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(5th Gen OU) Bilzy's Sandstorm and Swords Dance

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Gebloth, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Gebloth


    Aug 17, 2010
    Bilzy's Sandstorm and Swords Dance

    At a glance


    I. Introduction

    This team was built as soon 5th gen was released, and as soon as I saw Doryuzu's ability I knew sandstorm was a priority, I experimented with many different sandstorm viable pokemon before I came to this team (such as Heatran, Terakion, Goruugu, Tyranitar and a couple others). The main aim of this team is constantly put pressure on the opponent, and even though three pokemon on my team have swords dance, they don't need it to put massive dents in the opponents team. Another big focus of the team is to try and avoid having to many common weaknesses commonly associated with sandstorm, that's why Empoleon and Latios are in the team, It has peaked at #1 at the PO server

    Changes in Bold

    II. Closer look

    Hippowdon @ Leftovers
    Sand stream
    EVs:252 hp/ 152 Def/ 104 Sp.Def
    Nature: Impish
    - Yawn
    - Stealth Rock
    - Ice Fang

    I tried having both tyranitar and Hippowdon in my team at first, however not only was two sandstorm inducers not necessary, but i found Hippowdon much more suited to my team, the thing that stands out on my hippowdon is it's moveset, at first I had Slack Off in place of Yawn, as most sets do, however yawn is what truly makes him so useful, most people underestimate Yawn, it forces leads out that would typically get many layers of spikes in, and quite often, after setting Stealth Rocks up can spam Yawn forcing the opponent to constantly switch or give up a pokemon to sleep (I have only ever seen one person switch till there was no PP left, not only this but many opponents switch a couple of times before giving up a pokemon to sleep, while this happens they take sandstorm and stealth rock damage, and because of the new sleep mechanic Hippowdon can just Roar the sleeping pokemon out to reset its sleep counter), my Hippowdon has favorable match ups against most of the leads i have seen, the only pokemon that give it trouble are: Erufuun (which I havn't seen in a lead spot for months), Sazandora due to the fact it can OHKO with Draco meteor, so i switch to Empoleon (same goes for Latios), and finally Borutorosu, which I also switch to Empoleon, because it cant be KO'd by max sp. atk thunderbolt, and does alot of damage with ice beam, and takes little damage form the incomming grass knot or HP-ice. Also note that against polytoad lead make sure I switch out to Latios and make sure Hippodown lives longer than it, and against the rare Ninetails, earthquake off the bat.
    Added ice fang in the place of Roar for now, Glisgor leads completly shut it down, and it would be nice to have a solution to glisgor even if it isnt at the lead position, also the ability to break balloons is needed

    Garchomp @ Life Orb
    Sand Veil
    EV's:4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spd
    Nature: jolly
    - Outrage
    - Earthquake
    - Fire Fang
    - Swords Dance

    I can see how this got moved to Ubers in Gen 4, it hits like a tank, even without the swords dance, has a reasonable amount of bulk, quite fast and has fantastic coverage. The reason for jolly is because his speed is fantastic and there are many other pokemon around his speed, and I also want to at least tie with other Garchomp. Originally I had Stone Edge instead of Fire Fang, and was sceptical about the change, however I'm glad i made the change, my team needed a fire move, and hitting some of my biggest threats super effectively was needed (such as scarmory, Scisor, and mainly Nattori). This is probably the pokemon I'm most willing to replace, because the majority of it's roles are filled by other pokemon. Another thing to note is its ability, it is so game changing, I almost feel bad for using something so luck based (but not really).

    Empoleon @ Leftovers
    EV's: 252 HP/ 160 Def/ 92 Sp.Def/ 4 Spd
    Nature: Calm
    - Yawn
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Grass Knot

    Empoleon is my most individual set, so many people underestimate its bulk, and as I previously stated so many people underestimate Yawn, the reason I initially picked Empoleon was his low usage and fantastic typing, it can take so many hits aimed at the rest of my pokemon can't (ice, water ect.) and is really the glue that holds my team together. I have debated replacing one of the moves to put in toxic, but decided against it, surf is a great STAB, ice beam is great for dealing with Dragons locked into Outrage, and grass knot for the many swampert that think they can KO with earthquake. The EV's were taken from a deffensive smogon set, and they are still fantastic this gen, the most important thing is being able to take a thunderbolt from Borutorosu, and hit back with an ice beam.

