6-slot challenge

Just a note before I start, I dont know if I'm supposed to do this here. I saw the Nuzlocke challenge on this subforum and thought it was ok. Also, I dont know if there's anything like this. If there is, I'm sorry for copying.​

My Story:

Hello all, if it wasn't clearly obvious who wasn't making this post by my name on the left side of the screen and just below the topic thread's name, my name is KurashiDragon and I'm going to lay down a new challenge for you. Now before I actually did this I never did a challenge. I just didn't feel like doing them. That was because while Nuzlocke, Wedlock, (Look up marriland's channel for those who dont know.) and some others looked challenging enough, I never felt like I would have fun doing them. This is because alot of these challenges require you only catch the first pokemon you find per route. There's nothing wrong with that of course. It's a challenge so it needs to be challenging. However, that's not the way I wanna play pokemon. Call me a child but isn't pokemon supposed to be an adventure with your favorite pokemon as you proceed through the regions and collect badges. Where's all the fun if your not getting your favorite pokemon? Of course there's nothing wrong with playing like that if you want to. That's just not the way I wanna play. I wanna play like I'm on a real adventure and having fun with my favorite pokemon. There must be some challenge in that right? Well I thought about it for a little bit and decided to make my own challenge. A real adventure with your pokemon and only your pokemon, this is the 6-slot challenge.

What's this "6-Slot Challenge"?

It's my own little invention that I made because I wanted to use my favorite pokemon but still keep the challenge of Nuzlocke and the like.

A cute little idea. What are the rules?

1. Your allowed to capture any pokemon in the region you want however, you can only capture 6 pokemon.

Yea, this is the cardinal rule of the 6-slot. I like to imagine this being the anime. Going out on an adventure with your pokemon. Having good times, bad times, and all other times. Capturing and boxing other pokemon your not gonna ever use wouldn't feel right to the adventure. Less important to the adventure and more important to the challenge however is that your only allowed 6. That means the next rule is gonna be fun.

2. Any pokemon that faints is dead.

Pretty much the big rule in any challenge (otherwise it wouldn't be very much of a challenge) If any pokemon faint in your party it's dead and must be either released or boxed permanently. If you lose all your pokemon, you lose the challenge.

3. No auto switch.

To add a little more to the challenge let's make it so that you cant automatically switch out when your opponent is sending out another pokemon.

4. Nickname your pokemon

Your going out on an adventure with your pokemon. Give them a nice name.

Optional Rulings

5. No healing items.

To add a little bit to the challenge dont use any healing items throughout the game.

6. During major points of the game (I.E entering gyms, a main baddie hideout, a legendaries home) you are not allowed to leave or heal.

In black and white they added a feature that lets random NPCs heal your pokemon. It's up to you if you want to use them or add some more challenge to the game.

7. No Legendaries (Unless required)

If you want to catch legendaries you can. To me though it makes it feel like your taking some of the challenge out of your game. It's just my opinion though.

8. I would kinda like to hear some stories.

This is really just something that made the challenge alot more fun for me. For this challenge I like to imagine I'm out on adventure with these pokemon. When I capture a pokemon I like to look at it's nature and it's personality and just imagine myself being with them. I was doing my own playthrough on White 2 and started off with Watter the Oshawott.
Watter the Oshawott was very naughty and loved messing with me or just overall making a mess of things. He also apparentally has really good perserverance because he just wouldn't stop no matter how much I tried to control it. Running around pulling pranks making messes and just overall being very naughty. Yea sure these traits kinda went down as he evolved but he never really got past his childish ways. Nowadays I just take it in stride Laughing at the small things he does and stopping the big things.

Then there was Cabbcoon the Sewaddle. When Watter and I first saw her, she was all alone doing her own thing. When Cabbcoon noticed us she almost jumped for joy at the sight of us. She seemed like she was lonely because there weren't any other Sewaddle around she could play with. I decided to take her with me and when I caught her she just popped out of her pokeball riding on my head with joy. The only time she ever got off my head was to eat and boy does she love to eat. I swear she goes to food like she's been starved for two weeks. She (Sorry for the pun) eats trough my credit card like money falls from trees.

