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Other a cereal murder that shoots people with cheerios - task 5 (trial 4, Night 8)

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Bass, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    It seems EARTHWORM here has the potential to be idol material. Well done! Unfortunately, porygon3 has not observed his punishment. Therefore, he will be banned from participating in any Circus Maximus games again until he submits his essay.

    Anyway, the exciting news. Round 1 of the third trial's arm wrestling tournament has started! Let me introduce the players.

    Our first match was between A Rock and Most Likely To Idle. Representing A Rock, we have Da Letter El! He confidently believes that he will crush any opponent with all his might. Representing the other team is Walrein. I personally think he is a coward, but who knows. He might pull an upset!

    And so they fought. Fought hard they did. They went at it for an hour, but both of them were exhausted and decided to take a rest. In other words, the match ended in a stalemate, with 0 points awarded for each team.

    Our second match is between zorbees and his superfriends and team name pending. Representing the former team is askaninjask. He immediately talks some smack to the opposing team. "This update is only difficult because Bass is having trouble explaining how we inexplicably won the whole game!". But Then it happened. Team idol of team name pending, EARTHWORM, has been chosen to represent the other team. Will askaninjask live up to the expectations he set on himself?

    Unfortunately, he didn't. Although he was confident in his own strength, he was surprised by Adam Nelson's sheer might. Who knew that EARTHWORM was so strong? With that surprise advantage, team name pending won the match and earned a point.

    And that is it for Round 1. Here are the match-ups for Round 2:

    team name pending (1) vs A Rock (0)
    zorbees and his superfriends (0) vs Most Likely To Idle (0)

    The following players may not participate in future rounds:

    Da Letter El

    Oh yeah, I forgot. The deadline is Saturday, 9 PM Central Time. Good luck.
  2. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    Round 2 of the third trial of the fifth task has commenced!

    Today's matches are team name pending vs A Rock and Most Likely to Idle vs zorbees and his superfriends. Who will prevail?

    For our first match, representing team name pending is their captain, Fishin. A solid choice all around, though I wonder if he will have what it takes. On the other side we have jumpluff representing A Rock. She claims to be a weakling, so go easy on her, ok?

    To battle! But the result was obvious just from names alone, jumpluff just wasn't cut out for it, but she put up a decent fight I guess. But the winner was Fishin and his team name pending.

    For the second match, kingofkongs has volunteered to represent Team Most Likely to idle. A king? Hah! But you never know, he might surprise us. Amongst zorbees' superfriends, theangryscientist has chosen to participate in this bout. How good could a scientist be at arm wrestling?

    Unfortunately, the match went on for a while. But no winner could be decided, so they both just got tired and gave up. It seems that both teams are once again stuck without any points this round. Tough break!

    That ends Round 2. Here are the match-ups for Round 3.

    team name pending (2) vs Most Likely To Idle (0)
    zorbees and his superfriends (0) vs A Rock (0)

    Before you ask though, this trial is still not decided. It is still anyone's game, so if you want to win, don't give up! The deadline will be on Monday, May 28 at 9 PM CST. However, I hope to have PMs in sooner, so try not to take longer than necessary.
  3. Fatecrashers

    Fatecrashers acta est fabula
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    Sep 24, 2007
  4. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    It seems that the players wanted to get Round 3 over with quickly, so the matches have already begun!

    First, Team Most Likely To Idle (Draycos7) vs team name pending (Paperblade). Surprisingly, Draycos7 won and scored the point for his team.

    The next match was between A Rock (billymills) and (zorbees). Team Captain vs Team Captain! zorbees was just a little bit stronger though, so he managed to earn a victory for his team.

    While the other teams have finally earned victory, it meant nothing in the end, as the winners of the third trial are Fishin, Paperblade, EARTHWORM, and lord dak of team name pending. They will be awarded a marathon point. With this, every team will be on even footing for the fourth and final trial. Congratulations!