    Randorosu @ Leftovers
    Sand Power
    EV's: 8 HP/ 252 Atk/ 248 Spd
    Nature: Jolly
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Substitute
    - Swords Dance

    When i was originally testing this team, i went through many pokemon that seemed to be useful in a sandstorm, most of them were horrible, however this very much under used pokemon is so underrated. He is often my MVP, especially against inexperienced players, this was the first set I tested (have only seen one other player with a sword dance set, none with substitute) and I havn't looked back, he makes a solid counter to Roobushin, and a good check to Breloom (because of substitute). I often bring him in on Chansey/ Blissy or anything else that will be tempted to lay status on him (also Nattori) then substitute and sword dance. Or if i bring him out after someone has been KO'd substitute and then deal with the pokemon that comes in, which works on many pokemon that expect an earthquake and are faster than Randorusu (Lati@s, Borutorosu), the only situation where i would sword dance before the sub, is if i expect a phaser, which 99 times out of 100 is scarmory and hit them back before they roar me out. The EV's are to outspeed positive nature and EV's base 100's.

    Latios @ Choice Specs
    EV's: 4 HP/ 252 Sp.Atk/ 252 Spd
    Nature: Timid
    - Surf
    - Trick
    - Draco Meteor
    - Thunderbolt

    My most recent addition to the team, added because it can do heavy damage to anything not Blissy or Steel. Most people run Trick instead of the two Dragon moves, however I have never had a situation where that would be useful. Anther thing Latios has going for it is it's natural bulk and fantastic typing, Surf is generally for other sandstorm teams, Dragon Pulse is a late game move, when steel types have been removes or weakened enough to KO, Draco Meteor is for early game mayhem especially when trying to remove that daym Polytoad, and thunderbolt is almost entirely for Scarmory, which was previously one of the biggest problems for my team.
    Added Trick because having two dragon moves is not productive, decided to keep draco meteor as it helps the hit and run strategy of choice items, and helps with the elimination of polytoad

    Doryuuzu @ Balloon
    Sand Throw
    EV's: 4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spd
    Nature: Jolly
    - Swords Dance
    - X-Scissor
    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide

    Easily the best Doryuuzu set (although putting Rapid Spin is also accceptable), theres a reason this thing is so popular, and even though people now pack so many counters to it, it still remains a fantastic sweeper, and a perfect revenge killer. Some people use return or Brick Break, I prefer pefect neutral coverage! I could go into more deatail about this thing, but I'm sure it has been done by many different people in many different ways (anyone who says this is overated is wrong).

    III. Conclusion

    I would like some feedback on this team, however mainly I would just like to share this creation with everyone, and contribute to the many examples of succesful sandstorm team. Even with the many threats being released in the wifi tier, this team still holds up.

