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A Dragon Riding a Pony Driving a Lawnmower

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by King of Blades, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. King of Blades

    King of Blades

    Apr 12, 2012
    A Dragon Riding a Pony Driving a Lawnmower


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hi all, some of you may remember me, as I post frequently in the RMT forum, in fact, some of you may have had your team rated by me. Today, you get to return the favor. After trying for a long time to get an idea for a team, I stumbled across the forgotten life orb hydreigon. A monster that gets extremely good coverage, having full neutral coverage and super effective coverage on 10/17 types is also a pokemon that can clean house if a chance for a sweep is exposed. Basically, kill all special walls, paralyze everything that can outspeed or kill it with scarfed pokemon, and I win.

    Now, I would like to give you a glimpse into my very first RMT, (in OU anyways) A Dragon Riding a Pony Driving a Lawnmower. Here's some music to listen to while you are rating. You know you like Gangnam Style.

    Teambuilding Story
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    So, I discovered this thing called life orb hydreigon, which... um... it... well, it completely destroys stuff.

    Then, I figured I would need paralysis support to outspeed most of the fast part of OU. The most obvious choice was jirachi, I mean come on. He's the original parahaxer.

    Now, every sweeper needs a little stealth rock support, and dreaming back to the 4th gen heatran/latias core, I thought, what better pokemon to set up stealth rock than heatran, and what better pokemon to clean up the holes that hydreigon may punch than latias?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    At this point, I need some good revenge killers. Genesect? No, too mainstream and boring. Seeing as how I have a free switch-in to fire type attacks cough cough heatran, what better pokemon to lure them in and revenge kill at the same time than scizor? Of course, I still need a scarf pokemon. I could go for a fire/water/grass core. After checking stuff, I find the most suitable pokemon for the job to be keldeo.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now, after finding out that jirachi wasn't pulling its weight, as it just tacked on more fire and ground weakness onto the team and I already had pokemon to kill dragons. Bye bye jirachi. Unfortunately, I had no paralysis now. I needed a creative way to deal with rain teams and get thunder wave support without sacrificing valuable moves on a moveset. After some searching, I stumbled across Rotom-C. The little lawnmower, so overlooked, yet devastating to rain teams due to hitting most of their sweepers super effectively with either grass or electric moves. Even thundurus-t can be taken care of with a hidden power ice and a scizor bullet punch afterwards, and stealth rock strips him of his health.

    Well, the team was finally finished, and after seeing no common threats big enough to 6-0 the team, I decided that it was an acceptable quality to reveal it to the world.

    Well, here it is! Houston, the awesomeness has landed! If you don't feel like reading all the mumbo jumbo, there is a "bottom line" below the pokemon, which is basically a tl;dr version of what can be found in the description.

    HIGHdreigon (Hydreigon) @Life Orb
    EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP | Modest | Levitate
    ~Dragon Pulse
    ~Dark Pulse

    Theme Song! Hydreigon was born to be wild!

    Here he is, the whole reason this team was made, it's the mighty... HYDREIGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how unbelievably good this guy has been. After paralysis support, he can basically outspeed the entire metagame, and he takes full advantage of this, tearing pokemon apart limb from limb with his mighty coverage and powerful special attack. You really couldn't ask for much more in a sweeper, as long as you give him support, he will pay off. Dragon Pulse is like a wrecking ball to the other team, and the mess it causes can easily be cleaned up by scizor's bullet punch and scarf keldeo. Dark Pulse is used for a second option as STAB, and it hits ghost and psychic types harder than all his other moves. Flamethrower is for coverage on all steel types, specifically forretress, scizor, skarmory, and ferrothorn, 4 menaces to hydreigon. Surf rounds out the movepool with perfect neutral coverage, blasting nasty heatran in the face as well as nabbing the power boost from rain so it is stronger than dragon pulse, assuming the other pokemon has no weakness/resistance to both moves. This thing is no defensive slouch either, and you will be hard-pressed to 1hko it without a super effective move.

    Bottom line: Fantastic coverage, fantastic wallbreaker, fantastic stallbreaker, fantastic cleaner. Did I mention it was fantastic?

    Motom (Rotom-C) @Leftovers
    EVs: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Sp. Atk | IVs: 30 Speed | Calm | Levitate
    ~Leaf Storm
    ~Hidden Power Ice
    ~Thunder Wave

    Theme Song! He kicks (cuts?) grass like it was spring.