    However, there are a few small things I need to tweak for the last trial, so in the meantime, we are going to hold a brief intermission. Feel free to do whatever you wish until I post the fourth trial. However, I have one additional unnumbered trial for the team captains. I will be conducting an interview. I plan to publish them right at the beginning of the fourth trial (or the postgame, if you guys prefer that). Please contact me on IRC whenever you are ready to do it. I do most of my work from home, so I am usually around. Other than that, feel free to speculate just what the fourth trial will be. Take care!
  5. Fatecrashers

    Fatecrashers acta est fabula
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis an Artist Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 24, 2007
  6. Agape

    Mafia Champion

    Jul 3, 2009
    Predicting the last trial to be a realtime videoconferenced rap battle.
  7. Da Letter El

    Da Letter El Officially internet famous
    is a Forum Moderator

    Mar 28, 2008
    If it is, we have this won
  8. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    only because my mic broke
  9. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    Alright, the fourth trial will be starting very shortly. I apologize for the slight delay in starting it up, which was primarily due to two things: My business over the weekend with research obligations, and the need to wait for Fishin to return from his trip so that he would be here in time for it. I will say right now that it will require constant activity from ALL of the players, so if you coasted by in the first three trials, don't think I will let it slide this time. The fourth trial is essentially done but I am sleepy due to pulling an all nighter, and I want to be able to start it when all the teams are thoroughly prepared (as well as myself being prepared to deal with the inevitable barrage of questions). So expect it when I am in good enough condition to post it (within the next 24 hours.)

    In the meantime, here are the interviews, for your own enjoyment.

    billymills (open)

    [00:57:25] <Forte> Talk a little bit about yourself.
    [00:57:30] <billym> uh oh
    [00:57:50] <billym> what do you want me to say
    [00:59:38] <billym> forte?
    [00:59:52] <Forte> um
    [01:00:00] <Forte> well
    [01:00:08] <Forte> basically
    [01:00:11] <Forte> just introduce yourself
    [01:00:11] <Forte> be creative here
    [01:00:39] <Forte> billym
    [01:01:47] <billym> hi, I'm billymills, you may remember me from such mafia games as Dragon Ball Z mafia and Mafia Mafia 2
    [01:02:08] <Forte> alright
    [01:02:12] <Forte> next question then
    [01:02:18] <Forte> Why did you sign up for this competition?
    [01:02:20] <billym> o ok
    [01:02:35] <billym> I signed up to get revenge on jumpluff for defeating me last time
    [01:03:14] <Forte> But in the end, jumpluff chose not to sign up, and you knew about it, I think. Even more ironically, she is on your team now for the lask task. Why did you go through with it in the end?
    [01:03:55] <billym> because it's been a lot of fun, and I don't hold grudges against people who beat me in games
    [01:04:05] <Forte> alright then
    [01:04:06] <billym> and last competition was a lot of fun
    [01:04:07] <billym> and
    [01:04:13] <billym> because I wanted to make sure others got punished
    [01:04:16] <Forte> i see
    [01:04:21] <billym> see; earthworm singing
    [01:06:09] <Forte> alright then
    [01:06:10] <Forte> next question
    [01:06:29] <Forte> In this competition, what was the most challenging task so far, and why?
    [01:06:54] <billym> the most challenging task was probably the treasure game
    [01:07:14] <billym> mostly because more than 50% of the people were to be eliminated, and I hadn't really dealt with half of them prior
    [01:07:43] <billym> I ended up getting in only because I turned on a couple of people that I had helped through the previous rounds
    [01:08:08] <Forte> anything else you would like to add before i go to the next question?
    [01:08:22] <billym> nope
    [01:08:24] <Forte> ok
    [01:08:43] <Forte> Out of the current remaining players (or team), which are you the most afraid of?
    [01:09:39] <billym> I'm going to say zorbees' team, if only because his players seem interested in the game
    [01:09:53] <billym> askaninjask actually attempted to PM me about the game, whereas both of the others
    [01:09:58] <billym> have had a number of people idle
    [01:10:28] <Forte> Any other reasons?
    [01:11:26] <billym> no, any team that does idle repeatedly stands a good chance of winning
    [01:11:38] <Forte> alright
    [01:12:11] <Forte> Do you think your team as what it takes to win?
    [01:12:33] <billym> seriously?
    [01:12:46] <billym> yes.
    [01:13:43] <Forte> alrighty then!
    [01:13:45] <Forte> hmmm
    [01:13:59] <Forte> Any other last comments you would like to make before I close the interview
    [01:14:22] <billym> gmax sux.
    [01:14:25] <Forte> ok
    [01:14:28] <Forte> that's it for now
    [01:14:32] <billym> lol
    [01:14:35] <Forte> unless i can come up with more questions later
    [01:14:40] <Forte> yeah it is cliched
    [01:14:40] <billym> ok
    [01:14:46] <Forte> but i thought it would be a fun intermission
    [01:14:50] <billym> also
    [01:14:50] <billym> imo
    [01:14:52] <billym> task 4
    [01:15:02] <billym> is going to be an improved version of the previous last task
    [01:15:04] <billym> in the last game
    [01:15:11] <billym> where I lost to pluff
    [01:15:17] <billym> though I hope it's considerably different

