A Forceful Approach to Victory - Play! Pokemon article on VA Regional Senior Winner

It's really cool how they're making more of these. Mychael Bryan did a great job at Virginia, and he'll be someone to watch out for at nats. I like how they explained the breeding moves at the bottom too. It's great that they're making these articles, and they're just making me more excited for April regs.
Yeah I like these articles; they're good for introducing people to competitive.

I kind of want them to write one about me lol how cool would that be? If even Huy's had his own "Huy Ha is a badass" article complete with hero pose, it has to be possible. That said I have to actually win something first.
Pretty cool article again, though I always find myself drawn to seeing the mistakes, like how they said Mach Punch was 80 power after Technician and STAB.
Gah if I beat him in the finals that could be my team up there.... Great article, and congrats to him on winning both the TCG and VGC regional! I hope he does well at nats(I've heard that he's doing the TCG there though, but good luck nonetheless!)


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I like how they're making team copying easier. Just saves people the hassle of scouting and asking around.
It's nice to see them actually acknowledging VGC a bit more though

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A pretty cool read, now with mention of Power ____ Items when talking about training Pokemon. Since we got a write-up for a Junior and a Senior player, I wonder if they will write one up for one of the Masters winners next.


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I really like seeing VGC getting some glory :)

It's fun to see how they seem to get a little more competitive each time (with mentioning Power Items and Vitamins to raise stats for battle)

Should be interesting to see if this continues to give people a taste of the metagame!


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I didn't know Team Preview was an official term complete with capitalization. NBC: The more you know

Anyway, I have kind of mixed feelings about how they leave casual players somewhat in the dark on EVs and IVs (especially in relation to Hidden Power). Imagine if they had to explain how to get a certain Hidden Power on a Pokemon? On the other hand, they probably assume that people are resourceful enough to use the internet and stumble upon all of this information themselves. I do, however, recall a DP strategy guide I bought soon after the game was released that mentioned Effort Points, and gave examples on certain Pokemon who gave 1, 2, or 3 (surprisingly, they were correct despite the horrendous errors scattered throughout the book).

This article was a pleasant surprise when I went on the website a few days ago. I hope they continue to shed more light on how EVs / IVs work.