    Ah, you amazing little lawnmower. While at first glance, rotom-c doesn't look like a very good fit for an OU team, he has certain niches that make him a quite useful fit on mine. The first one is his general ability to destroy rain teams. Between electric, grass, and ice coverage, there is nearly nothing on rain teams that is standing in his way. He can also tank a few hits as well, giving him opportunity to switch in on weak water attacks from rain teams such as tentacruel's scald. The second niche is thunder wave. At first, this doesn't help much, my team has priority and a 108 speed scarfer, but it provides paralysis support for hydreigon. Is Scarf terrakion standing in your way of world domination? Paralyze him and obliterate him with surf from hydreigon! How about that nasty tornadus-t? He might be able to ko rotom with repeated hurricanes, but he easily goes down to a hydreigon dragon pulse once paralyzed. Is volcarona about to set up and sweep? Thunder Wave on the quiver dance and switch to heatran, you now outspeed volcarona with basically everything on the team, and he can die easily to a choice band scizor aerial ace.

    Bottom Line: Provides valuable support against rain teams and gives paralysis support to hydreigon, which facilitates a successful sweep.

    The Ground is Lava (Heatran) @Shed Shell
    EVs: 252 HP, 164 Def, 92 Sp. Atk | Modest | Flash Fire
    ~Fire Blast
    ~Earth Power
    ~Stealth Rock

    Theme Song! Fire in the Sky!

    The great fiery blob steel tank magma monster thingy has risen! Ok, all lava puns and long nicknames aside, heatran provides valuable support to this team with his ability to tank hits on both the physical and special side while dealing considerable damage back. Being able to set up stealth rock further increases his utility. Don't ask about the ev spread, I made it up long ago. All I remember is that it works. Either way, heatran provides a great way to absorb fire moves aimed at the rest of my team. Setting up stealth rock proves key in bringing key sweepers such as tornadus-t, thundurus-t, and volcarona into ko range of my pokemon. I normally prefer lava plume with heatran, but fire blast was chosen for the 40 extra power, which proves to be deadly with paralysis support. It is also used so lava plume's high burn rate does not clash with thunder wave. There's nothing wrong with burning the terrakion on the switch, but paralysis means it dies so much more easily. Earth Power gives it some way of defending itself against rock types, specifically tyranitar. Hidden Power Ice is great for clipping dragons' wings and obliterating ground types like landorus and garchomp. Heatran provides valuable glue and stealth rock to my team, which it cannot succeed without.

    Bottom Line: Great ability to tank hits, especially from sun teams, stealth rock, and good offensive coverage ensure heatran is never going away.

    Fluffy (Latias) @Leftovers
    EVs: 252 HP, 248 Speed, 8 Sp. Atk | Timid | Levitate
    ~Dragon Pulse
    ~Calm Mind

    Theme Song! Don't mean a thing what you do, latias is getting her sweep.

    The red snowbird comes in once again to devastate her victims and leave nothing but corpses and a fluffy white coat of down in her wake. Latias was originally added to form a stalwart defensive combo with heatran, but she became much more than that. She quickly evolved into the role of cleaning up all the messes hydreigon made, assuming he couldn't sweep the team. Substitute + Calm Mind makes her free from status and nearly untouchable by special attackers while packing a heavy punch. Recover ensures that latias can keep making substitutes, and it also means she just won't die. Dragon Pulse provides reliable STAB, and it hits resistances hard after only two calm minds. Latias can tank many special attacks from sun sweepers and rain sweepers, providing a stalwart check to rain teams and non-volcarona sun teams. She acts as a general special wall capable of dishing out pain if need be. Latias needs time to set up, but can turn the enemy into a pile of pok├ębones if they weren't prepared for it.

    Bottom Line: Great at sweeping, great at tanking, what more could you ask?

    Metaltech (Scizor) @Choice Band
    EVs: 252 Atk, 248 HP, 8 Speed | Adamant | Technician
    ~Bullet Punch
    ~Quick Attack

    Theme Song! Scizor switches in, cue this music.

    Scizor is a marvelous pokemon that brings to the team both priority and a good slow u-turn to get hydreigon in to sweep. U-turn is basically a free switch, assuming scizor or your switch-in can take the heat from the opponent's pokemon. Bullet Punch provides priority, and I really don't need to tell you how useful this is with the power gained from technician, do I? Go die in a hole tornadus-t, you cannot survive scizor's bullet punch. It is great for picking off annoying frail pokemon, or just for revenging the rare pokemon that's faster than scarf keldeo or for when keldeo is dead or can't handle them. For when the opponent reaches the high point in speed, scizor says "I don't care, I will go first." *Bullet Punch to the face* Scizor has so much power behind the bullet punch that it alone can mop up sufficiently weakened teams. Superpower is for steel types, specifically heatran and magnezone, who wish to take advantage of scizor's choice band, only to realize that its master is decent at predicting switches. Aerial Ace is there for volcarona. As volcarona is a threat to this team, the plan of action goes like this: use rotom's thunder wave on the quiver dance, then sac a pokemon of my choice, usually one I keep at low health for this reason. Bring in scizor, then aerial ace. If volcarona hasn't accumulated more than one quiver dance, it can usually be revenged by keldeo. If not, then it becomes a lot more complicated. Overall, a solid pokemon that I really love on this team.

