Other a cereal murder that shoots people with cheerios - task 5 (trial 4, Night 8)

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Good evening.

Once again, I would like to congratulate.

1. zorbees
2. porygon3
3. billymills
5. Pidge
6. Ditto
7. Fishin
8. forks
9. StevenSnype

For making it this far. Now it is time for me to discuss the details of your next task.

Your fourth task will be an auction. Yes people... get used to the money system that has been used in some of the previous tasks, because we will be making use of it again here. Anyway, I am sure you are wondering then, what will be sold in this auction?

Simple really. You will be bidding on unique keys to hypothetical deposit boxes, 27 to be exact. Inside these deposit boxes lie treasure! It should be clear then what your goal must be: Obtain as much treasure as possible before your task ends.


But it isn't going to be that easy. While you get to pick which key you bid on, you don't know which of the 27 deposit boxes they open.

How does one go about guessing which box then? As it turns out, each player has a box of their own. These are used to store all of the treasure that you obtain. You each have your own unique keys that open them from the start. But they can also be opened by a combination of 3 keys. You will be told what keys, as well as the deposit boxes these each of these keys will open. Of course, to make things more interesting, you will not be able to bid on these particular keys yourself, since that would be too simple.

Additionally, because each player will have knowledge about 3 of the 27 keys, they are allowed to sell this knowledge. Of course, these sellers could just lie. But if you think they are lying, you can just call the seller out in public for their lies, assuming you haven't used the key that the seller was talking about. If you catch them in the act successfully, they will be forced to give you a refund as well as tell you one of the three keys that opens their box.

That's it for the overview. Allow me to restate the rules above, but in a more clear and concise fashion:

  • The object of this task is to obtain as much treasure as possible. Each unit of treasure is stored in a deposit box, numbered 1-27.
  • The keys required to open these boxes, as labeled in the hide tag above, are what you will need to obtain beforehand.
  • At the start of the task, you will be told about 3 random boxes, and the keys that open them, as well as $1000 for bidding. For his excellent performance in the previous task, zorbees will be given an additional $100. Do note that these 3 keys are also the combination to your personal box, so disclose that information with caution.
  • This task will be split into 2 phases: Bidding and Opening.
  • During the bidding phase, you are allowed to PM me your bid on an arbitrary number of keys for a certain amount of cash each, as long as that cash total is within your budget. A legitimate bid would look like this:
    • $200 on A
    • $300 on X
    • $500 on 0
    • Assuming that this player had at least $1000, of course.
  • Note that you may not bid on any of the keys that are part of the combination for your personal box (see the PM I gave you).
  • After the deadline is reached, each key will be awarded to its highest bidder. I will publicly reveal which keys were bidded on, but not who bidded on them and the amount of the winning bid. All keys will be replenished when the next bidding phase starts, so duplicates may exist.
  • We will then move on to the Opening phase. For this, all you need to do is PM me which boxes you want to open and which key you plan to open them with, eg:
    • Opening Box 2 with A.
    • Opening Box 19 with L.
    • Assuming of course you are in possession of keys A and L.
  • If you used the correct key, you will be awarded treasure! If you do not, the key will break and will be unusable for the rest of the game, meaning you will need to buy a new one if you want to use it again.
  • Alternatively, assuming you have spare keys that are not being used to open any of the numbered deposit boxes, you can attempt to open a player's personal box by PMing me "Using keys 1, 2, and 3 to take N treasures out of USER's personal box." 1, 2, and 3 are the names of the keys you plan to use, and USER is the player whose box you plan on stealing from. If successful, you will take up to N treasures from that player's box. This does not include any treasure that USER would have earned from other boxes during that phase. If even just one of your keys are wrong, however, all 3 of them will break, and you must buy replacements in one of the next bidding phases if you wish to try again.
  • Though I doubt this will happen, if two users have the same key and use it on the same box, the person who PMed me first will earn the treasure.
  • You can also attempt to sell off information in this game during either phase. You may post in the thread "I will tell the person who pays me M which key opens box X", where M is the amount of money you are selling the information for and X is the box number. Before you can do this, however, you must also PM me "Claiming KEY opens box X", where KEY is the key name and X is the box number." You don't need to be truthful here of course. The information will be awarded to the first player who PMs me "Buying Information about box X from USER" where X is the box you are getting info on and USER is the player who was offering to sell the information. You can only sell a unique piece of information once during each phase. Once you post a sale, you cannot take it back, though you may change the price at any time you wish, as long as it is not sold yet.
  • Now the interesting part. Since the information concerns a specific key and box combination, as long as the box in question is not empty and you have not personally used the key in question, you can claim within 24 hours after purchasing the information that the seller was lying by posting "USER is a big fat liar!" in the thread. If you are right, then I will tell you one of the keys that is part of the combination for that seller's personal box, and the seller will refund you. If your accusation is false, however, then the I will tell the seller one of the keys that is part of the combination of your personal box.
  • When the opening phase ends, I will reveal how many treasures each player has, as well as which deposit boxes are empty and which ones are not. The process of bidding and opening will be repeated for a total of 3 times (so 3 bidding phases, 3 opening phases).
  • After these phases end, I will then rank the players according to how much treasure they are carrying. Ties will be settled based on how much money each player spent, where the player with more money remaining will place better. The bottom 5 players will then be eliminated and punished. If one of these players happens to be bankrupt (have $0) they will suffer a harsher punishment.

We will now start the first Bidding Phase. The deadline will be 48 hours from this post, in order to give players an adequate amount of time to communicate with each other and discuss strategies. Good luck!
i'm looking for three other aspiring winners to form a little info-trading cartel, together we can ensure that we all get some treasure at a low cost, and hopefully move on to round 5 as a group

pm me: user forks, if you are interested

(or if someone else is already putting one of these together and you need more manpower, forks wants in)


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Extending the deadline by yet another day because I am too busy with a Poster Project and many of you still haven't PMed me anything anyway. If you are going to idle, just PM me so!

Also, EARTHWOM, billymills, forks, and Fishin have completed their sales.
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