    Pidge (open)

    [02:34:35] <Forte> start off by introducing yourself
    [02:35:19] <zoa> well im Pidge and im 20 years old
    [02:35:27] <Forte> ok
    [02:35:29] <Forte> anything else?
    [02:36:08] <zoa> i attend the university of tennessee: knoxville and am majoring in biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology (bcmb)
    [02:36:16] <zoa> and hope to make it into med school
    [02:36:43] <zoa> i am a long time internet user and enjoy gaming and the occasional game of tennis
    [02:36:51] <Forte> lol ok!
    [02:36:53] <Forte> well then
    [02:36:56] <Forte> moving on
    [02:37:06] <Forte> Why did you sign up for this compettition?
    [02:37:20] <zoa> i saw the last version and thought i really missed out on a lot of fun
    [02:43:43] <Forte> oh, i apologize
    [02:43:44] <Forte> lol
    [02:43:55] <Forte> truth be told i was typing more stuff up for trial 4
    [02:43:56] <Forte> but anyway
    [02:44:03] <Forte> let us continue the interview
    [02:44:26] <Forte> So far, which task did you find the most challenging, and why?
    [02:46:59] <zoa> i guess the one involving the safes and keys since theres so much information to manage
    [02:47:23] <zoa> although i really didnt do much, i let earthworm lead me
    [02:47:40] <zoa> its a shame he didnt get through that one though :[
    [02:48:09] <Forte> Although he did not make it through, he is on one of your opposing teams. What are your feelings on that?
    [02:49:00] <zoa> im fine with it really
    [02:49:29] <Forte> Speaking of which, which team or, player(s) specifically, are you most afraid of in the final trial?
    [02:50:31] <zoa> billymills is scary. he is quite the strategist! also one time he yelled at me i think in a mafia game
    [02:51:45] <Forte> Many people think you are the underdog going into the last task of this competition, especially because of the team that you picked. Have your teammates been meeting your expectations, and do you think you have a reasonable chance of winning at this stage?
    [02:53:55] <zoa> i was expecting more input from them all, but it didn't turn out that way. it's okay though, because i thought i could just plan everything myself
    [02:54:11] <zoa> and i think we can definitely win
    [02:54:28] <Forte> alrighty then
    [02:54:40] <Forte> Any final thoughts you would like to add before I conclude this interview?
    [02:56:39] <zoa> a little more on that last one, i dont think being well known has anything to do with these trials that involve just basic thinking or maybe just luck

    zorbees (open)