    Bottom Line: STAB priority, good coverage, and a free switch-in to hydreigon. What more could you want?

    [​IMG] (No I am not a brony, do not ask.)
    My Little Kelpie (Keldeo) @Choice Scarf
    EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Sp. Atk | IVs: 30 Speed, 30 Atk, 30 Sp. Atk | Timid | Justified
    ~Hydro Pump
    ~Secret Sword
    ~Hidden Power Ice

    Theme Song! I personally hate MLP, but this seemed to fit for keldeo.

    Here he is, the final one. Scarf keldeo serves as an effective revenge killer for my team, being able to outspeed all common scarfers except for latios and terrakion, which are easily handled by scizor's bullet punch. Hydro Pump hits like a truck, obliterating many annoying scarfers and general nuisances, such as landorus. Secret sword is a great fighting STAB that hits on the physical side (poor blissey) but uses the special attack stat to determine damage. This is extremely useful because keldeo can now punch through some of the better special walls due to the fact that their defensive side is total weaksauce when compared to keldeo's offensives and their own special defense. Surf is basically hydro pump's little brother. It is used when the team is very weakened, and the high accuracy ensures it won't miss so you can kill every last one of their pokemon. Hidden Power Fire is a rather odd choice, but it is completely legitimate, as it provides a good answer to choice scarf genesect, a pokemon which this team is weak to. It also hits ferrothorn, scizor, and forretress super effectively. While scizor doesn't like taking hydro pumps, hidden power fire will always hit it, and it is a 1hko. All in all, keldeo is a great revenge killer, obliterating many fast threats and picking off weakened hyper offense teams.

    Bottom Line: Great revenge killer, works together with scizor's bullet punch to destroy many faster threats.

    Well, that's the team! Rate, comment, and give me a luvdisc if you're feeling particularly nice.

    A Final Look​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    HIGHdreigon (Hydreigon) (F) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Flamethrower
    - Dark Pulse
    - Surf

    Motom (Rotom-C) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 SAtk / 252 SDef
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Thunderbolt
    - Leaf Storm
    - Hidden Power [Ice]
    - Thunder Wave

    The Ground is Lava (Heatran) (F) @ Shed Shell
    Trait: Flash Fire
    EVs: 252 HP / 164 Def / 92 SAtk
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Fire Blast
    - Earth Power
    - Roar
    - Stealth Rock

    Fluffy (Latias) (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP / 8 SAtk / 248 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Calm Mind
    - Substitute
    - Recover

    Metaltech (Scizor) (F) @ Choice Band
    Trait: Technician
    EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - U-turn
    - Bullet Punch
    - Superpower
    - Quick Attack

    My Little Kelpie (Keldeo) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Justified
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Hydro Pump
    - Surf
    - Secret Sword
    - Hidden Power [Ice]

    And now, I bid you farewell, good sirs.

    Changes: Considering changing hydreigon's set to a mixed set with superpower and roost over surf and dark pulse.
  2. King of Blades

    King of Blades

    Apr 12, 2012
    Standard OU Offensive Threats

    Mixed Attacker -heatran, scizor
    Choice Scarf -heatran, scizor

    Focus Sash - scizor
    Offensive Calm Mind -scizor

    Lead -scizor
    Dual Screens -scizor
    Nasty Plot -hydreigon
    Choice Band -scizor

    Choice Band -rotom

    Physical Attacker - latias resists everything
    Choice Band / Choice Scarf - scizor is a great answer to this. I have resists to both grass and fighting to take advantage of choice lock
    Bulk Up -anything that outspeeds it and hits on the special side
    Sub Punch -send in a sac to spore, kill with latias

    Tinkerbell -scizor
    Nasty Plot Sweeper -hydreigon, scizor, or both
    Choice Specs / Choice Scarf - hydreigon, scizor, or both

    Shell Smash - scizor can revenge. keldeo resists all attacks, can switch in on the shell smash and kill it.

