shreds

    HOW HE HELPS RHYPERIOR he gets rid of stealth rocks which ninjask dislikes alot so he can pass some speed onto the rest of the team he also fits in nicely with the rest of the team seeing how he can set up toxic spikes which cuts their defence and counter Infernape nicely which the rest of the team fears majorly


    Ninjask @leftovers
    trait:speed boost
    EV's 248 HP/ 220 Def/ 36 SPE
    Jolly Nature
    -swords Dance
    -baton pass​

    now i must admit I had my doubts on using this guys at first but once i actually put him to the test he baton passed my doubts right out the window protect insures him to get at least one speed boost making him faster than even swift swim max speed Kingdra substitutes their to make him live a litle bit longer and if i get the oppurtunity swords dance to boost the attack and anybody on my team would appreciate the speed and attack boost ALOT maybe even occasionally get a substitute passed with his EV spread he is able to switch in twice on stealth rocks just in case i dont get them spun away with tentacruel the only thing that hurts this guy besides stealth rocks is Phazers and priority moves since he cant take a hit at all which admittedly both are very common in fourth gen its not as big of a problem as you might think

    HOW HE HELPS RHYPERIORHe can pass speed boosts and attack power and if i dont feel comfortable at the time sweeping with rhyperior scizor and tyranitar will both gladly take the speed boosts as neither one of the two are naturally speed demons this guy just is amazing support all around


    Ev's 4Hp/252ATK/152Def/100Spe
    Adamant Nature
    -Swords dance
    -Bullet Punch
    -brick break
    ya im using a scizor make fun all you want but this thing is just a straight up beast and actually an excellent partner with tyranitar after a swords dance or two this thing can KO pretty much anything that doesnt resist his moves and even a few things that do he makes a great revenge killer and fighting counter which tyranitar needs desparately and tons of resistances this thing is rly the glue that holds this team together he counters alot of things that the rest of the team would fall to otherwise his only weakness being fire which tentacruel rhyperior handle the majority of fire types masterfully. I know alot of people stray away from using scizor in fourth gen just because of how much he is used but i think he fits perfectly into this team

    HOW HE HELPS RHYPERIORhe can weaken the opponents walls with his priority move makes an excellent revenge killer and can kill alot of things this team normally couldnt i.e. starmie


    EV's 4HP/ 252ATK/ 252SPE
    Jolly Nature
    -Dragon Dance

    Tyranitar is just really good on pretty much any team but he fits like a glove into this one him and scizor make an excellent team he will appreciate the speed and attack boosts from ninjask and can set up sandstorm which turns rhyperiors putrid special defences into actually workable combined with his solid rock ability im running avalanche over pursuit for one reason celebi this will actually give me some hope against the little green monster especially if im able to get some attack boosts in either passed from ninjask or through dragon dance crunch also deals a boatload to celebi and other psychic types

    HOW HE HELPS RHYPERIOR he sets up sandstorm which gives him a special defence boost and occasionally gets rid of celebi which normally would be a HUGE pain to rhyperior


    Rhyperior@life orb
    Trait:Solid rock
    EV's 4Hp/ 252Atk/ 252 SPe
    Adamant Nature
    -Stone Edge

    Rhyperior the main focus of this team if everything works out perfectly this thing is unstoppable. with a single swords dance pass it can 2HKO anything in the metagame in the sandstorm its normally terrible Spd is actually not that bad combined with Solid Rock if Ninjask gets some speed passed to this thing its very difficult to counter outspeeding and KO'ing tons of stuff with 3 speed boosts from ninjask passed to him he can outspeed pretty much anything without a scarf i do have a problem with scarfed starmie and gengar seeing as how their special attackers especially starmie as she can be 4x effective on it but scizor can kill starmie most of the time and even though hes not a total counter no pokemon is perfect after all and this team is just based around one of my favorites <3
  2. cowfish


    Aug 18, 2011
    I miss 4th gen too dude it was a lot of fun :) Anyway though, it might be good to try a Life Orb Starmie with Rapid Spin over Tentacruel, as it would fit better with the offensive theme you have going here. Starmie can also do a ton of damage to bulky waters with Thunderbolt, and it can almost always get a spin off since it is very fast. It doesn't seem like Toxic Spikes really do a lot for this team since it appears very fast paced... Stealth Rock is probably enough.

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