    [14:43:04] <@Forte> first question
    [14:43:08] <@Forte> Introduce yourself
    [14:43:18] <&zorbees> hi im zorbees im gonna win
    [14:43:30] <@Forte> Why did you sign up for this competition?
    [14:43:34] <&zorbees> it looked fun
    [14:43:49] <@Forte> What exactly looked fun about it?
    [14:44:19] <&zorbees> the alliance/info-trading/etc, managing that, and the variety of different things to do in the tasks
    [14:44:42] <@Forte> alright
    [14:44:47] <@Forte> speaking of the tasks
    [14:44:58] <@Forte> Which task did you find the most challenging and why?
    [14:45:00] <&zorbees> h/o, phone call
    [14:46:28] <&zorbees> uh
    [14:46:39] <&zorbees> trying to remember all of them
    [14:46:56] <&zorbees> it was 1) quiz, 2) horses, 3) eggs, 4) keys, 5) marathon
    [14:46:57] <&zorbees> right
    [14:47:03] <@Forte> yes
    [14:47:49] <&zorbees> the quiz wasn't really difficult but was annoying since i wasn't online immediately when it was posted, the keys were probably the hardest besides whatever the last trial of the marathon is
    [14:48:44] <@Forte> What was difficult about the keys task?
    [14:49:50] <&zorbees> the fact that there were 9 people and only 4 could advance made it kinda difficult to plan because realistically, the biggest alliance you'd make would be less than half of the players, additionally, the fact that if you made a mistake you could lose all your treasure made you have to play carefully
    [14:50:24] <@Forte> alright then
    [14:50:37] <&zorbees> is that it/
    [14:50:46] <@Forte> How do you think your team has been performing so far? Have the people you picked met your expectations?
    [14:50:48] <&zorbees> oh
    [14:52:14] <&zorbees> my team's done decently so far, i'd prefer to be leading as oppsed to having everyone on even ground, but i felt that trials 2 and 3 were pretty tough to work to my favor, particularly since everyone knows i had a point already, the people i've picked have been fine except for when i wasn't sure i'd get the quiz answers in on time
    [14:55:11] <@Forte> Hm
    [14:55:13] <@Forte> well then
    [14:55:17] <@Forte> as a little hint
    [14:55:31] <@Forte> the next trial will have some independence among the team members
    [14:55:39] <&zorbees> ok
    [14:55:40] <@Forte> but the team captain will have the most power on the team
    [14:55:46] <@Forte> so
    [14:55:53] <@Forte> What do you speculate the next trial will be?
    [14:56:14] <&zorbees> no clue, i don't really want to think about it until its revealed
    [14:56:22] <@Forte> ok
    [14:56:31] <@Forte> Which player are you currently the most afraid of?
    [14:56:59] <&zorbees> pretty much everyone on billy and fishin's teams
    [14:57:15] <@Forte> In other words, you are not afraid of Pidge?
    [14:58:24] <&zorbees> i think he's certainly capable of putting up a good fight but i don't think he is as good with negotiating and assessing the tasks as billy and fishin's teams will be
    [14:59:55] <@Forte> Alright
    [15:00:00] <@Forte> Any final thoughts?
    [15:00:14] <&zorbees> zorbees was here ash is a loser

    Fishin (open)

    [14:29:39] <Forte> very well then
    [14:29:43] <Forte> please introduce yourself
    [14:30:22] <Fishin> it is i, Fishin
    [14:30:35] <Forte> Best introduction yet.
    [14:30:38] <Forte> Now then
    [14:30:47] <Forte> Why did you sign up for this competition?
    [14:31:19] <Fishin> because the last one seemed like fun
    [14:32:11] <Forte> hm, ok then
    [14:32:25] <Forte> Which task was the most challenging for you so far, and why?
    [14:33:15] <Fishin> definitely 4th
    [14:33:42] <Forte> y
    [14:33:44] <Fishin> i screwed up my initial strategy and getting the "easy win" i was going for still would've taken a lot of cooperation
    [14:33:59] <Forte> ok
    [14:34:20] <Forte> Do you think you deserved to make it this far? If not, do you have confidence that you and your team will be able to pull through?
    [14:36:19] <Fishin> I suppose so, I did screw up in the 4th task but I think I've done well in the others
    [14:36:39] <Forte> What do you think then is the most important trait of the victor?
    [14:37:17] <Fishin> intelligence
    [14:38:24] <Forte> and not courage?
    [14:39:47] <Fishin> courage is important too, but less so
    [14:39:59] <Forte> an honest answer
    [14:40:00] <Forte> alright
    [14:40:05] <Forte> who are you most afraid of
    [14:40:10] <Forte> out of the remaining players
    [14:41:40] <Fishin> pidge
    [14:41:49] <Fishin> his unpredictability is dangerous
    [14:42:08] <Forte> Interesting answer
    [14:42:26] <Forte> zorbees and billymills are the most feared out of the other players
    [14:42:31] <Forte> Do you think they are overrated?
    [14:42:39] <Forte> No need to by shy!
    [14:42:49] <Fishin> nah
    [14:42:54] <Fishin> they deserve their positions
    [14:43:07] <Forte> Any final thoughts before I conclude the interview?
    [14:43:45] <Fishin> nope