    Bulk Up - latias is a decent answer unless it carries payback or ice punch. keldeo is great at killing it.
    Flame Orb + 3 Attacks -latias can set up subs to stall out the flame orb, keldeo can revenge at full health, scizor can revenge with faster priority

    Choice Scarf / Band - outsped by keldeo
    Life Orb - keldeo

    Fast Spiker - easily stopped and rendered useless, especially with paralysis, but not before hazards are thrown down. Good thing I have three levitators, one of which crushes it.

    Dragon Dance - it usually gets revenged by scizor. If I know I'm screwed because scizor and keldeo are dead, I can sac rotom to thunder wave it.
    Choice Band - anything that outspeeds can generally kill it
    Mixed - again, anything that outspeeds it can kill it easily.
    Parashuffler -hydreigon and latias can usually kill it before getting paralyzed. If I have to choose which one gets paralyzed, I choose latias. Everyone on this team except scizor has a super effective move, so
    Rain Abuse -hydreigon outspeeds

    Focus Sash - basically the only pokemon any set of dugtrio is good against is heatran, who has a shed shell.
    Choice Band - ^

    Agility - rotom can ko with thunderbolt and not die to ice beam
    Choice Specs - rotom can hurt it before it can ko

    Baton Pass - easy, the greater concern is who receives the passes
    Dual Screens - hydreigon, again, the real danger is what it sets up, not the actual pokemon

    Swords Dance - outsped and killed by keldeo as well as latias, scizor gets priority with bullet punch. Requires some playing around, and will probably kill something if it has a sub and a dance, but it can die easily.
    Choice Band - keldeo kills it with hidden power ice, as it has no substitute
    Choice Scarf - ^

    Genesect: not particularly easy to deal with, but I have a secret weapon.... THE BAN HAMMER!!!!

    Substitute + Disable / Pain Split - scizor will easily revenge it if the sub is broken. Hydreigon can survive a focus blast long enough to break the substitute then switch out to scizor.

    SmashPass - Not particularly threatening, but the greater concern is who it is being passed to.
    Shell Smash Sweeper - Not threatening. Scizor can revenge with quick attack if need be. Keldeo still outspeeds it even after a shell smash.

    Choice Scarf / Specs - choice locked = dead when it comes to my team's resistances. It has to rely on hidden power fighting for hydreigon. Scizor crushes it

    Offensive / Bulky Dragon Dance -
    Choice Band - usually dies to rotom. It can easily be outsped and killed by latias and hydreigon if it is weakened.
    Choice Scarf - No one ever uses this, and if they did, rotom would slaughter it

    Choice Scarf / Choice Band - it can easily be killed by scizor's bullet punch.
    Dragon Dance - ^
    Swords Dance - ^

    Choice Scarf / Specs - keldeo
    Air Balloon - ^

    Mixed Attacker - latias can hurt it with dragon pulse. If it dies, scizor can revenge
    Choice Specs / Scarf - scarf requires a bit of careful play, but keldeo + scizor can take him down. Specs is outsped by latias.
    Substitute - This is probably the most painful of hydreigon sets, but it can be played around with scizor, keldeo, and latias
    Expert Belt - same as mixed attacker

    Choice Band / Choice Scarf - scarf outspeeds every pokemon on my team, the good thing is that scizor has quick attack. band dies to keldeo
    Mixed Attacker - keldeo
    Nasty Plot / Swords Dance booster - keldeo

    Substitute + Calm Mind / Substitute + 3 Attacks - the most rageworthy piece of crap ever thank god I have a heatran :P
    Wish + Calm Mind - heatran
    Expert Belt - ^
    Choice Scarf - ^

    Choice Scarf / Specs - Scarf set is problematic, but rotom can take a hit and paralyze, leaving it vulnerable to nearly everything. Specs is outsped by my scarf keldeo and by latias
    Calm Mind -

    Choice Specs - outsped by everything that has the ability to kill it.
    Rain Dance - scizor can revenge with quick attack. If all else fails, trust rotom to take a hit then paralyze it
    Dragon Dance - annoying, but it can't outspeed keldeo unless it dragon dances two times. Even then, I can revenge with scizor if kingdra is low enough

    Choice - outsped and killed by keldeo.
    Substitute + 3 Attacks - very annoying, but it can be played around with heatran, keldeo, and scizor, depending on whether hp fire or focus blast is used.
    Substitute + Roost - quite annoying, but it doesn't have the type of moves to be taking on all three of my team's checks.