Next there was Anubis the Riolu..... and I thought Watter was bad at the time. This impish little guy was 10 times worse than Watter ever was. I didn't spot it at first. It was waiting in some bushes to jump out on my head and really let me have it. I ran after it to get some revenge but that little guy knew the area well and kept on getting me with prank after prank after prank. I was just getting madder and madder until I really took a look at anubis as it was running around. He looked like was having alot of fun. I was looking at some of the other pokemon that were in the area and they looked at anubis with pure distain. I wasn't sure what it was but Anubis looked like it hasn't really had a friend in a long while. I stopped and turned around but Anubis got in front of me. I told him I had to leave but he wouldn't let me go. Watter got out of it's ball and the two conversed with each other for a second. Watter then turned to me and pointed to an empty pokeball. I thought about the other pokemon that looked at Anubis so distainfully and decided to take it with me..... and then I found out why those pokemon behaved the way they did. Anubis was really bad. Worse than Watter. So much worse... ugh the memories. The painful painful memories. It didn't help that Watter basically joined him in ever bad thing he did to for one Mischievous meyhem making duo.

Next was Potato the Mareep. Ugh I'll never forget that day. There were so many mareep around and I just didn't know why. They just wouldn't stop following me. It took me a while before I figured out that Potato who I had just caught was attracting them with her Static ability. I decided to catch her because even without Potato being with me there were an abnormal amount of Mareep around that wouldn't leave me alone. I swear it was a sign or something. I eventually got annoyed and decided to trust fate by catching one. I first saw Potato when she was racing against another mareep. It looked like it was having fun until the other mareep was going to win. Then I saw a thunder wave hit her opponent and Potato crossing the finish line in first. She turned around and boy was that Mareep mad. yelling at potato with what I assume was some very bad sheep words. Potato just stood there and took it though. It was really quiet and shy. Nothing like what I saw when it was running. I decided to step in and pointed the opposing mareep to a battle that was going on between two other mareep. One of the mareep had used thunder wave which hit it by mistake. The mareep didn't believe me until it got thunder wave'd again by the very same mareep in that battle by mistake. It went to confron the mareep leaving potato and I alone. Potato bowed to me in a thanking gesture before noticing Anubis running around playing tricks. It chased after Anubis to try and get ahead of it. I noticed a small smile coming from potato as it was running. I assumed it must've really liked to run. However, Anubis was still way to fast for it. Potato proceeded to Thunder Wave Anubis to get ahead of it which made me wonder if that battling mareep was really the cause of the thunder wave before. I left it out of my mind quickly and thought that it could help me control Anubis' antics. I was also really annoyed that I kept seeing mareep so I asked Potato to join me which it said yes to. As soon as it got in the ball however..... ugh there was so much wool.... so much wool. I wish I could say that Potato attracting electic types would stop there too but to bad for me.... ugh.

Next is Sol The Eevee. The first pokemon I caught on the mainland. I was just pacing through the sewers because I heard there was some beautiful scenery in the middle of town that you had to go through the sewers to get to. Why they didn't make another way to get to this place I'll never know but that didn't stop the place from looking so grand when I saw it. amidst all the concrete grey there was a patch of green. The place castelia started. It looked quite nice. That's when I noticed something strange in the grass. I was running around like a jackrabbit but it kept stopping to look at me. This kept up for a while until I put my hand out to it. it stopped for a second and revealed itself as my future Eevee Sol. There arent very many eevee in the Unova region so not many people have seen one. It made me just as curious as he was because he looked at me like he'd never seen a human in his entire life. this continued on for a little while. We just stare blanly at each other standing still like statues. I guess Watter must've gotten bored because it got out of it's pokeball and smacked me in the head with it's scalchops (By then Watter had evolved into dewott) It must've hit me a little to hard because it knocked me out for a little bit. By the time I had woke up I looked around and saw Watter bowing it's head apologizing. the sun was going down and I decided to leave after patting Watter on the head. As I was leaving I noticed Sol was behind me in the bushes. It was still just looking at me. I really hadn't said much to it so it must've still been curious about me. I reached my hand out again and said hi. It ran up to me and gave a cute little squeak. It was like a house cat. I gave it a pet on the head and hung out with it for a bit. He had done a lot of cute things too. I looked up into the lone tree in the area and saw some apples. I thought about how to get them down but by then Sol was already off smacking its head against the tree which did little more than daze it for a second. I went up to it and asked if it was ok but by then it had already ran to smack it's head into the tree again. I eventually got the idea to use Watter to get the apples down but by then it had already rammed it's head into the tree so many times that it was dancing around dazzily. It really wanted to get that apple and it seemed like it didn't have or want any ideas. I noted how hasty it was but I also noted how cute it was. I asked it to join me and it quickly nodded it's head. "No time to think at all." I thought as I threw a ball at it.