    Update 20/12/10-Threat List

    [​IMG]-Natorri#1-Low threat, normally switch to Randorosu while it sets up a layer of spikes, substitute while it tries to leech seed, then sword dance and earthquake, verry few survive this, if Randorosu is out, go to Garchomp, and depending on the hp left either swords dance and then fire fang, or just firefang
    [​IMG]-Tyranitar#2-Low threat to anything but Latios, generally they sponge an incoming dragon pulse and then pursuit, so I generally just dragon pulse again, sacrafising my Latios to deal 60-80 percent of it's health
    [​IMG]-Scisor#3- Low threat unless it gets a swords dance up, the band varient cant do anything to empoleon unless they carry superpower, so if they are either locked on to super power, or about to use it on Empoleon I switch to Randorosu and set up a sub, stopping a Scisor with swords dance is harder and generally requires a sacrafice of heavy damage, Dorys Baloon, or maybe more if I switched out instead of dealing damage while it used swords dance
    [​IMG]-Doryuuzu#4- Medium threat, even with 3-4 of my pokemon that make good Doryuuzu checks this thing still causes me troubles, the amount of games that have been reliant on a speed tie are ridiculous, and the amount of rage at a Rock slide finch is hilarious, it does the most damage when saved till lategame, also if it has swords dance up and i send in my Doryuuzu to break the balloon/KO it only to find out it has brick break
    [​IMG]-Gengar#5- Low threat, I'm surprised to see this at number 4 empoleon can switch in on shadowball and can take a thunderbolt, or (if it hits) Focus blast and do alot of damage back with surf, and if it has taken a bit of damage, Doryuuzus rock slide can take it out
    [​IMG]-Garchomp#6- Medium threat, only because of that daym sand veil, the choice versions are easy to deal with, either switch to Empoleon or Randorusu/Doruuzu, depending on wether you expect an earthquake or outrage, if it is the swords dance variety, lure it into using outrage, and let Empoleon ice beam it, also I have seen a set abusing sand veil, the substitute set, that thing is a beast, also note that any solution I have to this can be redundant due to sand veil
    [​IMG]-Roobushin#7- Low threat, fails to ever do anything to my team, always a perfect opportunity for Randorosu to set up, often it comes in on Empleon and Doryuuzu, sometimes if I notice that they have no answer to my Randorosu after it has a sub, I sacrifice Empoleon and yawn,then bring out Randorosu
    [​IMG]-Heatran#8- Low threat, I tried Heatran in my team, however the restriction and predictability of the scarf is too much, but without it it is simply way too slow, the balloon variant is underwhelming, many try to come in on Randorusu, however this dosnt work as it only takes two hits to kill and even if it does manage the KO, stone edge with sand power does alot of damage
    [​IMG]-Berungeru#9- Low threat, a good pokemon I admitt, solid typing, good ability, good defensive stats and most importantly recover, normally i send in Empoleon to sponge the boiling water or ice beam, and then yawn to make it switch out, however getting burnt is a problem, alot of players overestimate it's bulk and asume it can take Randorusu with a sub, and this is normally there downfall
    [​IMG]-Starmie#10-Medium threat, as many of you have said this poses a threat to my team, however yet again Empoleon saves the day, when it has not taken damage beforehand Empoleon can take 1-2 thunderbolts and grass knott does about 70 percent to starmie, the rest is handled by sandstorm and the life orb damage, Doyuuzu also makes it switch out or x-scissor it.
    [​IMG]-Polytoad#11- Medium threat, only because it signals a rain team, the statergy for polytoad is to lure it into taking hits, and to make sure it gets KO'd before Hippowdon, normally I send Latios out and draco meteor, which does alot even to the most defensive of Polytoad.
    [​IMG]-Gliscor#12- High threat, it completly shuts down Hippowdon due to taunt (although the recent addation of ice fang on hippowdon will help), Randorosu with a swords dance up and full Hp can normally take it down, although ice fang does most of Randorosu's Hp, also Outrage does a resonable amount.
    [​IMG]-Kingdra#13- Low threat, luckily I have one of the three only pokemon that completly resists it's two STAB moves, and Empoleon can deal damage with Grass knot, even if it does have a couple of Dragon dances up
    [​IMG]-Blaziken#14-Low threat, Randorosu can take it down if it hasnt yet swords danced, and most importantly Hippowdon can Yawn/Earthquake it even when it has Swords danced. If I need Garchomp can also take a hit
    [​IMG]-Hippowdon#15- Low threat, Normally in the lead position, Yawn to force it out, sometimes they think it can take a swords danced Randorosu, but few actually can take the hit, fails to threaten anything on my team, except for Doryuuzu without a swords dance.
    [​IMG]-Gyarados#16-Low threat, almost all of these try to come in and force Randorosu out, however even factoring in intimidate stine edge with sand power is still an OHKO, taunt dragon dance varients can be a bit of a hastle for empoleon and Hippowdon, but other than that Gyarados is not a threat
    [​IMG]-Dragonite#17-Low threat, surprised to see this here and not Salamance, Dragonite is just not verry good, to slow, Randorosu, Garchomp, Empoleon, and Hippowdon and Latios haddle Dragonite with ease, so the only thing it poses any threat to is Doryuuzu
    [​IMG]-Sazandora#18- Low threat, The most common sets are scarf, and Empoleon resists any attack that this can throw at it except for Earthquake/Earth power, and that just lets Randorosu set up a sub, and if it isnt a scarf set, both Garchomp and Latios haddle it with ease. Many scarf sets will try to switch in on a Randorosu earthquake and surf, however with good prediction you can set up a sub on the switch, and then stone edge for the KO
    [​IMG]-Swampert#19- Low threat, normally I will send out Empoleon, and grass knot, this will normally do about 70 percent, Empoleon is always faster and Swampert always stays in because it expects a switch out or a STAB earthquake (which normally dosnt KO)
    [​IMG]-Skarmory#20- High threat, Easily the most painful pokemon to deal with, and the reason thunderbolt is on Latios, if I see that Skarmory is on the team I swords dance with Randorosu before the sub, stone edge then does about 75 percent, and hope fully either it gets a crit, or the Roar sends out either Latios or Garchomp, (or Empoleon, and Empoleon is faster), Skarmory unfortunately does not want to stay in on Latios.