    Substitute - annoying, since it hits everything like a truck. Usually kills a pokemon, but if the sweep is stopped, they really don't have much left.
    Substitute + Dragon Tail - the good thing about this is it has no way of absolutely raining death on my team like the other sets do. keldeo can outspeed, and scizor can revenge.
    Choice Band - no substitute, so it dies easily to keldeo and scizor.
    Mixed - annoying, but if it doesn't carry substitute, it will generally fall quickly
    Choice Scarf - scizor

    Rock Polish / Swords Dance - troublesome, but it can be revenged by scizor, and outsped by keldeo if it is running swords dance.
    Special Attacker-
    Choice Scarf -
    Substitute + 3 Attacks -

    Stealth Rock - the pokemon itself dies easily, but the rocks are the real problem
    Swords Dance / Rock Polish - same as landorus-I's RP/SD sets, except it can't outspeed hydreigon without rock polish
    Substitute + 3 Attacks - can get pretty dirty, but it usually dies to keldeo and scizor
    Gravity - once you get over the fact that three of my pokemon are down on the ground, it really isn't that hard to deal with, and gravity wears off after a while
    Choice Scarf - keldeo

    Life Orb -
    Choice Specs / Scarf -
    Calm Mind - easily revenge killed or even flat-out destroyed by scizor if it doesn't carry hidden power fire or substitute. If it carries hidden power fire, scizor can bullet punch it when it gets low. If it runs substitute, scizor can switch in on the dragon pulse and just keeping throwing dem punches.

    Life Orb / Expert Belt - scizor and keldeo can kill it
    Choice Scarf / Specs - ^
    Calm Mind - ^

    Swords Dance - killed by hydreigon and keldeo, unless it gets enough swords dances, then I'm screwed, but that applies to all pokemon
    Agility - a real problem, but then you realize it has no offensive power, and then it dies

    Substitute - taken out by heatran
    Choice Scarf / Specs - ^

    Physical Attacker - scizor, keldeo
    Focus Sash + Endeavor - annoying, especially since it is a virtual death sentence for one of my pokemon, but that's all it can do

    Relic Song Mixed Attacker - a dick, but when it switches to pirouette, it can be killed with a bullet punch
    Calm Mind + 3 Attacks / Substitute - scizor works, so does hydreigon if it doesn't have that many calm mind boosts

    Stealth Rock - heatran
    Choice Scarf / Band - falls to keldeo and sometimes heatran, assuming earthquake isn't used
    Agility - kinda tough, as it resists my only form of revenge killing it after a boost. The way I deal with it varies on its moveset. Keldeo is good if it lacks thunderpunch. scizor is decent if it lacks fire punch. hydreigon and latias are decent if it lacks ice punch

    Stealth Rock - it can't do much to my team, so the real danger is stealth rock
    Baton Pass - the real problem here is what it passes to
    Nasty Plot - revenged by scizor, killed by keldeo
    Stallbreaker - I am not a stall team. Heatran absorbs will-o-wisps all day

    All-Out Attacker - scizor really does a lot, doesn't he? Keldeo can outspeed
    Choice Scarf / Band - ^

    Special Attacker - meh, can't touch heatran, and keldeo hurts even in sun
    Sunny Day - I am not a weather team, so this ninetales's very purpose isn't needed here

    Choice Specs / Scarf - outsped by keldeo, latias tanks most everything thrown at it
    3 Attacks - can be beat depending on its hidden power and its other moves.

    Offensive Trick Room- scizor all the way, if it has hp fire, then it has no shadow ball for latias.
    Calm Mind - the only way this is a problem is with substitute or recover. otherwise, go scizor

    Support - scizor takes everything but a will-o-wisp like a boss, hydreigon resists all moves.
    Choice Scarf / Specs - outsped by keldeo, can be revenged by scizor

    Support - basically the same as Rotom-C, except rotom-c is good against it
    Choice Scarf / Specs - ^

    Dragon Dance - outsped by keldeo after one dragon dance, and scizor has an easy revenge kill without intimidate
    Mixed - outsped by keldeo, always.
    Choice Scarf / Band - go keldeo

    Choice Band - heatran can tank everything, unless it predicts the switch and throws a superpower at heatran. keldeo can hit hard with hydro pump
    Swords Dance - the real threat here is bullet punch, but heatran outspeeds it and 4x resists bullet punch
    Bulky Swords Dance - I do love heatran so much, how did you know?

    Dragon Dance - can't even outspeed keldeo after two dragon dances. gotta love secret sword.
    Bulk Up - annoying, because it hits everything except the pokemon that can revenge kill it, who have no effective moves that hit on the special side to break through enough to finish it early

    Speed Boost - switch in counter of choice on the protect, blow it out of the water (badumStandard OU Offensive Threats

    Hazard Lead - Sac something to the spore, then kill it.
    Baton Pass - Easy, the real problem here is the pokemon it is baton passing to. If smeargle doesn't have a white herb, the recipient better resist bullet punch.

