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I'd like to echo the same if I could. My finding are consistent with yours. The Fe/Ma inheritance denoted by 6.3 beta is actually inverted.

Seed: A1538CB6E3C48F26
Mother's IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 (flawless)
Father's IVs: 4/12/5/31/2/5

I deduced a starting PID of frame 57, but only if the inversion was true. After running another trial with a few more PID advances, I landed on frame 61 which yielded a spread of: 31/12/31/31/31/31

However, that PID frame (61) reports that the inheritance should have been:
As we can see, the 12 Atk could have only come from the Father, and the 31's for HP and Speed only from the Mother.
Yeah, we discussed that earlier in the chat today. The first page link's been updated with a beta 6.4.
Okay, I used two different times to check my parameters. Each time gave me C7F, Vcount 60, and Vframe 6, respectively. Each search I do in the standard seed searcher gives me the two same results, and each of them has wrong IVs in game.

Still going for a special flawless deino caught in the wild.

Tmr0: C7F
Mac Address: 00-23-CC-BF-8A-5F

Seed 1: CB3724E444C5AE63, frame 5, C7F, no keypresses
Seed2: C5V1B1B4F373D9F9, frame 5, C7F, no keypresses

What do I do now? :(
Ok I am positive Im doing something terribly wrong. I'm trying 2 different seeds,

2021/07/05 12:51:46
2023/01/03 7:53:34

DS Lite, 00-23-CC-CD-05-5E
White (English)
TID: 48409
Timer0: C7E-C7E
VCount: 60-60
VFrame: 6-6

Breeding, by the way.

I am not getting ANY Flawless Cottonees...

Using PPRNG for the Mac
How do you interpret encounter slots? RNG Reporter says 10, so do I look on the chart for Pokemon with multiples of 10 or what?
Kind bump. ^.^

Also, he's breeding Cottonee, not catching. I am attempting to breed one too, but nothing matches the PIDRNG within frames 40-80. I was fairly comfortable with hitting my timer0 value; I should find my parameters using version 6.4 now?

@The Giritina-man: Sync, repels, false swipe, speed tie pokemon (if not using 100% capture or master ball) and empty slot in party... I think that's all you really need.

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Reposting. What is that "shiny max frame" field for, should I use it or the Min / Max ones, why do I keep getting that blasted frame 5 Litwick instead of frame 7, why did walking and then turning+walking gave me something completely different, and am I doing it right looking for shiny spreads with Method 5 PIDRNG, Wild Pokémon?
Re-quoting it because something weird happened now. I didn't advance my frame, I just pressed Continue without turning the C-Gear on and went straight to my Maractus to use Sweet Scent. I got the right seed as it seems, but... the first female Jolly, the caught Elgyem's gender and nature, frame possible on it is 22. How?

EDIT3 -- See, happened again. And again. Now I turned east once and changed my frame to... 47. Funnily enough, frame 45 is female Jolly...

EDIT4 -- Oh wow, I tried another seed with a shiny frame at 48 and it worked! I still don't understand why I was starting at frame 45 in every seed I was getting, though... Is it because of my timer0?
ok so i am trying to rng a shiny jolly sandile, it is on frame 765 so i advanced my frame by running laps of 5, 25 times(125 steps in all with an extra 3 steps means 128) this means 25 turns within those laps as well(turning in place advances the frame by two) and then i added them both up and got 306 765 minus 41(my starting frame) is 724- 306 is 418/2 is 209(so i turn in place 209 times) and i dont hit the shiny frame, the nature and gender were off (my ivs are correct though) i cant even judge where i hit on the pid rng list, idk what's up, am i calculating wrong?
Catch the Cottonees, find out their IVs, and redo your parameter search with them. Make sure you make no IVRNG advancements of course.
Posted w/o Quotes...

I am breeding Cottonees in White with Beat Up trying to get Prankster/Timid with a flawless spread.

I just redid my Parameter Search with a Durant and got the same things;
Timer0: C7E
VCount: 60
VFrame: 6
1 second delay on press...

Im breeding with 4 Pokemon in my party but for some reason I wasnt able to hit the 2012/07/05 and the 2023/01/03 seeds.

Hell Im having issues hitting seeds in general now...