    EDIT: Unfortunately, the fourth trial, at the request of a few individuals, will be delayed just a little longer. It will start on June 1st.
  10. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    At last, I am ready to reveal the details of your final trial of the task and challenge of the competition!

    In this trial, you will play the role of a businessman. Specifically, each teams will be competing corporations. So competitive in fact that they will resort to dirty methods to succeed. Like real coprorations.

    This trial is somewhat complex, so instead of having a nice concise list of rules at the end like usual, I am going to describe everything in sections:

    The Setting:

    Each team will represent a business, a corporation to be exact. Now I would like to say that you could all coexist, but let's be realistic. Capitalism? Competition? Pssh! Your goal will be to drive all the other corporations out of business. Monopoly is king, and it is good to be the king!

    To this end, each team will be given an initial investment of $2000. Yes, we are using currency again, get used to it. In order to win, you have to make the other corporations go out of business. In terms of this game, that is making the savings of all the other company fall to $100.

    The game will be split into an indefinitely repeating sequence of three phases: Trading, Day, and Night. They are described in more depth in the following sections. They will occur in in an infinite sequence until one team wins, eg. T1, D1, N1, D2, N2, T2, D3, N3, D4, N4, ...

    The Business

    Unlike the previous three trials, there is some independence among the players on each team. That is, the team captains are effectively the CEO of each team, while the rest of the members are just rank and file employees.

    The savings for each team is also stored in a vault. This vault can be accessed by a combination of buzzwords known only by team. The combination is 4 buzzwords long, with each of the three rank and file employees knowing just one of the buzzwords by default, with the CEO knowing all 4.

    Trading Phase

    The first phase for this game is a trading phase. Your main objective is to sell stocks owned by your corporation. Thes price of these stocks is equal to your savings (amount in vault + what your employees are holding, which is at the start $2000) divided by your number of shares (initially 200). So by default, the stock price for your company is $10. You are all publicly traded companies, so your shares are always for sale during this phase. When the it starts, I will post how many shares for what company each company has, and the price of those shares.

    To buy shares from another company, just PM me:

    Trading Phase X - Buying Y Shares of COMPANY1 from COMPANY2, where Y is the number of shares you are buying, COMPANY1 is the shares the company that the shares originated from, and COMPANY2 is the company that is selling them. Shares must be bought from money in the vault, which at the start of the game is all of it. In case too many shares from one company are purchased, priority will be given to the teams that submit their purchases first. This is a trial that requires decisiveness on your part after all.

    Trading takes place at the very start of the game, and repeats after two Day/Night Phases pass. The exact purpose of shares is described more in a later section.

    Lastly, there are some special actions that may be done during the second trading phase and beyond. They are very important. No joke. I'll list them here, as well as their costs:

    For employees (recruited team members):

    Trading Phase X - Leave COMPANY1 for COMPANY2 ($???): You will leave COMPANY1 and join COMPANY2. This action will work only if you are hired by COMPANY2 during the same phase (see below), and you will be forced to pay half of the money you are carrying to COMPANY1 for breaking their contract. If your action fails, your true nature as traitorous scum will be exposed, and you will be eliminated from the competition irregardless of how either COMPANY1 or COMPANY2 perform in the end. You will be punished, of course.

