Gen 1 A Dragon sweeps through the Nite! (RBY OU Balance RMT)

Hello everyone. I've been working on this team for quite a while, putting checks in for different Pokemon and adding just the right amount of offense. The goal of this team is to spread around paralysis with my walls, and then strike will deadly late game sweepers. This team is based around Dragonite, someone who is often scoffed at in RBY for its low speed and weakness to Ice attacks. Dragonite scoffs right back at them, sweeping their poor, paralyzed team with 134 Attack and 100 Special. Now I'm done with the intro, let me present to you

A Dragon Sweeps through the Nite!

Mega Drain

Gengar has the game's fastest sleep, so he's a great leading mon for any team. Once I've disabled their lead with Hypnosis, I can use Gengar later in the game with his awesome typing. Gengar is my first switch-in to normal and fighting moves. Mega Drain is extremely useful for letting me hit Rock/Grounders like Onix, Rhydon and Golem, who must be removed before I let Dragonite or Zapdos sweep. Thunderbolt is mainly filler, but allows me to hit the flying types that Mega Drain is not very effective against. Explosion is for when Gengar just can't take anymore, so he'll steal somebody else's life.​

Thunder Wave
Ice Beam

Chansey acts as this team's special wall and main paralysis spreader, which is an extremely important role. Chansey is also my check to many special threats, including Alakazam, Starmie and Jolteon, while acting as a last resort to Zapdos. Thunder Wave is an extremely valuble move on this set, because spreading paralysis is this team's goal. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam form the infamous "BoltBeam" combo, allowing me to hit the entire metagame for atleast neutral damage. Softboiled is just there for healing.​

Mega Drain
Stun Spore

Exeggutor is my check against ground buggers, like Dugtrio, Rhydon, Golem and Marowak. He can predict a switch and use Stun Spore, or use Mega Drain if I'm sure they won't switch. It also acts as a good switch in to fighting types when Gengar is gone, hitting them with a powerful STAB Psychic. Explosion is to defeat Chansey, who is a very annoying Pocket Monster to defeat. Exeggutor is pretty much a staple on every single RBY team.​

Body Slam
Hyper Beam

Dragonite can't be my only late game sweeper! Tauros is a staple on nearly every RBY team, and for a good reason. When the opponent's team is weakened, Tauros comes in and wrecks havoc. His gigantic movepool allows him to hit almost everything for super effective damage. Body Slam is my main STAB move, which I will use to finish off most things. Hyper Beam is when I need a kick in power, for beating stuff like Chansey. Earthquake is mainly for Gengar, but it has its uses hitting grounded electric types. Blizzard is there to hit Golem and Rhydon hard.​

Thunder Wave
Drill Peck

My team needed some more paralysis support, and a bit more offensive pressure. I chose Zapdos to fill this role, as he does both jobs extremely well. Once Rhydon/Golem is out of the way (an easy achivement for my team!) then Zapdos runs over enemy teams, especially paralyzed ones. Even Chansey can't stop Zapdos, as Drill Peck will always 3HKO, or 1HKO if it crits. Thunderbolt is my obligatory STAB move, and is just there to hit stuff. Thunder Wave spreads paralysis, while Drill Peck hits the grassers and Chansey that Thunderbolt won't do much to. Mimic is a trick up Zapdos's sleeve, because if it manages to get something like Earthquake, say goodbye to your team!

Body Slam
Hyper Beam

Behold! One of the game's most powerful Pokemon! 134 attack and 100 special are absolutely wonderful mixed stats, allowing him to crack bulky Pokemon like Vaporeon with his huge movepool. Body Slam and Hyper Beam are there for damage, running off of the highest attack stat in the game. Blizzard and Thunderbolt are there for hitting things that they are super effective against, simple. This thing is truly a monster.

And there we go, that's my team. I believe I've checked the entire tier, and there is nothing that can really hurt me. Probably my biggest threat would be Zapdos if it gets past Chansey. Anyways, rate/hate/steal or whatever.
Thanks for reading.
It looks like a good team, but where exactly were you planning on using this? As far as I know there is no reliable or popular RBY simulator on the internet
It looks like a good team, but where exactly were you planning on using this? As far as I know there is no reliable or popular RBY simulator on the internet
It's called NetBattle. The only place left on the net that still is somewhat popular with RBY battles/tournaments.

