A funky art thread. (or the art thread that never updates)

I made a new avatar

Well, maybe not so funky.

Hi Smogon, I'm a new user and I like animating and doodling so I thought I'd like to share some of my works. I took multimedia classes in grade 8 and that's where my interest in drawing came about. I'm not too great with photoshop and I don't put a lot of emphasis in details and shading so don't come here expecting much :DDD

Doodlings+animations all done with Flash but for some odd reason the animating exports are much laggier and they look odd. Any solutions?


Pokemon related doodlings


Non pokemon related

my current avatar :DD

Yeah the reasons why most of these are small is because they were intended to be avatar sized.
more coming sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon but here's a taste of what I cook


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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These are all brilliant :) Take a bit more time with the shading and your drawings will improve tenfold - the line art is already fantastic, clean and with a healthy dose of personality.

Now I've got that out of the way, everything looks great :)
The walking animations don't look very natural, though; I think it's the way the body doesn't move at all. When I walk, my body bobs up and down a bit with each step; if you added that, it would look a lot better.
Ooooh nice Banette!
Just one nitpick with the lines, maybe use more rounded and smoother lines because the back of its arms and the tip-ish area of its head.
Also maybe bolding the lines the slightest bit may help? Idk just a suggestion
but your art is coming along great! Im loving the unfinished drapion despite its unfinished-ness :)
sexy banette
so sexy banette
I love your art D:
Also yeah finish that Drapion. Your art is cool. I like the simple shading you use that isn't too little or too much (plus your lineart is BEAST).
Also what kind of Photoshop do you use?
Thanks for the feedback guys!
@Freddi Yeah, I noticed that too. I think making lines darker will definitely solve the jagged problem
@choco Thanks! I use Flash though to use shading and whatnot because I am absolutely horrible in Photoshop. Horrible in Paintshop too. D:
@Tanama Thanks! I can do requests I guess but I am so lazy, it took me a while to cough up that banette.

I'll most certainly finish off that Drapion now
Maractupalmon is definitely my favourite! I played Digimon for a short period of time and while the games were lackluster the art was very intriguing! I'd like see more of these fusions! The Halloween art Crustle made me LOL and the Banette, is...well, like chocolate-kipp said...sexy! And it just has very satisfying line designs, too!
Woah! Thanks for the comment guys, gives me more incentive to draw more.
I'm a very lazy drawer so I'll try to update something in the next few days!

But seriously, everytime i play Glalie I am reminded of Captain Ginyu. EVERYTIME

Also, I'm starting to like white copy versions

But seriously, everytime i play Glalie I am reminded of Captain Ginyu. EVERYTIME

Also, I'm starting to like white copy versions
oh god this
insert some joke about you deserving over 9000 luvdiscs here
also I agree capes are a pain in the ass D:
Accelgor...Accelgor..Accelgor...Accelgor...Accelgor...How I do love Accelgor! Glalie freaks me out a bit. o.o But WOW is your art cool! it's easy to see the underlying layers in your art and the overall result of your Glalie/Ginyu and Kaminagirudaa is REALLY clean and satisfying! Accelgor almost rivals your Banette. If you posted more, you'd easily get a Golden Luvdisc in enough time! ^_^

EDIT: Luvdisc +1