Finally there was Mirage the Trampinch. UGH Why do I have to get the bad ones. Mirage was just as bad as Anubis. While I was going through the desert I could never see where I was going. I was always really nervous of what I'd run into. It seems Mirage noticed this because he kept digging pits in front of me and like an idiot I'd fall into them because I could never see where I was going. One time I had fallen into a pit I lost some of my stuff. Mirage took them and revealed himself to me. It made a badly drawn picture and I mean REALLY badly drawn picture of where to find my stuff. I went out looking and along the way wouldn't you know it.... MORE PITS! It was hectic finding all my stuff but when I did I noticed it laughing at me. Anubis came out of its ball and started laughing too. I kinda chuckled too admitedly. When the laughing was done I wanted to make my way out of the desert and asked Mirage for directions much against my better judgement. It lead me here and there and everywhere. I didn't even know the desert was next to the sea. or that there was a mostly buried castle in the desert. Eventually I got tired and took a rest. Drinking some water only for Mirage to take it away from me. I chased it for a while but I eventually caught up with him. When I did I noticed we were at the entrance of the desert. He got away from me again and stopped in front of the entrance to the desert with my water in his hand. I asked for it back but he nodded no. He pointed to my last pokeball and then to the water bottle. He wanted to come with me. Even if I am a bit of an idiot I do learn from my mistakes. Anubis was just as bad a Mirage back in the day and it didn't get any better for a long while...... that's what I should've thought instead of graciously saying yes. It was so bad for such a long while. Mirage rekindled Anubis and Watter's bad habits and they became a trio of evil. I dare not speak anymore of the dark times lest I reawaken the demons.

Now that I think about this whole thing I'm actually glad I chose to let these guys come with me. It took a little while for everyone to get used to each other. Well not Watter, Anubis, and Mirage. They became best friends instantaniously. However, Potato had a bad habit of Thunder Waving anything that was even remotely faster than it. Cabbcoon was very clingy to everyone which was annoying. Sol was quite curious of everything and did everything way to fast. It's like it had A.D.D or something. and the Demon Trio.... well we know why everyone was annoyed by them. I still dont wanna talk about it. Eventually though, everything just fell into place. Either the demon trio calmed down or we just got used to their antics because they seem alot more well behaved these days. Potato still likes running around but we've pounded that habit of shocking people to be faster out of her. Sol... is still curious but takes things more slowly and listens to different ideas. Finally Cabbcoon is more independant but still likes to pop out of its ball when it's feeling lonely. We all have a good time with each other. I'm glad I got to know them. They're my best friends and I hope to continue with my adventures with them for a long time.

That story was way to long. I thought you were making rules, not a book:

That's kinda the point of this challenge though. This is an adventure where that your on with 6 partners until they die or you beat the game. You have to feel a little sentiment even if it is just a game. It may just be optional to post it but I feel you should at least make a little story for yourself. Also props to you if you read my story.​


So yea that's my challenge to you all. I hope I didn't waste to much time of your life. Give me praise give me hate and give me ways to make this challenge better. I did try this challenge out on My white 2. It worked out pretty well for me (Even though I reset it twice cause I kinda failed lolz.) I'm still not done with the challenge yet though. I still have all 6 pokemon but I only have 6 badges so far. I just wanted to wait until they're all fully evolved before I posted this. If you feel this challenge may be to easy for you let me know. I have some more evil ideas that I think I can add to the rules. :naughty: Also tell me if you want this thread to look entirely to much like the nuzlocke thread and put up a challenger list on it. I'm just waiting to see if this get's popular before I actually put one up. If it's to your liking suggest it to me and I'll edit it. Anyway, I've kept you waiting long enough. Post your love and/or hate.

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So they key difference from a nuzlocke is that you get to chose your 6 rather than encounter them randomly? Everything else seems identical
I would kinda have to agree to a point. However, the key difference is that ruling which makes the two play differently. In Nuzlocke your challenge is your team. What you catch in each route is what you get and you have to work with it. You could wind up with a team of your starter and 6 normal types which can make getting through the game challenging. In my challenge it's more of an emphasis on keeping your team alive because if any of them die for any reason your restricted to 5 pokemon and so on until you lose. I agree with you that the two are simlilar in their rulings and objective. But the premise and challenge of the two are very different.
One of my friends does something like this where he hacks in his 6 pokemon at the very beginning of the game, along with one move they would each normally learn through TM/HM/egg. He plays on a really hard ruleset where you can only use a Pokemon Center once (twice if it's in a gym town and you get the badge). He says the difficulty was perfect for him.


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I think it sounds like an interesting twist on a normal Nuzlocke. Would probably make me rage less since I always get so angry when I lose a Pokemon in a Nuzlocke (mostly because of ALL the grinding it takes sometimes).