Also, LL, I said I'd rate this but I never got to it, so might as well now. I've been play testing the team for about a few weeks now, and I've come up with some results. Your main weakness on this team is definitely Starmie, because once Chansey is gone, then it wrecks through this team like a drunk driver through a preschool class.

With Chansey gone on your team, you have no reliable protection to take on Special attacks. I've also come to realize that with Dragonite being your test for this team as the late-game sweeper, it doesn't do so well. In one of my matches yesterday, Dragonite got defeated by Nidokings Blizzard, due to the fact that I can't T-Wave it and it has 5 base speed points higher than Draggy. Exeggutor would have been the only possible thing to Paralyze it with Stun Spore, but it got CH'd from Blizzard.

I did make some changes on the team: I swapped out Zapdos with Alakazam, because Zapdos does this team no help at all. Whenever you send out Zapdos in RBY, it's always going to lead Golem or Rhydon (or in a few battles, Nidoking) to come out on it. I did get some nice predictions by using Drill Peck on in-coming Nidoking and on one Golem, but the results aren't that great. STAB Drill Peck did about 40% to Nidoking IIRC, so it wasn't all that bad.

I decided to go with a better lead and to not lead off with something asleep, and I went with Vineons strategy for a lead Starmie, and I swapped out Tauros (since Dragonite is your late-game sweeper, we'll just stick to it) for Gengar's spot.

On a final note, if you don't feel like changing the Pokemon around, then here are some minor options: On Chansey, change Ice Beam to Blizzard, because in RBY, you should know that Blizzard is the superior choice to Ice Beam in RBY, unless you want that extra PP over power. And for Zapdos instead of Mimic, I usually go with Rest, or Agility, but if you feel lucky and can try to get Surf or Blizzard or something to knock out those pesky counters for Zapdos, then just stick to it.

Well, that's about it for my rate. Best of luck to the team, dude.

~ Aether Nexus
As a previous poster stated, Starmie rips through this team like a hot knife through butter once Chansey is gone. However, my main point is that you probably should have a Swords Dancer/Amnesiac/some sort of stat booster on your team. Should your opponent either switch in a Gengar counter or keep that Pokemon there, it would be a great opportunity to set up and sweep. I'm not sure of any great stat boosters in particular, so that's up to your personal preference.
Why not throw in Amnesia Snorlax? In RBY he's broken as hell. He can do exactly what Zapdos does for you and more, Body Slam to spread paralysis and Amnesia to become an amazing attacking force and a great wall. His two attacks would be Blizzard and Thunder, which in RBY gets perfect neutral coverage. Fighting moves are laughable for the most part in the first generation, the only half decent one coming from Hitmonlee.

I'm not as experienced in RBY obviously (Only ever played in game and Stadium, which don't have much to do with competetive battling) but I do recall this being a force to be reckoned with.

GL with it, and now I'm off to google Netbattle.
if you want para support for dragonite i suggest using alakazam. He once your opponents chansey has been worn down slightly (or you get a special drop/crit when he switches in) alakazam should be able to take her out. Alakazam would also help with your starmie weakness, outspeeding and paralyzing it.

So i suggest replacing ZAPDOS for ALAKAZAM. And as a bonus, rhydon is now pretty much useless against your entire team as he is outsped by almost all of them and OHKOd by most as well.

gl with the team


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I think the biggest danger for the team is that it is vulnerable to rhydon/golem. Aside from eggy nothing can really effectively switch into either.

So yeah, perhaps swapping Zapdos for something else is a worthwhile idea. If not, then try to predict the switches to Rhydon and switch straight to Eggy. This way you should be able to survive a lot more of them..

Starmie over Zapdos is the most obvious solution to this. I wouldnt worry about Starmie tbh, Chansey counters it really really well, and Gengar and Eggy dont do a rotten job either.

Have a nice day.
I think Starmie over Zapdos is a fine idea. Also Aether, I don't think removing Tauros is a good idea, Tauros is probably the best Pokemon in the game. Reaver12: I'd like to fit in Amnesia Snorlax, but I have no room for him. Anyways, thanks for the comments guys.


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you could think about replacing gengar with alakazam, he's faster and can spread para around. you dont always wanna rely on a 60 accuracy move to get the job done and more paralysis will help support your late game guys