    [​IMG]-Breloom#29- High threat, only because of spore, with a bit of prediction you can tell that often it will try to come in after you have Yawned a pokemon, so after the first yawn switch to Randorosu, set up a sub while they spore, swords dance then earthquake (which does more than youd think)
    [​IMG]-Weavile#48- High threat, the combination of priority ice, a fighting move, and ice punch causes problems for the team,normally this involves sacraficing a pokemon as well as Doryuuzu's balloon, however if Empoleon has taken little damage, it can take the fighting move and hit back with surf
    [​IMG]-Borutorosu#58- High threat, however as long as Empoleon has full hp, it can come in on an HP ice and then take the thunderbolt and then ice beam, however this pokemon becomes alot harder to deal with if Empoleon has taken damage or they decide to use Volt change on Empoleon
    [​IMG]-Mamoswine#76-High threat, can OHKO the majority of the team, barring Hippowdon on full health and Doryuuzu, so the only real solution is to sacrifice the balloon, however if it is Ko'd only a great deal of luck can save me
  2. Jaroda


    Sep 25, 2010
    Well, while I personally think Yawn and Roar on Hippo is redundant, if it's been working for you then good.

    Not to much wrong with your team what with you hitting #1 and all. Not to mention only two pokemon are hit by Toxic Spikes and nothing is weak to Stealth Rock. Solid. Only common pokemon I can see being an issue are LO Starmie, Jaroda, Poison Heal Gliscor, and Nattorei.

    Starmie will outspeed everything but Doryuzuu. And it's not like Starmie will stay in on him anyway.

    Jaroda can be a problem with Substitute. As again, it's faster than everything but Doryuzuu and if Doryuzuu is weakened and doesn't die, priority will take care of it. Can't be Yawned behind a Substitute, and Hippo will die before getting a Roar off anyway.

    Nattorei just seems totally annoying, as I don't think even +2 Fire Fang will kill it. Leech Seed/Protect variants are ANNOYING and with no Shandera and surprisingly no fighting moves, you'll have trouble taking it down.

    Finally Gliscor is only threatened by Latios really. Many Gliscor will outspeed and EQ Empoleon before you can Ice Beam. Doryuzuu's balloon is popped either by fling or Acrobat and even +2 Rock Slide does balls damage. +2 Outrage would sting, but many carry Protect, and again you can't Yawn it when it's poisoned.

    Other than those few threats, your team is very solid but I highly recommend getting another Fire or Fighting move on there somewhere and Nattorei is like #4 in usage or something. BTW, that's a pokemon that doesn't like Trick. Gliscor either.

  3. Gebloth


    Aug 17, 2010
    thanks for the rate!, and yeah I agree with you on the threat list, although i have difficulty putting another fire move, i could try HP fire however losing the IV in speed is a big loss, and nattorei is normally set up material for randoruso, because you can sub while 9 out of 10 players will try to leech seed, and swords Dance Earthquake kills almost all nattorie. Maybe Ill try Trick over Dragon Pulse or Draco Meteor.
  4. Gebloth


    Aug 17, 2010
  5. Gebloth


    Aug 17, 2010
    Updated with threat list, top 20 wifi usage pokemon as well as other top threats!

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