    For CEO's (team captains): (Choice of 1)

    Trading Phase X - Hiring USER (from COMPANY1) ($800): You will hire USER into your company. USER can be a player who signed up in this thread but hasn't played in the first three trials (That's right Layell, time to start sucking the team captains' dick(s)), or from another currently operating COMPANY1. The action will not work unless USER also has agreed to join you (see above). If you succeed, the benefits are great since you will increase your daily income by $200 for each additional player you hire.

    Trading Phase X - Firing USER ($0). You will downsize your company by Firing one USER. Use this action carefully, as reducing your employees cuts your daily income by $200 per employee lost. This action has higher priority than hiring, so if you get fired... you dead. Thanks for playing!

    Trading Phase X - Bribing Cops to Arrest USER ($1000). You will bribe the cops to plant drugs in USER's locker, getting him arrested and permanently removed from the game. However, the removed player will not be formally eliminated unless his current company loses, and likewise will avoid punishment unless that happens. These players will be first priority for subs should another one sub out. The CEO (captain) cannot be arrested.

    The Day Phase

    After Trading, there will be two Day and Night Phases, just like in mafia, and the cycle repeats indefinitely. However, they serve different purposes.

    First, at the start of the day, your company will earn a steady amount of income, initially $600. Your income can increase or decrease depending on your company's growth or decline, along with night actions. All of these are explained in the following section. Afterwards, everyone on the team will know how much money is in the company vault.

    Your main objective during the day though is to divide up the money between you and your employees from your vault in preparation for the night phase. Any player can do this, though only if they know all of the buzzwords. The proper way to do this to PM me is "Day X - Giving $M from vault to USER, W1-4, where M is the amount you are taking from the vault, and W1-4 are the four buzzwords. Additionally, employees are restricted to taking at most 25% of the contents of the vault at any given time and can only give money to 1 USER per night (including themselves). CEO's, however, can take as much money out as they please and can give money to up to 4 USER's, including themselves.

    You can also add any money you are holding to the vault with a similar command, "Day X - Depositing $M into vault, W1-4". Because the employees do not know all the buzzwords at the start, managing this will be one of the first challenges the CEO must face during this trial.

    Finally, the CEO must divide up the shares of each company to each of his employees. To do this, just PM me with "Day X - Dividing Shares". In the PM, state how many shares from what company (that you own) will be held by that player during that night. Unlike money, shares immediately return to the CEO at the end of the night phase, so there is no committment to be made here.

    The Night Phase

    Now let's move on to the meat of the trial, shall we? The night is when all the cool things happen, so to speak. That is, you get to spend some of that money that you earned in income as well as through selling shares of stock. Let's start by discussing what actions you can spend your money on.

    However, here is the real kicker. The concept of "night actions" isn't so simple in this trial. Rather than having one set of orders for each company, each company can instead order another company to do certain night actions. All of this depends on how many shares of that company your own company has.

    Allow me to explain. Each player on the team has 1 standard night action available to them. When choosing their night action, they must first pick what company you will be targetting. For this, you will need shares in that company. These should have been divided up accordingly during the previous day. The standard night actions below each have a cost. In addition to how much money you are currently holding, the maximum that you can pay will be dictated by the number of shares you are holding from the target company times the stock price of each share. Below I will list the standard night actions available to you:

    Night X - Get USER's buzzword from COMPANY ($200) - You will torture a USER employed by the target COMPANY into revealing their buzzword to you. If used on a CEO, he will reveal a buzzword that you do not know, and only reveal the last one if you already know the other three. To prove that you know the other three, include them in the body of your PM.

    Night X - Send Thief to COMPANY's Vault, W1-4 ($???). You will send a thief to steal from the target COMPANY vault with the given buzzwords. If successful, you will take everything out of that vault. The hired thief will take 25% of what was stolen as payment, ignoring whether you have enough shares in the COMPANY. If this action fails, this will cost you $500, so your shares in that COMPANY must have a combined value of at least that much.

    Night X - Mug USER from COMPANY ($100) - You will steal whatever amount of money USER from COMPANY has leftover after he completes his or her own night action.