    Life Orb - ugh, annoying. Hydreigon can tank an ice beam and ko with a dark pulse. scizor can revenge with quick attack. keldeo can outspeed, but doesn't do much to it
    Choice Specs - not a problem once it's locked into something, but the standard operating procedure is just the the life orb set

    Choice Band - this is the only way stoutland can hope to deal considerable damage to my team. Even then, it dies once it's locked. Heatran can tank pretty much everything from it.
    Non Choice - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL what a joke. It can't hit my team for much damage at all.

    Substitute + Swords Dance / Salac Berry - The most threatening set. The good thing here is that I have keldeo and scizor ready to revenge if need be.
    Choice Band / Choice Scarf - dies to keldeo or scizor
    Double Dance - scizor, every time. keldeo can before rock polish

    Nasty Plot - I'm sorry that you're so weak to a quick attack and keldeo to the face.
    Agility - too bad scizor is here to ruin your day. It also doesn't pack enough raw power to punch through rotom.
    Choice Scarf - scizor revenges, or keldeo can outspeed

    Tailwind - No issue here, the real problem is tailwind.

    Standard - beaten like a baws by scizor and keldeo.
    Choice Specs - once it's locked, it's screwed

    Swords Dance - scizor is great for this, unless the substitute still exists
    Bulk Up - hydreigon and latias are a great combination to take this on. Rotom can break the sub, and toxi will probably try to flat-out kill rotom, meaning time for a revenge kill.
    SubPunch - This thing is annoying, but only when substitute is up, cakewalk otherwise.

    Choice Band - keldeo, scizor
    Choice Scarf - keldeo, scizor
    MixTar - keldeo, scizor

    Growth - can only do anything in sunlight. Scizor hits hard with bullet punch.

    Choice Band / Scarf - keldeo. It is only good with final gambit or under sun.
    Special Attacker - ^

    Calm Mind - scizor
    Swords Dance - scizor

    Offensive Quiver Dance - scizor can revenge with quick attack. rotom can paralyze on the quiver dance, but otherwise dies quickly. keldeo can switch in on the quiver dance and hit hard.
    Bulky Quiver Dance / Roost - heatran walls this sucker all day
    Chesto Rest - ^
    Substitute - ^

    Standard OU Defensive Threats

    Standard - sac something to spore, kill with heatran

    Support - scizor, keldeo

    Tank - gotta love heatran. if it has earthquake, hydreigon likes playing games with it.

    Physically Defensive - scizor, heatran
    Specially Defensive - scizor, heatran

    Support - scizor, keldeo

    Utility - keldeo, scizor, hydreigon

    Support - scizor
    Calm Mind - scizor. generally walled by heatran unless cress carries hp fighting, ground, or water.

    Specially Defensive - keldeo hits on the uninvested side with secret sword. It also doesn't have enough oomph to kill rotom with ice beam.

    Calm Mind - scizor

    Standard - heatran

    Physically Defensive - heatran
    Specially Defensive - ^

    Tank - rotom

    Substitute + Protect - keldeo and rotom
    Britscor Stallbreaker - I'm not a stall team. keldeo works well, so does rotom
    Swords Dance - ^

    Bulky Support - go rotom
    Resttalk - rotom

    Specially Defensive - keldeo

    Physical Tank - rotom, keldeo
    Specially Defensive - keldeo still likes playing with it.

    Utility Counter - rotom

    Specially Defensive - heatran

    Support - scizor
    Reflect / Refresh + Calm Mind - scizor

    Stallbreaker - scizor, heatran

    Specially Defensive - hydreigon, latias, keldeo

    Defensive - rotom

    Defensive - this is kind of annoying because I have no fighting type. However, scizor carries superpower and doesn't mind paralysis and has a poison immunity.

    Physically Defensive - rotom

    Support - keldeo, heatran
    Choice Scarf - keldeo

    Support - rotom

    Prankster - god, so annoying, but as with every sableye, it is only that. scizor can outspeed with bullet punch and take down a weakened one before getting burned

    Physically Defensive - heatran, rotom
    Specially Defensive - heatran, rotom

    Tank - rotom

    Rapid Spin - rotom

    Defensive - heatran, hydreigon

    Substitute + Toxic - rotom is good, heatran is immune to toxic, hits with earth power, and can take a few scalds.
    Protect - heatran can take a few scalds

    Specially Defensive - keldeo

    Rest Hydration - rotom
    Wish Support - rotom

    SubSeed - gotta love scizor

    Max Speed - each of my pokemon has ways of going toe to toe with this thing. Good thing it's never seen in OU though.
    Bulky -more problematic, as it doesn't just die to u-turn, and it can counter back. good thing it's dead meat after it gets its first kill. There's also this thing called lack of recovery..... yeah.....

