A Fresh Start: A VGC11 Tournament (Semi-Finals/Round 3)

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A Fresh Start: A VGC 2011 Tournament
Approved by Alaka

Now that the VGC 2011 rules have been released in Japan and they have always been the same in other parts of the world, it is time for us to start preparing so Smogon can bring back another World Championship (as well as many National and Regional titles). In order to prepare people for VGCs, this tournament will be styled closely to VGC tournaments in the past years. In the top 6 matches will become best 2 out of 3. This will hopefully better prepare people for the later rounds of the actual VGC tournaments. The final round will be a Round Robin between the 3 finalists.

  • Doubles Clause: All matches with be held with Doubles format, with two Pokemon out on each side at a time.
  • 4v4 Clause: A player may only bring 4 Pokemon into a battle.
  • VGC Team Registration Clause: You must use the same six Pokemon and same six items throughout the entire tournament. Pokemon's natures, stats, and moves must remain the same throughout, however, items can be switched among the six Pokemon.
  • Fresh Start Clause: Only Pokemon from the Isshu Pokedex can be used. This begins at #494 in the National Pokedex
  • Item Clause: No 2 Pokemon on the same team can carry the same item when entering battle. It is fine if an item held by another Pokemon is Tricked onto a Pokemon.
  • Level 50 Cap: All Pokemon will be leveled down to level 50 if they are above, but Pokemon are allowed to be lower than level 50.
  • Species Clause: No two Pokemon can be the same, such as having 2 Zoroark's on a team.
  • Dream World Clause: Only released Dream World Pokemon may be used.
  • Uber Clause: Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem may not be brought into battle.
  • Event Clause: Victini, Melodia, Kerudo, and Genosect may not be brought into battle.


  1. Ditto [3395-9605-2976]
  2. Huy [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  3. Alaka [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  4. UPPERDECKER [0475-3670-4106]
  5. andrea [3825-4018-1031]
  6. JTK [3353-0063-0134]
  7. sandman [3911-3111-3591]
  8. ~Golden Emp [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  9. Cybertron [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  10. WeGee [3481-8845-6331]
  11. Crimson assassin [1334-4112-9350]
  12. Zetta [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  13. RubeNCB92 [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  14. Expert Evan [2493-9641-2031]
  15. Killah [ 1720-8800-3223]
  16. drug_duck [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  17. Unreality [4126-0739-8416]
  18. LightningFusion [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  19. reklaw_vahn [3267-1677-8964]
  20. Blazin Kickin Chicken [xxxx-xxxx-xxxx]
  21. Shinkou [2193-3260-7233]
  22. Sixonesix [1549-0697-4551]
Round 3 Matches
DEADLINE: Wednesday January 5th, 2011 11:59pm EST
sandman vs UPPERDECKER
Alaka vs reklaw vahn
Sixonesix vs Shinkou

Expert Evan

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We're back from our trip as Shinkou knows about match with 616, though first he needs to get his term paper done tonight.
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