    Night X - Hire Bodyguards on USER from COMPANY ($300) - This protects USER working at COMPANY from ALL night actions. You can also have bodyguards protecting the vault instead of you by PMing me with "Night X - Hire Bodyguards on VAULT". This will protect the contents of the vault even if the opposing team knows all of the buzzwords.

    Night X - Spy on USER from COMPANY ($150) You will know about all night actions that targeted USER as well as the night action they picked themself, how much money they had the start of the night, and how much money they had at the end.

    Out of Business!

    Finally, I will discuss the mechanic that you will all hopefully try to avoid being a victim of: Going out of business! You see, only one business can surpass the others in the end. You will go out of business when your combined assets (money carried by team + money in vault) goes down to below $100. Should your team lose, each of the employees (including the captain) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in a bonus Clearance phase. You will use shares for that company as your bidding currency, and the rules are otherwise the same as the fourth task as far as the actual bidding mechanic goes. Such players will still be punished like the others, though their punishment level will escalate if they are picked by another losing team.

    Wait, aren't we forgetting something?

    Ah, I almost forgot. I will now explain the purpose of the marathon points that you have all accumulated in the previous 3 trials (plus the fourth task). These points, which can be used at the discretion of the team captain, will allow you to do any one standard night action for free, which can target any company regardless of what shares you own.

    Finally, your oathes. I have been lenient about that in the first three trials. However, if you idle just once in this trial, you will be subbed out and punished accordingly. If you must idle, please PM me that you are doing so (unless I explicitly say you don't need need to for the specified trial). If you absolutely cannot submit any action, please provide me a legitimate excuse in advance.

    Are you ready? Good. Let's begin!

    We will now start the final trial. We will begin with Trading Phase 1. Here are the current stocks for sale:

    A Rock: 200 shares of A Rock, $10 per share
    team name pending: 200 shares of team name pending, $10 per share
    zorbees and his superfriends: 200 shares of zorbees and his superfriends, $10 per share
    Most Likely To Idle: 200 shares of Most Likely To Idle, $10 per share

    Lastly, since this trial is indeed very complex and experimental, balance will be difficult to assess, so I will accept any feedback for proposed changes to the rules at any point in the game, and I will amend them if enough players agree to it. Currently, my biggest worry is that the game will go on too long. Please feel free to ask me any questions or concerns you have at any time. I have gotten somewhat busier with my job, but I will do my best to address them in a timely manner.

    Finally, remember that only the last team standing, and the players fully employed by it, will win the secret prize. The others will lose in the end and be punished.

    Trading Phase 1 will end in 72 hours from now, which is 11 PM CST, Monday, June 4. Good luck, and please, have fun. Do not slack here!
  11. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
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    Jul 25, 2007
    Trading Phase 1 is now over. After trading, these are the closing stock prices:

    zorbees and his superfriends: $16.15
    A Rock: $10.55
    Most Likely To Idle: $12.65
    team name pending: $12.65

    Everyone started with $2000 and 200 of their own stocks, and earned $600 for the start of the day, so you should easily be able to estimate the wealth of each company from these numbers right now.

    I will PM you guys the full results of your sales as well as your long awaited buzzwords shortly. Afterwards, it will officially be Day 1. You will have 48 hours (Wednesday, June 6, 11 PM CST) to send in your actions. I changed my mind, I will not require players to PM me except during the night phase.

    Results are out. Vault amounts in the first batch PM are incorrect, refer to above and later PM for correct amounts.
  12. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    It is now Night 1. I have PMed any employed players if they have received any money from the vaults, as well as shares. If you have not, assume you got nothing (unless you are a captain, but you should know what you have since you sent the instructions to begin with).

    You have 48 hours (June 8, 11 PM CST) to submit your night action if you received any money during Day 1. In other words, the no idle oath applies to you guys, so do not forget!
  13. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    It is now Day 2. Day 2 will end in 47.5 hours, that is 11 PM CST on Sunday, June 10th.