    Standard - rotom does well, it may reflect heatran's rocks, but it dies horribly when heatran clicks any offensive move not named earth power
  3. ganj4lF

    ganj4lF Nobody is safe from the power of science!
    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    Jun 11, 2011
    Hi. Your team seems quite weak to Fighting attacks, if something like Band Terrakion gets a free switch in, or comes after something faints, it's an assured kill for your opponent if you lost Latias somehow, and even with Latias on the picture, CB Stone Edge or X-Scissor are close to OHKOing after SR. To fix that, I suggest switching to Celebi instead of Rotom-C; while I love all the Rotom formes a lot, Celebi gives you an additional Fighting resistance, which is invaluable, and can provide the same things your Rotom does (beats Rain teams easily, Thunder Waves, and, unlike Rotom, has reliable recovery and a useful ability to tank those Scalds). You lose a Ground immunity, but who cares, you already have 2 levitating pokes anyway. You keep the ability to take advantage of switches also, since Celebi can easily carry U-Turn (which doesn't have that annoying problem of mindgames against Ground types).

    Celebi (open)
    Celebi @ Leftovers | Natural Cure
    Calm | 252 HP / 224 SpD / 32 Spe
    - Giga Drain
    - Thunder Wave
    - Recover
    - U-Turn

    Also, I don't get those 248 Speed EVs on Latias. You should remove 4 of them from SpA and invest them in Speed to guarantee the speed tie with other base 110. A little bit of SpA is surely not worth the loss in this case. On Scizor, 248 HP EVs instead of 252 are a good idea since it gives you less damage from hazards, Leech Seed and other similar effects. Invest those leftovers EVs as you like, probably Speed is the best idea.

    Hope it helped. Good luck.
  4. Goutland


    Nov 12, 2012
    I don't have time for a full rate, but here's some random nitpicks:

    Due to Hydreigon's crappy speed tier, you might as well run modest over timid, especially if you're using paralysis support. Most things slower than Hydreigon don't run max+ speed save for Landorus-T and Rotom, who usually don't run max speed unless they're choiced anyway.

    Another thing, HP fire is kind of useless on Keldeo. Scizor and Forretress won't stay in, and you already have secret sword for Ferrothorn, who's usually paired up with rain. I'd recommend changing it to HP ice to revenge kill +1 dragons without hurting your steels or risking their fire blast/EQ.
  5. Neliel

    Neliel Sacred Sword

    Oct 9, 2012
    Well, the first thing that i would say here is to change your hidden power fire to hidden powe ice on keldeo. First of all genesect is now banned, so there is no reason to try to baitkill him, and anyway hydro pump still does a lot of damages to it so i think its useless anyway. Hidden power ice helps revenge killing stuff like Dragons or Landorus.

    The other thing i would change is Aerial ace on Scizor. If you really think that Volcarona is a problem, you should put Quick attack instead of it. Quick attack has a generally better niche, being neutral to all the Fire-Water-Eletric types, so it deserves a try. Also remember that with 248 Hp scizor will take less damage from stealth rock, so make sure to put the other evs on speed.

    I also agree with ganjalf, you should put max speed on Latias because speed tie exists, having a 50% to win speed ties against Gengar or Latios is better.

    Now speaking of your Heatran, i think you have mixed up the defensive set with the offensive one, so i think you are a little confuse. I do not know why you have that spread, but i think that a standard 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Spd offensive set is better here, because with a max speed investiment and a Timid nature you will outspeed more things, like the majority of Gliscor or Dragonite, Tentacruel, Jirachi and so on. Also, since genesect is banned, i think that you can play around sunny teams with dugtrio with just an air baloon, so i think that you should also change your item.

    Another little fix i would do is to put Superpower somewhere on Hydreygon. In this way you can ko Tiranytar without chople berry, as well as put a dent on Blissey and Chansey. I dont think that Dark pulse is doing much here, so you can try to put superpower instead of it. If you do that change, dont forget to change your nature to Naive.

    Hope i helped, gl with the team
  6. King of Blades

    King of Blades

    Apr 12, 2012
    Thanks for the feedback everyone!