Tirade said:
Bond697, I have a question for you regarding your tutorial:


I'm on Step 5 now and having some trouble. The IV seed I searched by was

Frame: 51

Search Parameters
Date: 5-14-2011
Min Frame: 28
Max Frame: 51

Under the Find Seeds, I picked out

Seed: D1934EBA0DD06428
Date: 5-14-2011 00:7:40
Frame 50
ID: 52263,
SID: 42237
Button: A

My DS Parameters are:
Game: White US
MAC: 001656EF81A8
VCount: 60
Timer0: C7F
GXStat: 6
VFrame: 6

Getting Trainer ID 39622. Whenever I search the list (after checking off TID box and entering in 39622), I can never find the Trainer ID that was generated for me. The "Find ID Seeds" does not bring up any info on the 39622 ID.

EDIT: Should also add, I was able to hit my IV seed just fine. Found that my starting frame is 48 (Timid).
I tried another Seed under the "Find ID Seeds." This time I went with:

Date: 5-14-2011 00:33:38
Frame: 46
TID: 24638
SID: 02278
Button: None

Ended up getting a Trainer ID of 18911. I put that in the TID box and a seed did come up with a Frame of 43. So I figured, it must be 46-43 = 3 No's to Juniper. Tried that and I did not get the Trainer ID 24638. I'm not really sure what else to do here. A little help would be great (although I know you guys have been fantastic already).
@ TwilightBlade: If the encounter slot says 10 look up encounter slot 10 based on the area you are trying to catch a pokemon in the list you can download from the last link in this post. http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3383858&postcount=684
Many thanks! RNG Reporter links to something with ESV values of 30s-40s and other confusing things...

Ruby Crisstae: Sandstorm screws your PIDRNG....

Okay, I am trying to standard seed abuse a frame of 14. I need to do 13 advances, which is an odd number. Does the Nincada/Shedinja method work? I.e if I evolve it in my party, does the IV frame automatically increase by 7, leaving me to walk 128 steps with then party of 6 (or even 256 with party of 3...). This math sounds about right..?
Though it says my nearest shiny is at the PID frame 89 (Impish), i have an everstone on the female pokemon that i'm using to breed, is there a chance that the everstone might override the nature the PID frame is giving me?

RNG reporter 6.2

EDIT: Another question. Do i use gift pokemon when breeding shinies or Shiny Pokemon (All encounters)?
TwilightBlade did you find out how to find your frame when breeding shiny eggs? I was having the same problem in that every nature pattern I got wasn't in the 40 - 60 frames or even within 200 frames of it. Do I have to use the BW breeding method?
Hey Bond. I have a DS Lite with Firmware V5 (Two Magenta Screens)
Also, my Timer0 seems to fluctuate a lot, however I was looking at Davee's button presses, and his presses explains why I see so many "quick to flee" characteristics (Going for 31/31/31/30/31/31, getting 28/16/10/15/23/29) My "normal" (No keypresses) is C7F, However the seed I am going for, 3D7770B7E8B34C5A uses the "up" keypress," which according to the chart back there, would give me C7E. So I did a little research of my own. In the simple seed generator, plugged in everything normal, so I should get my seed back, but changed my Timer0 to C7E. This gave me a different seed of course. I plugged the first half of the seed, 36F98886EB568B5C (So just 36F98886) to the Method 5 (Standard), and on frame 6 (the frame I am aiming for) was none other than this spread: 28/16/10/15/23/29. Just thought I might let you know. Based on the usefulness of past information of mine, this is worthless however much I think I am on to something.
@Dizzyed mostly:

(my program froze so can't fetch seeds at this time lol...)

I biked around until old man had an egg, saved directly next to him, and turned off the game. I attempted to hit my target standard seed, quickly grabbed the egg from him, and saved. I shoved in AR for fast hatch and the first one appeared to be frame 39 (matching gender and dual ability w/o everstone is <3). I was under the impression that saving, etc, only advanced the PID while you were in the game's world, and would not affect later save states... ?

Because I boxed that first Cottonee, biked around, saved next to him, powered off, powered on, hit time, collected egg, and the second nature was like 80s. Third trial was 119. I gave up after that. Using 6.3 and simply finding my initial PID frame. No advances whatsoever. :B

If the nature is BOLDED in rng reporter, synch/everstone should work!

I used wild pokemon because I always used that when breeding for IVs.

(well, i meant, standard seed .-.) isn't really shaping out either. One time, the inherited IVs were based on frame 6... I know they start at frame 8. .o.

OmegaDonut: Sorry. However, I did figure it was 0 onwards anyways. .o.

6.4 fixed inheritance of female/male parents.

My frame 14 question is for wild pokemon... pid abusing is for shiny egg. .-.