    All results PMs should be out. Here are the stock prices:

    zorbees and co $19.15
    a rock $12.55
    mlti $12.65
    team name pending $11.65
  14. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Day 2 is over, Night 2 starts now. Same deal as Day 1 if you received no PM.

    You have 48 hours (June 12, 11 PM CST) to submit your night action if you received any money during Day 2. In other words, the no idle oath applies to you guys, so do not forget!
  15. theangryscientist

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    Sep 27, 2008
    stopping bass from septuple posting
  16. billymills

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    Jul 6, 2008
    if anyone is interested in joining the best of the best teams pls contact me (this includes people on zorbees' team js)
  17. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Sorry about the late update. Night 2 is over, and all results PMs should be out.

    Now, it is finally time to kick off the second Trading Phase. As a reminder, each team captain (or employee, if they decide to go traitor), can pick from one special trading action, so refer to my original trial 4 post. Now then, let's see what each company has for sale:

    zorbees and his superfriends:
    137 share of zorbees and his superfriends

    A Rock:
    23 shares of zorbees and his superfriends
    180 shares of A Rock
    23 shares of Most Likely To Idle
    23 shares of team name pending

    Most Likely To Idle:
    147 shares of Most Likely To Idle
    60 shares of team name pending

    team name pending:
    40 shares of zorbees and his superfirends
    20 shares of A Rock
    30 shares of Most Likely To Idle
    117 shares of team name pending

    Stock Prices:
    zorbees and his superfriends: $19.15
    A Rock: $12.55
    Most Likely To Idle: $11.65
    team name pending: $7.90

    This trading period will be more complex than the last one, so you will still get plenty of time. The deadline will be Saturday, June 16, at 12 PM CST.
  18. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    For everyone's convenience (including my own), I will extend the deadline to 11 PM CST tomorrow.

    Also, two important clarifications on buying stock:

    1) You can make your buys conditional. For example, you may state that you will buy "up to" X amount of stocks from A, or buy Y amount of stocks from B if I can't from C". If you are unsure if your action is ok, feel free to ask me before the deadline.

    2) Priority applies to individual buys, not your entire PM. If you send me one PM and update it with another buy later, your previous buy still has the same priority, only the newer ones will be different.
  19. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    I hate to do this, but some rough things happened in the past few hours so I am not in the mood to update at the moment. It is fine as a few of you forgot to send me something anyways. The new deadline will be 4 PM CST tomorrow. I hope everything will be in by then.
  20. reyscarface

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    Dec 9, 2008
    I will not idle even once, and I will accept any punishment thrown at me if I break this oath.
  21. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Trading 2 results have been PMed to each team. Your vault balances should take daily income into account now. Here are the new stock prices:

    zorbees and his superfriends: $19.82
    A Rock: $9.51
    Most Likely To Idle: $9.40
    team name pending: $15.52

    We also have some new recruits: Layell (zorbees and his superfriends), reyscarface (Most Likely to Idle), and Gmax (A Rock). I wish them the best of luck.

    Day 3 starts now. It will end in ~48 hours, (Tuesday, June 19 at 5 PM CST).
  22. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Day 3 results were sent to the appropriate parties. Now we will start Night 3. The deadline will be Thursday, June 21, at 6 PM Central Time (48.5 hours).

    Remember the policy, which is that you must send me a PM if you have enough money on you for any night action. If you do not, then there is no need to waste my inbox space.

    Update delayed to 11 PM. I'll be out for a bit but should be back by then.
  23. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Night 3 is over. Day 4 starts now. I have sent out all results. I am being unusually terse tonight. Day 4 ends on Saturday, June 23, at 11 PM CST (47.5 hours).

    Here are the stock prices:

    zorbees and his superfriends: $19.32
    A Rock: $9.51
    Most Likely To Idle: $11.65
    team name pending: $15.27

    Extending to tomorrow at 4 PM because two teams did not send anything in.
  24. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Quadruple post. Someone better stop me soon.

    Anyway, Day 4 results are out, and Night 4 starts now. It will end in 55.5 hours, that is 11 PM CST on Tuesday, June 26.
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    Mar 10, 2012
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