    While I appreciate the idea, switching to celebi is something that I originally declined. You say that celebi is great at stopping terrakion, but any set that carries substitute can block a thunder wave, and it is unfortunately 4x weak to x-scissor, meaning it can't tank hyper-offensive builds of terrakion worth crap. After a swords dance, it will still maim celebi pretty nicely with a stone edge. The particular terrakions (swords dance) are not tanked by celebi as effectively as the choice sets are. I have safeguards in place for any set that doesn't run substitute, specifically a scizor bullet punch to the face or a scarf keldeo surf. The only way terrakion truly threatens my team is with substitute, and if I am stupid enough to let a substitute terrakion set up far enough to break the multiple safeguards in place, I probably deserve to lose anyway. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    As for quick attack, and 248 HP evs, I will change those. I will also change keldeo's hidden power to ice now that the monstrosity known as genesect is banned.

    As for heatran, I am not confused. I have used this set very effectively in the past, and it works. It tanks well enough to be able to set up stealth rock and hit hard. Heatran is never put on my teams for purely offensive reasons, and denying heatran the power to tank hits with hp evs is something I cannot do, especially because he is my only hazard setter.

    Also, I am keeping shed shell because I have numerous safeguards in place to switch into a ground attack, specifically rotom, hydreigon, and latias. If any sunny day teams carry a pokemon capable of u-turn, he can just use it to break the air balloon and switch into dugtrio on the stealth rock. If dugtrio is running a focus sash, it still survives to kill me even if I predict that the above u-turn trapping sequence will happen.

    As for hydreigon, I like the defenses better than using superpower. Both blissey and tyranitar are quite easy to break with scizor and keldeo. As soon as they see I have no weather, tyranitar is, in their opinion, usually virtually useless to them, especially if latias is dead. After this, they usually play less careful with him, meaning he usually dies before the hydreigon sweep. Poor chansey and blissey get slaughtered by sacred sword, superpower, and u-turn, so they are of no concern to me. Also, blissey will actually be able to win against superpower hydreigon due to the fact that unless I sacrifice my special attack (not happening), I will fail to do enough damage to blissey with the superpower to ko the next turn after an attack drop.


    Thanks for the rate, and thanks for pointing out dreigon's timid nature. That is actually a mistype. I have modest on him due to the same reasons you've listed, I just failed at copying down information into my post. As for latias I had considered making that change, but "speed tie" really isn't a part of my vocabulary. If I am relying on a speed tie to beat gengar and lati@s, then I played very badly, as I have safeguards in place to beat both of those pokemon in scizor and keldeo.

    Thanks for the rates guys!
  7. King of Blades

    King of Blades

    Apr 12, 2012
    Oh come on guys, does my team have a no-raters curse or something? come on, I put a lot of work into this.
  8. DestinyUnknown

    DestinyUnknown No heart line, No sun line. No life line, No need
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Oct 6, 2011
    Hey, this team is pretty solid and doesn't have many weaknesses, but I have some ideas that could help you to improve your team!

    The first thing I noticed was the big weakness to Volcarona that your team has, as it can set up on most members of your team and sweep easily afterwards, as it can beat your 2 checks to it without much trouble. Something you could do is using Toxic (or Roar) instead of Hidden Power Ice on Heatran, though I think Toxic is the best option here. This way, Heatran will be able to status Volcarona, preventing it to sweep your team easily.

    If you decide to use Toxic on Heatran, I would also recommend changing back to Pursuit on Scizor, as it allows you to kill pokemon like Latias or Celebi, which means Keldeo will have an easier time sweeping late game. Oh, and I definitely agree with Neliel Tu Oderschvank about using Superpower on Hydreigon (you should consider using some atk evs if you're finally using it). Speaking about Hydreigon, I guess you could also try using a Dragon Pulse / Fire Blast / Superpower / Roost moveset, which gives it more staying power while still letting it work as a stallbreaker.

  9. King of Blades

    King of Blades

    Apr 12, 2012
    Alright, thanks man. I can definitely see volcarona being a big problem. I will probably replace hidden power ice with roar instead of toxic. roar allows me to impale volcarona with stealth rock as well as immediately destroying the boosts. The good thing is, my team beats all of the common spinners with scizor and keldeo, so I shouldn't have much trouble causing damage to volcarona. If volcarona even gets forced out on one stealth rock, the offensive version falls under ko range for quick attack. (49% - ~58%) If it's not offensive, it can't take heatran on anyway. I will also experiment with the new hydreigon set. Thanks for the rate!
  10. King of Blades

    King of Blades

    Apr 12, 2012
    Ok guys, I am officially closing this RMT so as to not run into conflict with the mods when I post my next one. Thanks for the responses and all your help guys!

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